59 Random Products On Amazon That Are Straight Fire

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Mascara that tints your eyelashes with mashed-up blackberries, a sink cleaner that shoots nuclear air blasts through your drain, and a gadget that pumps up balloons inside your wine to keep it fresh — there are some seriously weird products on Amazon.

When you scroll through the online retailer’s never-ending list of offerings, many of them seem bizarre at first glance. On top of the bizarre mascara and weird wine gadgets, there are things like pickle jar attachments, beer cooling rods, antimicrobial pillow sprays, charcoal shampoos, and a mask made with snail secretions, because why not?

When you look closer, however, a lot of these gadgets are actually pretty brilliant. I mean, the snail slime sounds a little gross, but it turns out that the shelled creature’s secretions provide sensational hydration, texture, elasticity, and cell rejuvenation. So why not turn it into a facial mask? And that wine device with the little balloon inside? It will keep your Merlot for five days, fam.

It’s a good lesson for all of us in the dangers of judging a book by its cover. Well, judge no more. Here is a list of 60 weird products on Amazon that are bound to change your life.

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A Sizzling Pigmented Mascara That Tints Your Eyelashes With Berries

Infused with magical black tea extract, berries, and cocoa seed butter, this lush pigmented mascara delivers color to your eyelashes from these natural ingredients rather than from dyes or chemicals. The blend of blackberry extract, raspberry, black currant, seaweed powder, lavender honey, and other nourishing ingredients will coat your lashes in a water-resistant layer that will make them pop and stay put all day without smudging. No dry, itchy lids; no flakes underneath your eyes — just gorgeous lashes that make you look like the boss babe you are.

A Luxurious Scalp Massager That Increases Blood Circulation

Life is stressful, y'all, and this scalp massager is just the antidote. The small gadget delivers soothing relaxation via a gentle massaging claw that can be used on your face, head, shoulders, neck, and other areas. The lightweight, portable gadget offers easy release after a long day to calm stress, promote relaxation, and increase blood circulation.

An Ultra-Cool Science Project That Lets You Grow Crystals At Home

If you think growing majestic crystals in your bedroom is just for kids, you are dead wrong. This ultra-nerdy, nostalgic crystal growing lab is made for adults, too. With stunning hues to choose from, you can make stalagmites, geodes, colored crystalline gardens, and more. The set is easy to use and comes with a 36-page educational booklet.

A Brilliant Kitchen Gadget That Holds Your Phone While You Cook

Chances are you probably haven't used a paper recipe book since you baked cookies with your grandma as a kid. But following recipes on your phone is annoying — now enter this genius recipe stand that holds your phone or tablet upright while you cook. Use it to prevent grease from dripping all over your phone while you cook, and then tuck the compact folding device away for easy storage when you're done.

These Soft Gel Foot Pads That Support Feet And Relieve Pain

These soft gel foot cushions stay perfectly in place to reduce aches and pains associated with plantar fasciitis, bunions, calluses, and other issues. With a flexible design that moves with your foot, you can apply them in the morning, wear any shoe, and forget you even have them on — the only telltale sign will be the fact that your feet aren't aching at the end of a long day.

An Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You Flawless Winged Liner Each Time

If there's always a 50/50 chance your eyeliner will come out right on any given morning, take the guesswork out of your routine with this genius eyeliner stamp, which literally stamps a perfect wing onto the side of your eye. The set comes with two pigmented, waterproof black eyeliner pens, one for each eye. The dual-ended tool features a liner on one end and a winged stamp on the other.

A Car Air Purifier That Requires Zero Maintenance

Not only does the SAVORI car air purifier kill harmful bacteria and dispel unpleasant odors, but the built-in negative ion generator helps to sterilize dust and reduce any second-hand smoke that happens to drift into your vehicle. Unlike other car air purifiers, the SAVORI requires no filters and no maintenance— simply charge it using any standard USB charging port and you’ll be driving around with fresh air in no time.

The Genius Device That Uses Compressed Air To Clean Your Drain Without A Mess

There is literally nothing more disgusting than cleaning bathroom drains — but it doesn't have to be that way. This blessed drain blaster makes the job painfully easy by using compressed air to blast clogs out of your sink. It works on wads of hair, food, toilet paper, and other common drain problems. Not only is the device easier and less gross than using snakes and other drain cleaners, it also prevents you from having to use harsh chemicals or, even worse, calling the plumber and receiving a hefty bill.

A Fantastically Clever Brush That Cleans Both Sides At Once While Preventing Cuts

If wiping your hand back and forth near a sharp blade with slippery soap and water everywhere doesn't sound like the smartest thing in the world, that's because it isn't. Thankfully, this ultra-clever blade brush cleans knife effectively while offering a protective barrier for your skin. On top of that, the smart wrap-around design allows you to clean both sides of your cutlery at once, saving time and energy. With tough opposed bristles and a textured hand grip, the brush works great on forks, spoons, and other utensils, too.

