6 Christmas PJs For Your Dog That Are Adorable & Essential For Cuddling

The holiday season is all about bringing people together, being thankful, and giving back. In the merry spirit of the season, Christmas provides us all with the opportunity to live out our best festive lives with our closest people — most especially our furry little friends. They're man's best friend every other day of the year, so your little doggo certainly deserves a ton of Christmas lovin', too. What's the key to making them feel extra included in your seasonal plans? Some very special and cozy AF dog Christmas pajamas, of course.

I think we can all agree that dogs can look cute doing just about anything — even when they're up to no good. Have you tried scolding your dog when he's looking particularly adorable? I rest my case. And they look especially cute when they're dressed in costume, although I'm sure they'd beg to differ.

This Christmas, instead of keeping all of the matching Christmas pajama love to you and the family, include your little doggo in on the excitement. The options are endless, and there's something for dogs of all sizes. These six adorable Christmas PJs for your fur baby are too sweet to pass up this year. Trust me: Rudolph ain't got nothing on your pup.

Not Every Present Is Under The Tree

Christmas Present Dog Pajamas – Wondershop Red, $10, Target

If your dog is going to approve of any Christmas pajamas, this jolly pattern will be right up his alley. He knows he's top dog around your house, and he also knows you appreciate him, but he's always down for more attention. He's the greatest present you've ever received, and for that, he deserves these cute PJs to rock for the holiday season.

Looking Positively Pawfect In Plaid

Plaid Family Holiday Dog Pajamas – Wondershop, $8, Target

There's one way to take the holiday PJ game from OK to completely ballin', and it doesn't include dishing out a ton of cash you don't have on designer PJs. Instead, you can head to your local Target and buy this plaid set for your doggo, along with the matching sets for all of your favorite humans. Your family never looked so fly for Christmas.

Santa Paws Is Here To Sleigh

Casual Canine Santa Pajama X-Small Red, $11, Walmart

Wait a second. Is that your dog, or is that the real Santa Paws himself? With your pup decked out in these Christmas jammies, it's pretty difficult to tell. Either way, you know you have the North Pole's best helper by your side to spread the holiday cheer.

Festive Fleece Pajamas For The Win

Footed Pajamas - Holly Jolly Christmas Pet Pajamas Fleece, $16, Walmart

You'll be having a "holly jolly Christmas" this year, mostly because your pup looks just too cute in this Christmas tree ornament-inspired outfit. It's oh-so-warm, and it's the perfect present for the doggo who likes to keep it cozy throughout the colder months. There's totally no shame in your pup rockin' it all winter long.

Even Dogs Need Turtlenecks

Dog Pajamas. "Lumberjack Jams", $40, Etsy

If your dog is especially, er, long-necked, this might be the ultimate PJ set for him. Not only is it hilarious (I mean, turtlenecks for dogs?), it's festive, warm, and will sleigh all day on Instagram.

My suggestion? These PJs serve as a great gift for the pooch who's accustomed to wearing clothes on the regular.

There's A New Elf In Town

Pajamas for Dogs, $25, Etsy

Santa Claus is checking his list, and you better get on it. It's time to score some major brownie points with your doggo while you still can.

Your furry friend will love you forever if you give him this incredibly comfy dog onesie. It leaves open space in the back so your pup isn't all zippered in, and it comes in so many prints that it'll be difficult to pick your favorite. Go wild and gift your pooch a few. He deserves it.