6 Underrated Destinations For 2019 That'll Take Your Bucket List To The Next Level

Nabi Tang, Stocksy

It's officially time to start creating your 2019 travel list. Whether you crossed off mostly every place on your list or have yet to scratch the surface, it's time to begin planning your travels for the new year. You have a fresh start to discovering new countries on your own terms and having experiences beyond your wildest dreams. So, grab your travel journal, open up your Pinterest account, and start to feed your wanderlust by creating a vision board. Here are six underrated travel destinations for 2019 that'll take your bucket list to the next level.

There's nothing better than kicking a new year off with a brand new set of goals. It's refreshing to look back on the past year, accept all that has happened, and move forward with a renewed sense of wanderlust. Travel is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself, and visiting a new place may broaden your perspective and give you a new outlook on life.

There are certain travel destinations that will never get old, but there are some places that tend to fly under the radar. These places can catch you by surprise and provide a new sense of discovery. They allow you to get off the beaten path. So, why not grab your suitcase and visit one of these under-the-radar travel destinations in 2019?

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Nepal is full of otherworldly landscapes that'll make your jaw drop. Whether you're feeling really adventurous and want to trek the Himalayas, or simply kick back, relax, and take in the breathtaking sites, you're in for a real treat.

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Thailand may first come to mind when you're thinking of Southeast Asia, but Cambodia is a neighboring country that has so much to offer wanderlusters, too. From visiting the Angkor temple complex, to taking a cooking class, to booking a rejuvenating spa appointment, there's so much to do while you're there.

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Romania might not be the first country on your European bucket list at the moment, but you'll be pleasantly surprised with all that this destination has to offer. You could spend days exploring the gorgeous castles — and that's just the beginning.

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Why not consider visiting Greenland in 2019? Adventurous souls will fall head-over-heels in love with the variety of outdoor activities (kayaking, climbing, diving, and more) and natural beauty that Greenland has to offer. Let's just say, you'll be so glad that you booked those plane tickets.

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Zanzibar is known for its beautiful turquoise blue waters, so get your swimsuits and flip flops ready for paradise. It's the definition of a sweet escape, and certainly deserves a spot on your 2019 bucket list.

It's the perfect spot for ocean lovers who want to partake in water sports like scuba diving and sailing. It's also an ideal place if you just want to kick back, relax, and soak up that warm sunshine.

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Slovenia is a slice of heaven in Central Europe, and it's totally worth the visit in 2019. This country is full of breathtaking mountains and emerald green waters that look like they popped straight out of a storybook. Explore the caves, castles, and stunning landscapes of the country, and you'll certainly have a trip for the books.