A Miracle 10-In-1 Pore Freshener That Makes Your Skin Baby Soft

Meant to use as a toner after cleanser, this pore freshener from Etude House. Made with a refreshing blend of lemon, orange, ginkgo biloba, sugar maple, arnica, peppermint, and other natural ingredients, the solution performs 10 tasks in one, including tightening pores, cleansing skin, balancing pH levels, softening complexion, preventing acne, adding elasticity, and moisturizing skin. One reviewer writes: "I've been using this for a while (almost a month) and I've seen that my pores have gotten smaller, is less oily, and I have less small red bumps (whitehead pimples) on my face."

The Party Game That’s As Easy To Learn As It Is To Play

With over 570 questions that you're forced to answer in five seconds each, this party game never gets repetitive or slow. Designed for three players or more, it's perfect for kids and adults alike. One fan wrote that they love it for several reasons: "1) It's simple - anyone can play with minimal explanation because the rules are easy and flexible. 2) It can be as clean or as dirty as you make it! This game can easily match its audience. 3) It's flexible enough that people can jump in and out of the game and it doesn't mess anything up. 4) It's multi-generational! This game's questions are adaptable to any age group."

A Wonder Cream Meant For Horses That Will Make Your Nails Strong and Moisturized

If your nails are prone to dryness or chipping, you need to check out this hoof cream that people on Amazon are utterly obsessed with. Made to be tough enough for horse's hooves, the ultra-rich protein treatment strengthen and conditions both your nails and cuticles. One Amazon customer exclaimed: "I have tried everything on my weak fragile nails and I haven't seen a clear difference with anything but this. My nails are noticeably stronger and growing better, and I resist the urge to bite my cuticles. unlike other nail hardeners which strengthen the nail but make them so prone to breaking from the side, this cream makes your nails more flexible and less likely to break."

The Chafing Solution That Won’t Ruin Your Clothes

Sure it may be labeled as a sports-oriented item, but the 2Toms SportShield can be used to provide relief from chafing in any situation. Upper thighs rubbing in denim? Roll it on. New shoes irritating the back of your heels? You guessed it — throw some down on your feet and completely forget that you just started breaking those shoes in an hour ago. The melt-free formula not only creates a protective barrier that eliminates any rubbing or friction, but it’s also non-staining, non-toxic and non-greasy; go ahead and use this two-pack of chafing solution every day without fear of ruining your clothes.

A Simple Device That Lets You Make Poached Eggs In The Microwave

You don't have to be a fancy chef to poach perfect eggs — you just need a clever device like this microwave egg poacher. The simple silicone cups are BPA-free and ridiculously easy to use. Just crack an egg into each one, put the white lid on, and pop it into the microwave. Three minutes later, you have Anthony Bourdain-worthy poached eggs ready to out on your benedict. The device also works great on the stove or in an Instant Pot, and you can also use them to make gelatin, custards, mini-cheesecakes, or melted chocolate.

A Facial Roller That Stimulates Collagen And Makes Your Complexion Glow

If your face looks like it could use a little invigoration these days, this refreshing facial roller is the perfect way to get your glow on. Using tiny little needles (that won't cut you), the device opens up your pores as you roll it over your skin, triggering collagen and elastin production. On top of being fantastically soothing, the ritual helps smooth skin, treat acne scars, and give your face a fresh shine.

A Pack of Mosquito Repellent Bracelets That Keep Bugs Away Without Chemicals

There's no better way to ruin a beach bonfire or backyard barbecue than with mosquitos swarming around you. These mosquito repellent bracelets are the perfect way to keep the bugs at bay without lathering your body in Deet or other harsh bug sprays. Made with a natural blend of citronella, eucalyptus, and lavender, the non-toxic microfiber bracelets keep insects away for up to a whopping 240 hours — more than a summer's worth of outdoor fun. Each pack comes with five bracelets in blue, yellow, green, pink, and orange.

These Biotin Drops With Major Skin And Hair Benefits

Ready for beauty in liquid vitamin form? Each serving of these biotin liquid drops contains 5,000 mcg of biotin to help encourage hair growth, strengthen nails, and improve skin tone. The liquid version means it absorbs faster and more effectively than pill forms of biotin.The supplement is vegan and free of common allergens and preservatives. Oh, and it tastes like vanilla.

One reviewer, says “I can honestly say it has improved the rate at which my hair grows. It is much stronger and thicker than ever before & my nails are stronger too.” As always, check with your doctor before adding any vitamin or supplement to your diet.

The Makeup Tool That Delivers Smudge-Free Results Every Time

Fiddling around trying to get your makeup to look absolutely flawless can be frustrating, which is why the Shadow Shields Original Makeup Protection Shield is so convenient for those of us who want the red carpet look without the red carpet effort. Featuring a smudge-free formula that helps your makeup last longer, these eye makeup protection shields help protect your under-eye area from shadow fallout. Or if eyeshadow isn’t really your style, these shields can also be used to create the perfect winged cat eye or as a nice straight edge to help perfect your lipstick application. Simply put, this is one of those products where you can’t fathom how you lived so long without it once you finally try it out!

