If You're A Sweaty Sleeper, You Need These 6 Products In Your Life ASAP

by Georgina Berbari

There is nothing, I repeat, nothing worse than being woken up in the middle of the night by your own body's massive amounts of sweat. Like, listen Mother Nature, I'm pretty sure blankets were made for a reason, and I don't need you playing these uncomfortably toasty games with me while I'm just trying to catch some quality shut-eye. Being hot at night is truly the worst feeling, and unfortunately, you don't exactly have the power to control the weather. However, there are a few sleep products for summer that do have the power to make you feel blissfully chill all night long.

Despite how fluffy and comfy a big ol' blanket is, your body actually sleeps better when you snooze in a cool environment. Specifically, according to the National Sleep Foundation, the best temperature for your bedroom is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. If that seems a little chilly for your preference, there's some science behind why these cooler temperatures are optimal for your rest.

"When you go to sleep, your body naturally cools down," Dr. Benjamin Smarr, a National Institutes of Health postdoctoral fellow at UC Berkeley, and Reverie sleep advisory board member, tells Elite Daily over email. "This cooling is mostly driven by your circadian clocks, but your body expects this cooling to help put you to sleep. Without a solid and consistent sleep routine, the timing of temperature regulation and sleep can lose coordination, resulting in less quality sleep."

So whether your body naturally runs hot, your AC is kind of finicky, or you're simply craving a cooler sleep environment, here are six products that will save your life (or at least your sleep schedule) all summer long.

The Coolest Of Pillows

Guys, this two-temperature memory foam pillow is a legit dream come true, because you'll never have to flip over to "the cool side" of the pillow again — rather, you'll always be on the cool side.

One side of this heavenly pillow features Reverie's signature Rev-Cool fabric, while the flip side features ambient temperature materials to guarantee cooler nights, no matter which side you rest your head on. TBH, I think I'll be bringing this pillow with me to work; that's how attached I am.

A Super ~Chill~ Diffuser

For a mist of chilled goodness that'll encapsulate your body all night long, add this cool aroma diffuser straight to your cart. The cyan and aqua LED lights provide an added, blissful touch that will transport your mind into a brisk, sweat-free oasis. Also, can we talk about how pretty this diffuser is? This bad boy's serving some serious #aestheticgoals.

A Set Of Sheets To Regulate Your Body Temperature

This sheet set is made from sustainable eucalyptus fiber, which helps wick away moisture (aka all that lovely sweat your body produces throughout the night) and balances your body's internal temperature. Sayonara, sweat!

A Blissful, Blade-Less Fan

Fans are cool and everything (pun definitely intended — fight me), but the sound of the blades can be high-key super distracting sometimes when you're trying to sleep. This blade-less fan will keep you perfectly chilly throughout your slumber, without that annoying "whirring" sound.

A Silky, Soothing Sleep Mask

If you don't already have this sleep mask in your life, that needs to change ASAP, fam. The cooling technology won't just refresh your eyes; it'll make you feel like you've been transported to the dark, quiet dreamland you've always wanted to go to, but couldn't access because of how dang sweaty and uncomfortable you feel throughout the night. Leave those troubles far behind, my friend, and enjoy the restful slumber you deserve.

Peppermint Cooling Cream That You'll Want To Lather On Everywhere

If you want to feel cool and moisturized during the dog days of summer, this refreshing peppermint cream will definitely get the job done. Keep this baby on your bedside table for sweet dreams and the utmost comfort all summer long.