Stop Asking Your Dates About Their Jobs & Try These 6 Creative Questions Instead

First dates always have a bit of awkwardness about 'em. You're usually meeting the person in real life for the first time. You're trying to look and sound presentable. It's not always easy, OK? To ease the dreaded awkward silence and feel as confident as possible, come prepared with this list of questions to ask on first dates so you have something to fall back on, just in case. These are simple, no-drama questions that don't go anywhere near politics or religion, and will keep the convos easy-going and fun. Plus hopefully, you'll learn enough about them to figure out if you're interested enough to go on a second date.

You may already be going into the date with a few person-specific questions: What country are they visiting in that cool third photo; what other songs are they currently listening to, beside the one it shows on their profile already; is that really their dog? But with these additional conversation-starters, you'll have some direction if the natural flow starts to turn stale. And even if there's no romantic connection there, you can still have a fun conversation and banter that'll be fun to share the details with to all your friends later on.

Hogwarts house?

Some people don't put a lot of stock into what Hogwarts house people are in, and you know what? Those people are wrong. Find out what kind of person you're seeing – which is the point of a first date – by getting to know their Hogwarts house and how they react to yours.

For instance, I'm a Slytherin through and through, and seeing how people respond to that tidbit of information is a little bit of a test. Let's say they're way judgmental and proudly counter that they're a Gryffindor? Certainly doesn't mean it's the end of it, but I'll probably jokingly fire back about how everyone wants to be a Gryffindor. 🐍

What book are you reading?

You'll learn what they're interested in (or how deeply they care about true-crime murders) by asking what they're reading. This may lead to a fun, passion-filled conversation about a hobby of theirs or something they find fascinating.

Pizza or tacos?

Keep it lighthearted with a question about their junk food preferences. This could determine what you order in on a future movie date or late-night sudden craving. At least you can determine early on if you'll ever be able to meet the Seamless minimum delivery fee together.

What is the last sad commercial you cried at?
Empire Today on YouTube

I kid you not I literally cried to this Empire Carpet commercial in like 2009 when I was on my period and was feeling a lot. This isn't necessarily the story I would tell on a date – probably would leave out the period details, because I don't want anyone to associate me with blood on the first date – but you get the gist. Knowing what gets the tears flowing isn't something that's usually brought up on a first date, and the commercial aspect will probably bring them to a Super Bowl ad that got 'em all choked up.

Favorite Netflix show RN?

I could talk for hours about what a beautiful work of art "San Junipero" from Black Mirror is, and I'd love to rant about its perfection with someone who's just as passionate as I am. Or at least, willing to listen. Find out what their queue is lined up with to see if your Netflix nights would be more of a compromise or catching up on your must-watch shows together.

Zodiac sign?

Joke about how fate brought you and your sun signs together. Test out the waters by talking about your birthday first, and how you enjoy celebrating it. Then bring up something like, "I'm a Scorpio, so you know I'm going all out for my big day," and see where they take it.

And if all else fails, a simple "how was your day today?" – even if it is small talk – is bound to take the conversation somewhere.

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