6 Boy Band Christmas Songs For Every Holiday Plan With Your '90s Babes

Making playlists for the holidays can be super fun, but also super difficult because of the vast amount of beloved hits that exist. There are so many versions of a few songs, it seems, and they're done over and over during this season. It also might be hard to figure out what's best for your hangouts with your besties. But what better place to start than with some '90s boy band Christmas songs? Nostalgia: check. Bops: check. Christmas spirit: so much that it can't be contained. Honestly, this is all you can ask for in a jammin' holiday playlist.

Music can really set the entire mood, and so you want to have the perfect song for the right situation. An evening with your friends calls for an epic song to remember it by. Depending on what you're doing, you're definitely going to want to go with a different holiday tune. Is New Kids On The Block meant to serenade you? Do you want to go wild while dancing to *NSYNC? What about Hanson? They are definitely more than just "MMMBop."

If you're a '90s babe and so are all of your friends, odds are, you have these memorized and don't need a specific time or place to bust a move to it; you're probably already spending your days with these songs on repeat. But, here's a list of the best times this Christmas season to get down to these songs.

"Christmas Time" By The Backstreet Boys
BackstreetBoysVEVO on YouTube

Starting off the list is the good 'ole Backstreet Boys. They brought us some of the best songs of the '90s, and this one is no different.

This, like all '90s Christmas songs, can be listened to for so many occasions, but it's great for viewing Christmas lights. Every town or city has that one area that just goes all out for the holidays with Christmas trees coming out the top of the house, or a Santa on the lawn who's belting out a carol. When you're rolling down the street with your friends, this song is perfect background music for that.

"Let It Snow" By Boyz II Men
rnbhaven on YouTube

This is a song that just deserves to be head-bopped to. It deserves to be felt with your whole soul and body, and for that very reason, it's perfect for a night in decorating the tree. It's such a slow song, and it allows you to enjoy it in full while also not being too distracting so you can focus on not dropping your ornaments.

Whether you're with your gal pals or your family, it's appropriate for everyone and is just so good. It's one of the hidden gems of the early '90s for sure.

"Merry, Merry Christmas" By New Kids On The Block
amao220 on YouTube

This is a cheesy one, but a necessary jam when talking about '90s Christmas songs. Even though this gem was released in 1989, it wouldn't be a complete list without it, and it is perfect for gift wrapping. While this is something that is usually done at the last minute and often dreaded, you can turn it into a fun party-like atmosphere for you and your girls (just make sure you're not wrapping their gifts in front of them). It's a super feel-good song, and it has rightly stood the depths of time.

"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" By *NSYNC

Alright, this one is a goddamn BOP. *NSYNC blessed us with this song, and for that, we are forever grateful.

This is such a holiday party song and can be enjoyed by all (even if you're a Backstreet Boys lover). It's a much-needed original song and adds so much to a holiday party. Whether it's just a dance party with your best friends, or one you're throwing for a ton of people, this hit is sure to get everyone on the dance floor.

"Merry Christmas Baby" By Hanson

Hanson has a full Christmas album, like a lot of these boy bands, but this song is just so great. It's soulful and will be on repeat for sure. It's perfect for holiday crafting with your friends and will really bring you back to your childhood.

You can make old school things like pine cone ornaments, or you can be super crafty and try some trendier things. Either way, this song will get you through the mess that is paint and hot glue guns.

"This Gift" By 98 Degrees
Ace Livingston on YouTube

This last one is also slower, but being serenaded by 98 Degrees is the perfect setting for wine night. While this is not really a plan exclusive to the holidays (because, let's face it, every night can be wine night), you can make it festive with mulled wine and special Christmas treats. And while you're talking or getting your snacks set, this song is the perfect background music and will give you all of the nostalgic feels, trust me.