6 Times You Have Telepathy With Your Bestie & It's Always Right-On

by Kristin Corpuz

You and your bestie are almost always on the same wavelength. You might have a different sense of style, but you have the same sense of humor, you spend so much of your free time together, and naturally, you know how to communicate with one another without even speaking. You have your "looks": one for when you both find someone attractive, another for when you're both getting annoyed with the same person, a different one for when you're both in the mood to hit the diner, and another for when you can totally finish each other's sentences. There are plenty of times you have telepathy with your best friend, and there's a "look" for each and every one.

You and your BFF are inseparable, so it makes sense that you can talk to each other without actually talking to each other. You have a weird way of communicating with just your eyes and eyebrows, and you can have an entire conversation without uttering a word. No one else understands it or gets it, but that's fine, because they don't have to. You both just know that you've got your secret code on lock, and you're the only ones invited to your exclusive club.

If this sounds like you and your bestie, you've definitely had these six moments of pure telepathy before. (And let's face it, these situations will probably happen again in the future.)

When Someone Walks Into A Bar Who You Both Find Attractive

Imagine that you and your bestie are sitting at the bar side-by-side, and someone walks in who you both find attractive. You and your bestie definitely have a look that you give one another for a moment like that. You might even have a code word to confirm it.

And if one of you is happily boo'd up while the other is single and ready to mingle, the friend in the relationship always encourages the single friend to go over and say hi. You've already given your bestie stamp of approval anyway, so might as well give it a shot.

When You Meet Someone Who's Annoying AF

You and your bestie love each other, so it makes sense that you have similar taste in friends and people in general. The same way you know when you both really like a person, you can also really tell when you and your bestie find the same person annoying AF.

It might be a subtle side eye, or just a cutesy little smile that you know is fake, but you and your bestie are definitely on the same page when it comes to picking out the people in the crowd who aren't your cup of tea.

When You're Both Talking To Someone And You Can Tell That They're Full Of It

You and your bestie's BS monitors are always on high alert, so whenever you meet someone together who's definitely full of the BS, you give each other the look. You're both polite to that person's face, quietly nodding and flashing your smiles, but you know that when you're alone, you'll throw all the shade. In fact, you'll look forward to it.

When One Of You Shows Up With Food & It's Exactly What The Other Person Wanted

Somehow, your bestie always knows what food you're in the mood for. You've already made plans to hang out with each other, and your BFF offers to pick up some snacks. When they arrive, they have everything you've been longing for for the past few days.

They didn't even have to ask because they already know what kind of food you like, and they even got you a little extra because they know you're going to get hungry again in an hour.

When You Tag Each Other In The Same Meme On Instagram

Your bestie knows what will make you laugh, and it's no secret that the two of you have a similar sense of humor, so you also know what makes them laugh, too. You probably already follow the same meme accounts on Instagram, as well as the same YouTubers and bloggers, so anytime you see something that you think your BFF would enjoy, you tag them in it — only to find out that they've already sent it to you as well.

When You Ask Your BFF To DJ In The Car And They Play Every Song You Want To Hear

You and your bestie already know that you have the same taste in music. You've probably gone to a ton of concerts together, and know all the words to your favorite jams so you can scream them into a hairbrush in your PJs during your sleepovers.

When you get in the car together, one of you drives while the other DJs, curating the perfect playlist for the ride. Somehow, they know to pull out every single song that you've been wanting to hear.