6 DIY Menorah Ideas To Make For Your Home Sweet Home

This year, Hanukkah begins on Dec. 12 and runs through Dec. 20 for eight days filled with blessings, family time, and of course, the lighting of the menorah. A menorah is essential for this holiday and for every family celebrating. While they are sold all over, from traditional stores or makers to Etsy and Pier 1, you can also make your very own with these DIY menorah ideas for your home, and it's such a great opportunity for your family to bond even more.

Hanukkah is known as the "festival of lights" and is a blessed time for anyone celebrating. Much like the first Hanukkah, families light the menorah candles one at a time, adding a new one each night for a total of eight. According to, to make a menorah, you'll need eight candles with a ninth one in the middle, called the shamash, "attendant." This candle is taller than the others and is used to light each new one every night. It also stays lit all eight nights.

For those who celebrate Hanukkah, it's an amazing time of year and is full of really beautiful family traditions. DIY videos exist to help you make the best out of your DIY menorah, so check out these six tutorials.

A Copper Menorah
Makeful on YouTube

While many menorahs are silver (for the most part), you can also choose to go with other looks, like this copper one. The pipes used in this DIY video are easy to find, and they give it such a cool look. It's super great for winter and definitely adds a trendy, chic look to your home when entertaining this season.

A Menorah Made From Bottles
DarbySmart on YouTube

For more experienced crafters, or those who are up for a fun challenge when making their menorah, this video is for you. There are glass bottles, paint, twine, and more supplies involved that you can find at a local craft store.

Have a field day choosing the types of bottles to use and ways to arrange them. But, don't forget to keep the tallest one in the center for the "attendant" candle.

An Intricate Branch Menorah
Cityline on YouTube

For something really "contemporary" and out of the box, you can make a menorah out of a tree branch. While this definitely isn't a traditional menorah, due to the fact that the candles aren't in a very straight line or the same height, it's a unique and interesting way to make a menorah. You can, of course, find a branch that's more straight, and then get crafting.

A Travel Menorah
Katrinaosity on YouTube

If you are someone who's always on the go or you know that you're not going to be at home with your family at sundown, this travel menorah is perfect for you. It has all of the right elements, is so simple, and the end product is so cute. A great aspect of this gem is that it serves as a little carrying case for your menorah items as well.

A Menorah Made With Pasta
Union for Reform Judaism on YouTube

Much like the copper menorah, this DIY video adds a fun new take on a tradition. Pasta crafts have been a beloved staple since childhood, and they make for great projects to do with your family if little kids are involved (with supervision, of course). This menorah idea also adds a quirky take on the traditional design.

A Paper Plate Menorah
SophiesWorldVideo on YouTube

This craft will be perfect to make in addition to your traditional menorah for the holiday. As the crafter states in this video, it's a flameless paper plate menorah that's a fun project to work on if you have little kids in the family. You don't even need messy paint for it (although, tape can always pose a challenge for little hands, and a glue gun is involved). This design is so sweet, and the clothespin "candles" are the best icing on this cake.