If You're Obsessed With Your Birthday, Treat Yo' Self To These Rad Experience Gifts

Happy birthday to you. "Celebrating it up" doesn't even begin to describe the immense amount of time, energy, and effort you put into making your birthday extra special. You love your birthday, and each year you aim to make it even better than the last. This year, you might be brainstorming unique experience gifts to treat yourself to, so you can really live your best life.

The day in general is pretty historic, because it marks when you blessed this world with your awesome presence. Therefore, you should be more than open to planning something epic and exciting to commemorate exactly that. What lies in the upcoming year is part of the unknown, but you can definitely make the most of the present with an interactive gift.

On your birthday, you want to feel special AF. You don't necessarily want the whole world to revolve around you, but you want to feel like you're on top of it. It's one day out of the year where you drop everything and focus on yourself.

Your special day starts with you, so gifting yourself any of these cool experiences will add an extra shimmer to that birthday glow of yours. It's your time to sparkle.

Get Your Aura Photographed

An aura can be described as the energy that surrounds you. Something you might not know about your aura is that it apparently comes with a color, too. By figuring out the color of your aura and then getting it photographed, this is really a two-part gift. You might discover new things about yourself and the energy you portray to the world in the process.

Head To A Wine And Paint Night
artbyaisha on Twitter

Treat yourself to a wine and paint night. You'll meet new people, create a beautiful piece of art, and sip on your favorite glass of wine. What's more relaxing than that?

An added bonus is that there are themed sip and paint nights. For example, consider attending a sip and paint where you can paint your pet. Your fur baby is your main squeeze, after all.

Host An Intimate Get-Together At A Piano Bar
Sarah Capaldi on YouTube

You might have been to a piano bar before, but hosting a small gathering for your birthday really takes the cake. Howl at the Moon is an awesome spot for you and your friends to dance and sing along to your favorite covers. You may even get the whole venue to sing happy birthday to you. Singing along to those boy band hits is essential, because you and your girls still know the words by heart.

Buy Tickets To Your Favorite Play
Victor Torres/Stocksy

Have you always wanted to go to Broadway or found out your favorite production is coming to a town near you? Get those tickets ASAP. Sure, some plays may cost you a pretty penny, but that's because the experience will be an unforgettable one. Besides, getting all glammed up and heading to the theater is something you'll really look forward to.

Drop The Beat And Sign Up For A DJ Course
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Does the beat of the music hype you up, and have you left pieces of your heart at an EDM festival or two? You will have so much fun learning the basics in a DJ course. You'll take your love for music to new heights and you'll learn what it's like to be where the magic happens. Even if you aren't anticipating selling out large arenas quite yet, you'll enjoy experiencing how some of your favorite tracks are made.

Take A Manhattan Street Art Tour
starteverywhere on Twitter

Are you ready to explore the vibrant streets of New York City and see some pretty spectacular street art? If you live for taking pictures in front of cool walls for the 'Gram, this is the best kind of birthday gift to yourself. There's also a history behind it, too. On this unique 90-minute tour you will have plenty of opportunities to take rad pictures.

Your birthday deserves to be celebrated to its fullest potential. Purchasing any of these gifts for yourself will have you well on your way.