Creative Costume Ideas If You Love To Travel & The Wanderlust Is Real This Halloween

by Ciara Johnson

Have you decided what you want to be for Halloween yet? October is one of my favorite months of the year, but the costume struggle is real once Halloween time rolls around. There are so many different costume options to choose from. Should you opt for a scary or cute costume? Should you keep it simple or go all out? If you're like me, then you probably always have a difficult time choosing which direction to go. Here are some creative Halloween costume ideas for travelers, because the wanderlust is real.

Once the travel bug hits you, there's no going back. You're constantly searching for flights and waiting for that next trip to happen. You begin counting the stamps in your passport and watching travel-themed movies. In other words, it's easy to become a bit travel obsessed. If you want to channel your inner traveler this Halloween, then why not dress up in a travel-themed costume?

Whether you want to plan an elaborate costume or go the DIY route, you can definitely share your love for travel with your Halloween ensemble. This is just another way to show that you are a passionate traveler and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

A Backpacker

Whether you've taken a backpacking trip before or not, this is a simple yet fun idea for a Halloween costume. First, you'll need a backpack packed to the brim (with candy, of course). Put on some cargo pants and hiking boots to show your intrepid side. If you want to really pose as a backpacker, then pack a map and a journal.

A Travel Influencer
hey_ciara on Instagram

If you follow travel bloggers on Instagram, then your bookmark tab is probably filled to the brim with stylish looks you'd love to recreate. Put on a long, flowy dress and grab a large, floppy hat to channel your inner wanderlust. Don't forget your camera so you can snap some Instagram-worthy photos.

A Flight Attendant
Sean Locke/Stocksy

Who hasn't dreamed of flying for a living? Well, you can finally be a flight attendant for Halloween. This retro flight attendant costume will give you the classic stewardess look. Bring your carry-on to complete the costume, because let's be honest: You're probably catching a flight to someplace dreamy after you stop by your bestie's Halloween party.

An Adventurous Hiker
Micky Wiswedel/Stocksy

If you're an adventurer at heart, then consider creating a DIY hiker costume. You can wear a cute baseball cap, hiking boots, fanny pack, and flannel shirt. You can also use makeup to smear on your face and clothes that'll look like dirt from your adventure. Happy camping!

DIY Passport
Conor Dwyer/Stocksy

If you're travel-obsessed, consider creating a passport costume this Halloween. You can use a poster to paint or draw the passport cover, and tie a cute oversized gold bow in your hair. Alternatively, you can use a box or sheet as the base of your passport costume. Make sure you wear navy blue leggings to match!

DIY Chic Suitcase

Grab your old luggage to create a chic suitcase costume. You'll certainly be one-of-a-kind at the Halloween party.

You can cut holes into the suitcase to stick your head, legs, and arms through. You can also use a box to create a DIY suitcase. Paint it whatever color you wish, and add some location stickers to really give it the full travel vibe.