Keep An Eye Out For These 6 Tarot Cards That Could Mean Trouble For Your Relationship

Have you ever had a moment in your relationship when your gut made you feel like something was off? Or maybe the relationship was fine, but you were worried about where it was heading. Both of these scenarios are perfect situations where a tarot reading may be really helpful, because the reader knows which cards bode well for your relationship, but also, the tarot cards that mean bad things for your relationship. In some cases, they may also be able to give you suggestions about what you can do to get things back on course.

Expert tarot reader Angie Banicki explains that tarot cards basically represent a snapshot of the energy of your relationship in the moment, if that's what you ask the cards about. "They are connecting to your soul at the moment of the question and pull of cards, and are providing you an examination of the energy and message of the relationship and future and how things are headed," she tells Elite Daily. "For example, the message might be [that] there is a very real need for compromise now, and if it’s not found, this relationship cannot survive. Or they might show the person asking how they should be observing their own journey in terms of past relationships and readiness for a deep dive into the next."

If you're feeling lost in your relationship, this kind of insight can be incredibly helpful. However, if you are going to the reader concerned about the state of your relationship, there are a handful of cards to be on the lookout for, as they can be a sign of trouble. Here are the cards the experts say they don't want to see.

Three of Swords
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“Classically, the Three of Swords is a pretty harsh energy to receive in a relationship reading,” expert tarot reader Casey Zabala tells Elite Daily. That’s because, as she explains, it suggests there are issues of miscommunication and misunderstanding between partners. “In some cases, it can illuminate a third party involvement in a relationship which may cause some trouble,” she warns. Zabala adds that the appearance of this card is a reminder to manage your expectations in the relationship and to be more open about your needs. “It's always best to communicate your needs clearly with your partner, rather than expecting them to know what you need to be happy in the relationship," she says.

Seven of Swords (Reversed)
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If you have reason to be concerned about your partner's loyalty, Banicki says the reversed Seven of Swords is a major red flag. “The reversal of this card is usually one of cheating, not trust, or something being really unfair to one partner. This could be an actual situation of someone being cheated on or a situation where they are being treated so unfairly they must find another way through or out of that situation,” she explains

10 of Swords

When the 10 of Swords is drawn in a reading, it may signify that your relationship is coming to an end, warns Banicki. “10 of Swords can be a sign of brutal endings or deception in relationships,” she explains. In general, this suit is a sign of impending challenges. “Swords infer the mind, and trying to wrap your head around how to handle a very challenging situation,” says Banicki.

The Devil

Regardless of the topic, Zabala says the appearance of The Devil in a reading is a cause for concern. “The Devil is the shadow energy of The Lovers, and while both cards are about making choices, The Devil suggests that the querent may be feeling trapped and without options for change or redemption,” she explains. In the context of a reading about your relationship, Zabala says it may bring to light serious issues. “Sometimes The Devil can illuminate patterns of addictive or abusive behavior in a relationship,” she warns.

The Tower

When the Tower is drawn in a reading, Banicki says this is a sign of real turmoil in the relationship. “This card can imply huge fights, lots of emotional unloading and just feeling all the feels at 100%,” she explains. However, Banicki adds that there is an upside in pulling this card. “This can be negative or positive if you find your way through all of the emotion and arguments and conflict, but still find each other at the end of it all."

Eight of Cups
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The Eight of Cups has more complicated implications, says Zabala. “[It] challenges us to move out of our comfort zone, and away from relationships that are too comfortable or co-dependent on a partner.” That’s because, as Zabala explains, this card signals the need to pull back and re-assess your own needs and wellbeing. “It may signal a deeply painful and drawn-out breakup, but a break that is ultimately in one's best interest. The Eight of Cups signals a time of retreat, and the need to reconnect with one's true self outside of a relationship,” she concludes.

While these cards may not bode well for the longevity of your relationship, which can be disappointing (to say the least) if you had hoped for a different outcome, the takeaway here is that they can help you in deciding what to do moving forward. They can help get you unstuck — whether that means moving on, or addressing the issues you are facing head-on. Either way, this kind of knowledge is power, or, as Banicki describes it, an opportunity for learning. “Truly, the cards want to help you have the best personal experience and perspective in living," she shares. "Most of the time that is in relationships, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy — more a beautiful learning time!”