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6 Secret Instagram Spots In NYC That Are Totally Picture-Perfect

When it comes to finding Instagrammable spots, NYC certainly has no shortage of them. From the "Imagine" tiles at Strawberry Fields in Central Park, to the Washington Square Arch, to the Top of the Rock, there are many beautiful places throughout The Big Apple to take pics with. But if you're looking for some spots that are pretty under-the-radar, this list of secret Instagram spots in NYC are worth a visit.

(Murals and cafés and shopping, oh my.) There are a plethora of places in NYC that offer Instagrammable moments, regardless of whether or not you're actually spending money there. The Marc Jacobs store in SoHo has been added to my (unofficial) list of the most Instagrammable pink walls in the country, and the floral mural outside the Yumi Kim store is always a gorgeous one to visit because it's constantly changing.

These are great spots for you to visit if you're in NYC for a couple days and want to capture a ton of content for your feed. And if you're a local, these places should definitely be on your Instagram bucket list if they aren't already. Here are just a few of my favorite underrated Instagram spots in NYC so you can spice up your feed ASAP.

Rose Wolf Coffee

If you live in Brooklyn and are looking for a cute spot to get some work done or to enjoy a latte with your bestie, you should definitely check out Rose Wolf Coffee. Not only do they have an expansive coffee menu, but they also provide a really great vibe if you want to set up shop for a few hours to work or relax with a book.

Harlem Public

Whenever I'm away from New York for a long time, I always head to Harlem Public when I come back to visit. They have a ton of beers on tap and some seriously creative burgers, but honestly, the food isn't even the best part. They have a really cool ambiance — from empty picture frames hanging on the walls to antique distressed mirrors in the bathrooms — that makes for a beautiful night out with friends or your SO.

Green Fingers Market
Kristin Corpuz

For New Yorkers who are looking to bring new plant babies into their home, you should definitely check out Green Fingers Market in the Lower East Side. They have a ton of different kinds of plants to choose from, from tiny little succulents for your desk to bigger hanging plants and trees. Plus, who doesn't love snapping pics with a ton of pretty green stuff in the background?

Coffee 'n Clothes

Whoever said there's no such thing as designer coffee clearly has never been to Coffee 'n Clothes on Bond Street. The café ornaments each latte with the designer logo of your choice, which makes for a pretty bougie and chic Instagram pic. (Blair Waldorf would probably be so proud.)

Yumi Kim

Painted by Natasha May Platt, the ever-changing floral mural outside the Yumi Kim store in the Lower East Side is always worth a visit. Platt transforms the side wall and the garbage bins lined against it into a gorgeous floral haven, and the color palette changes every season so you can keep revisiting to capture some beautiful #content.

The Marc Jacobs Store In SoHo
Bella Gerard

Just because you're not in LA, that doesn't mean you can't get a pink wall pic. But instead of a Paul Smith store, NYC's version is right outside the Marc Jacobs store in SoHo. While you can swoon over the products inside, you can also snap a gorgeous picture outside.