These Easy 'Wonder Woman' Costumes Will Help You Slay Halloween This Year

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OK, ladies, now let's get in formation. The time has come, and we must rise up! For it is Halloweeeeeen! It's obvious women won the year of 2017, so let's all dress the part because we are all Wonder Woman. I love her. I love the movie. I love it all. Wonder Woman costumes are amazing because you'll look sexy, feel strong, and not be intimidated by any annoying guys trying to hit on you at the party. Nobody messes with Wonder Woman. These easy Wonder Woman Halloween costumes will help you slay hard this year. Also, Gal Gadot is an absolute dream, and you're honoring her by wearing the magnificent outfit. Can you tell I am obsessed?

Although there are many timeless, classy Halloween costumes out there, a Wonder Woman outfit is the only real way to go. Here is a guide to finding the cheapest and most convenient costumes out there for all Wonder Woman eras. Go out into the night and embrace your powerful womanhood. We are all badasses. All. Of. Us. Get out your wigs and your lassos of truth because we are coming for you, Halloween.

Old School Wonder Woman Costumes

First things first. We have to devote our time to the old school Wonder Woman. These are the looks that started it all.

1. Comic Book Wonder Woman

In 1941, the first Wonder Woman came to life. Artist Harry G. Peter gave her the iconic American-themed colors, but drew her with a long, blue skirt. Oh, how the times have changed. Here's what you'll need:


Red boots, $31, Amazon

Black Wig, $20, Amazon

Wonder Woman Headband, $18, Amazon

Black Cuff Bracelets, $10, Amazon

Red Corset Top, $31, Amazon

Blue Long Skirt, $17, Amazon

Or you can find the completed outfit here.

2. Linda Carter Wonder Woman

Wow. She stunned in this outfit from the original television show, Wonder Woman. Here's what you'll need to achieve this outstanding look:

Red boots, $31, Amazon

Blue Star Underwear, $9, Amazon

Lasso of Truth, $11, Amazon

Red Corset Top, $31, Amazon

Gold Cuffs, $14, Amazon

Black Wig, $20, Amazon

Wonder Woman Headband, $18, Amazon

New Age Wonder Woman Costumes

The glorious Gal Gadot honored Linda Carter with her rendition of the famed Wonder Woman character, and she did not disappoint. Let's look back at Gal's outfits from the film and recreate the looks on a budget.

3. All Business Wonder Woman

Remember when she dressed just like a businessman, despite how the other women were dressed? Yes, that was a huge moment for us all. Here's how to get this look for cheap:

Black Hat, $18, Amazon

Fake Glasses, $7, Amazon

Grey Long Peacoat, $51, Amazon

White Dress Shirt, $16, Amazon

Long Grey Skirt, $31, Amazon

Brown Belt, $14, Amazon

4. The Hooded Wonder


This discrete but serious look from Wonder Woman had fans obsessed. Although the jacket appears expensive, you can find one for relatively cheap. Also, think about how comfortable you'll be all night. Ah, warm and cozy. Here's what you'll need:

Wonder Woman Headband, $18, Amazon

Long Black Hooded Coat, $50, Amazon

Gold/Silver Arm Gauntlets, $8, Amazon

Brown Belt, $11, Amazon

Black Wig, $20, Amazon

5. The Island Wonder Woman

This was the outfit she wore at the beginning of the film that blew everyone's minds. I mean, we all thought Gal Gadot was beautiful before... but up on the big screen she was something else. Here's what you'll need:

Brown Corset, $16, Amazon

Brown Pleaded Skirt, $23, Amazon

Long Black Ponytail, $22, Amazon

Brown Gladiator Sandals, $26, Amazon

Gold/Silver Arm Gauntlets, $8, Amazon

Round Shield, $18, Amazon

6. The New Wonder Woman

The powerful new Wonder Woman emerged just in time for battle and blew all of our minds. The new costume is fierce yet feminine and perfect in every way. I am in love.

Complete Wonder Woman Costume, $15, Amazon

High Boots, $30, Amazon

Black Wig, $20, Amazon

Lasso of Truth, $11, Amazon

There you have it. Now, go out there and kick some ass! It's going to be a WONDERful night.