6 Struggles Millennials Face Going To The Beach Alone, Because Your Towel & The Wind Just Don't Get Along

by Kristin Corpuz

Going to the beach in the summer is an absolute must. Even if you only go once, I believe that having yourself a beach day at some point over the summer should be mandatory. What's not to love about it? You can get a little sun, enjoy the effects of salty ocean water in your hair, wear a cute straw hat, and take in the serenity of a relaxing day spent in the sand. Going with your friends always makes for a fun time, but having a solo beach day can also be exactly what you need, even if there are some struggles of going to the beach alone.

I'm a huge advocate for solo beach trips. In fact, I do it as much as I can. I love the freedom of being at the beach by myself, with the wind blowing through my hair, a few podcasts downloaded to my phone, and not a care in the world. Going to the beach by myself is actually one of my favorite things to do, but there are definitely some struggles that come along with it. There's no one to help you lay out your towel when it's a tad windy, and you have to struggle to spray your own back with sunscreen.

Regardless of these #strugs, I still can't recommend solo beach trips enough, and I think everyone should add one to their to-do list for this summer.

When You're Trying To Lay Out Your Towel, But The Wind Keeps Blowing It Away
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You know when you throw up your beach blanket or towel to lay it out flat on the sand, but the wind blows it over and you can't get it straight? It definitely helps to have two sets of hands to take care of it, but when you go to the beach by yourself, you have to manage. (Pro tip: Leave your beach bag on one end while you fix the other.)

When You Don't Have Anyone To Take Your #BeachDay Pic For You
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If you go to the beach but don't get an awesome #BeachDay pic for the 'Gram, did it even really happen? It's always nice to have a friend around to snap the perfect shot of you for your feed, but if you're headed to the beach all by yourself, keep in mind that you might have to ask someone to grab the pic for you, or take a cool selfie with the waves in the background.

When You Have To Carry All The Snacks By Yourself
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No beach day is complete without some fresh fruit, a bag of chips, and a refreshing beverage to enjoy in the hot summer sun. When you go to the beach with a group of friends, you always have a few extra sets of hands to help you lug the snacks from the car to the sand, but when you're by yourself, you have to juggle all of it on your own.

When You Don't Have Anyone To Gossip With
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One of the best parts of going to the beach on a hot summer day is when you casually run into or spot your crush, and though your BFF is only a quick text away, it's definitely more fun if she's there to gossip with you in person. But if you're at the beach by yourself, the text will just have to suffice.

When There's No One To Put Sunscreen On Your Back
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SPF is an absolute must when you're headed to the beach, but getting your back completely covered is definitely a struggle if you're by yourself. Speaking from experience, I strongly suggest investing in a sunscreen that's a spray, so that you can spray yourself and make sure your back doesn't get burned.

When You Want To Get In The Water, But No One Is There To Watch Your Stuff
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It's always helpful going to the beach in a big group so that someone can watch your belongings when you want to take a dip to cool off. When you go by yourself, you don't want to give up your time in the water, but you also want to make sure all of your stuff is safe.

My advice? Either park yourself in front of the lifeguard on duty, or find an area that's a lot less crowded so you'll be able to keep an eye on your stuff at all times.