6 Halloween 2018 Couples Costumes That Aren’t Corny, So You Can Easily Convince Bae

by Korey Lane
Nicholas Hunt/ JIM WATSON/AFP/Getty Images

I don't care what anyone says, Halloween is one of the best holidays to celebrate with bae. Sure, Valentines Day is romantic and Christmas is a great time to snuggle and give each other presents, but Halloween is when you and your partner get to dress up, go out, and let go! So, as you prepare to have the best time ever, it might be helpful to have these Halloween 2018 couples costumes that aren’t corny in your back pocket. Convincing your boo to dress up with you can be a challenge, but they won't be able to say no to these!

Every year abounds with pop culture moments so popular, you can pretty much guarantee you'll see them on Halloween. This year, you can definitely count on a few Wonder Woman's, at least a few Elastigirls or Mr. Incredible's, and a heck of a lot of Meghan Markle's. But if you're spending Halloween with your bae, then you're probably looking for some great couples costumes ideas. Girl, you've come to the right place. As cute as the idea of a Disney prince and princess costume is, you can do better. (And you can also dress up as something that doesn't perpetuate sexist tropes.)

And remember: Dressing up for Halloween is all fun and games until you step into disrespectful territory. Be sure to refrain from blackface and harmful stereotypes if dressing up as someone of a different race. Have fun, but not at the expense of someone else's culture.

Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin
justinbieber on Instagram

Influencer Costume Set, $59.00, Urban Outfitters

Fake engagement ring, $15.99, Amazon

Unruly wig, $21.40, Amazon

Canada cap, $19.95, Amazon

This costume is timely, smart, and if you're engaged, it's even more perfect. Bieber and Baldwin aren't the only celeb couple who got engaged this summer (looking at you Nick Jonas, Priyanka Chopra, and Grandavidson, but they're certainly an easy one to dress up as. Just wear some cool athleisure with a fake (or real engagement ring) and have your boo rock an unruly blonde wig with a Canada hat. Easy!

T'Challa & Nakia
Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

Black Panther costume, $29.37, Amazon

Nakia costume, $49.99, Party City

There is absolutely nothing cheesy about The Black Panther, and if you and your significant other are bold enough to rock it, then go for it! It was one of the best movies of the year, and dressing up as either Nakia or T'Challa would be super fun.

Sabrina & Harvey
Netflix on YouTube

Red hood, $14.99, Amazon

Red dress, $24.99, Amazon

Letterman jacket, $19.99, Amazon

With the premiere of the highly-anticipated Netflix adaptation of Sabrina The Teenage Witch happening just five days before Halloween, dressing up as the teenage witch herself is a smart way to get ahead of the trends. Not only is this costume idea totally not cheesy at all, but it's also super easy. Just wear a red dress (or coat!) and have your partner rock the jock look.

Emily & Stephanie From "A Simple Favor"
Lionsgate Movies on YouTube

Black jumpsuit, $29.95, Amazon

Black stilettos, $28.00, Amazon

Martini glass, $7.91, Amazon

Sundress, $12.00, Amazon

Cardigan, $14.99, Amazon

The new Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick film, A Simple Favor, totally blew audiences away. There were twists and shock and awe, all delivered by Lively and Kendrick in gorgeous costumes. Unfortunately, the two weren't a couple n the movie but they definitely could (and should!) have been.

For this costume, whoever wants to dress up as Lively's character, Emily, could just rock an awesome pantsuit and stilettos. Whoever goes as Stephanie could wear a cardigan over a sundress. It's easy, it's recent, and it's so not cheesy. Plus, you can totally wear these items individually again.

Joanna & Chip Gaines
joannagaines on Instagram

Shiplap shirt, $14.99, Amazon

Tool belt, $9.99, Amazon

Shiplap cap, $7.65, Amazon

Sadly, the hit HGTV show Fixer Upper ended this year after a super successful run. But don't worry, because the Gaines family isn't going anywhere! If you're as obsessed with them as I am, then you and your partner can totally rock a Chip and Joanna costume.

One of you wear can jeans and a "Shiplap" t-shirt, and the other can rock a tool belt and cap.

Barack & Michelle Obama
barackobama on Instagram

Temporary gray hair dye, $12.00, Amazon

Sunglasses, $18.99, Amazon

Sleeveless dress, $18.99, Amazon

In honor of the Obama's celebrating their 26th wedding anniversary this week, go ahead and rock a post-presidential, Obama-inspired look! These two are clearly living their best lives in retirement, vacationing all over the world and still making waves of change. Their look is easy to pull off, too! One of you could add a little salt-and-pepper effect to your hair, while the other could rock a simple dress showing off those muscled arms, with some hoop earrings. And don't forget the glasses!

Halloween is a great time to have fun with your ~boo~ and your besties. No matter what you dress up as (even if it is a little cheesy!), just remember to keep it PC, and have a good time! Agreeing what to dress up as shouldn't have to be a mission and a half. Find a couple you both love and admire, and pull off your best interpretation. When all else fails, there's always Santa and Mrs. Clause. And no, they're not a corny couple, how dare you?!

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