6 Things That Make All Sisters LOL If They Went Camping With The Fam As Kids

by Tessa Harvey

Going on camping trips as a kid was always such a blast. You knew when Mom and Dad said you were going on a camping trip, you were in for at least a week filled with delicious campfire pizza, your fave cereal on repeat, telling the spookiest of ghost stories, swimming in the lake all day long, and running around the campground causing trouble with your partner in crime (aka your sister). It was the top highlight of your entire summer, and you have countless memories of making s'mores and being incredibly mischievous with your sis that'll last a lifetime. The times you messed around while camping are just the tip of the iceberg of things that make sisters laugh, but these golden times will keep you busy reminiscing.

My sister and I went on our fair share of camping trips together. Whether it was our first time away from home at Girl Scout camp, going on week-long vacations with the fam high up in the mountains, or just heading to the campsite for a chill afternoon barbecue, we have countless memories that'll forever make us smile. Honestly, we could reminisce for days on end about the good times and all the trouble we got into. These six prime examples are just some of them.

Believing A Bear Would Break Into The Campsite
Edward Bock

It didn't matter how much Mom told us that there weren't really bears where we were camping, or that the bear wouldn't come knocking on our camper door for breakfast. We had seen far too many cartoons, and read too many books that filled our heads with all the ideas. We were convinced a bear would try to chill with the fam, and we were scared AF.

Instead of sleeping at night, you and your sister definitely whispered quietly to each other and peeked out the screened windows, waiting for the bear that never actually showed up. Then, come morning, you'd be too exhausted to do anything your parents said.

Being Convinced The Car Would Roll Away And Leave You Stranded
Gillian Vann/Stocksy

As kids, our family would often try to go camping in a new place every time. A few of these times landed us way up high in the mountains, far from civilization, and left open to a number of animal predators (or so we thought).

The biggest fear you and your sister most likely had was that the car would come un-stuck from its breaks and begin a rocky descent to the bottom of the mountain. Yxou'd have no means to get back to civilization, and all of the supplies for s'mores would be gone. SOS!

Sprinting Back To The Camper When It Decided To Downpour At The Beach
Courtney Rust/Stocksy

The one thing no one ever really seemed to check for when you went camping was the weather. You'd be out at the beach, having a grand old time making a sandcastle with your sis, when suddenly, the sky would turn dark and a hardcore downpour would commence.

You, your parents, and your siblings would gather everything as quickly as possible and sprint back home. Arm in arm, you and your sister would laugh and scream the mile back to the camper. Once you arrived, you'd dry off and spend the evening watching the storm.

Competing To See Who'd Find The Best Twigs For The Campfire
Gabi Bucataru/Stocksy

When my sister and I went camping as kids, my dad sent us on big expeditions to find the best twigs for the campfire. Oh boy, was the competition so on. You and your sister may have competed, too, but chances are, one of you grabbed the completely wrong size, which would send the two of you into a fit of giggles (and leave your fire-starter with no kindling). Oops!

Trying To Get The Other Sis To Burn Her S'mores Marshmallow
Paul Edmonson/Stocksy

As kids, you and your sister loved each other. But, you always had a streak for competing whenever possible, and that came down to even roasting the best marshmallow. Without fail, you'd nudge each other's marshmallow closer and closer to the flame until, poof, one or both would go up in flames.

Making An Invisible Line In Your Shared Bed
Lea Csontos/Stocksy

I think that most of us can agree that as sisters, bedtime was an absolute nightmare for our parents. You'd kick each other and toss and turn all night long. It got to the point where you'd draw a line at the halfway point in the bed and pinky promise each other not to cross it. Still, most mornings you'd wake up way over the line.