A Box-Based Gardening Kit That’s Practically Foolproof

The Plant Theater Funky Veg Kit takes all the work out of growing vegetables and simplifies it all down into one simple box. Every seed has been laboratory tested as well as sealed in foil packets for freshness, and the variety of vegetables that come with it will have any guest thinking you’re a seasoned gardening expert: purple carrots, yellow courgettes, striped tomatoes, multi-colored swiss chard, and red brussel sprouts — it’s almost like you’re a professional farmer in your spare time!

A Set Of Reusable Bags To Store Fruit And Veggies

Whether you feel like a jerk to the environment or just want to save some cash, having reusable storage bags for your fruit and veggies will be a game changer. Rather than using those plastic bags on rolls in the produce aisle, bring these fresh sacks along with you to the store. The breathable mesh drawstring bags go directly into your fridge or crisper, keeping produce clean and preventing it from getting slimy inside a plastic bag.

An Astonishingly Effective Facial Mask That's Made With Snail Secretions

Rubbing snail goop all over your face may not seem like your idea of a luxurious spa treatment, but this snail face mask is a straight miracle. Using a bizarre blend of snail secretions mixed with other unique botanical extracts, the ingredient list sounds wild but it actually works. The magic formula will hydrate, rejuvenate, nourish, add elasticity, and smooth out your skin tone, all with one simple application.

A Gel Facial Mask That You Can Use For Cooling Or Warming

This delightfully relaxing facial eye mask is full of temperature-regulating gel that retains both heat and cold, slowly releasing the warming or cooling effects over time. The soft and pliable wrap perfectly molds to the contours of your face, allowing the soothing energy to relax your muscles, soothe headaches, melt away stress, and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

A Therapeutic Foot Roller That Has Ridges For Self-Massage

There's nothing better than coming home at the end of a long, stressful day and treating yourself to a foot massage. This incredibly effective foot roller makes the job effortless, providing deep, soothing massage with the simple roll of your foot. Best of all, it's constructed with a special material you can put in the freezer to use for cryotherapy for your feet. Although firm and effective, the latex roller is also soft enough that it won't damage your floors, and the hollow core helps mold it to the contours of your foot.

A Wearable Ice Pack That Treats Migraines And Sore Muscles

Aside from being uncomfortable, regular ice packs are always falling off or sliding down your face. This wearable ice pack, however, is made with an ultra-comfortable cotton blend that gently hugs your face, keeping the cooling section snug and working effectively. Each ice cube is individually wrapped in a thin layer of plastic, maintaining its cooling temperature and delivering soothing relief for migraines. The wrap can also be worn around your neck or draped over other parts of your body.

A Uniquely Designed Curling Wand Curls Your Hair For You

Curling wands are awesome at producing wavy, long-lasting curls but they're notoriously hard to use — and this ingenious curling wand makes it much simpler. Just press the button and the wand will automatically spin, creating curls while keeping it tangle-free. The tourmaline ceramic technology delivers powerful curls without causing heat damage, and it has a special dial you can set to select left or right facing curls.

An Acne-Preventing Pillow Mist That Smells Like Heaven

Your soft, relaxing pillow is unfortunately crawling with acne-causing bacteria, so if you're someone who's prone to breakouts it's critical that you keep it super clean. This antibacterial pillow spray keeps your pillow sanitized in between washings — and the tea tree and lavender water also add some light aromatherapy to the experience, too.

An Antiperspirant For Feet That Stops Sweat And Smells

Sweat is no match for this powerful antiperspirant foot lotion, which is clinically proven to reduce perspiration and keep feet dry and free of odors. The non-greasy lotion is made with eucalyptus oil, doesn't contain chemicals like parabens, and it's safe to use on sensitive skin. Reviewers say a little lotion goes a long way and that, even if you've tried everything to address your stinky feet, this is the one product that will actually work.

A Magic Serum That Makes Your Eyelashes Grow Longer And Thicker

This astonishingly effective eyelash growth serum is made from a scientifically-engineered formula that's made from botanically-derived compounds that stimulate lash growth while strengthening, fortifying, and thickening them in the process. Just apply a thin layer of the serum to the base of your upper and lower lashes each night before bed for 60 days. You'll be blown away by the results.

A Toothbrush With Germ-Fighting Capabilities

Sure, toothbrushes keep our teeth clean, but they’re also breeding grounds for bacteria and other microorganisms. Apparently, bacteria can double on your toothbrush every 20 minutes. Yikes! Keep your gums and teeth healthy with this antimicrobial toothbrush. It uses silver bristle technology to get rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria in six hours. Its ultra-thin, two-tiered flossing bristles also remove plaque in areas traditional toothbrushes can’t reach.

The Collapsible Dish Drainer That Saves Space

I’m one of those people who prefer to wash dishes by hand but is lucky enough to also be cursed with limited counter space. Thankfully for everybody out there in the same situation I am, the Sammart Collapsible Dish Drainer with Drainer Board has a simple pop-up feature that makes it easily collapsible when not in use so that you’re not forced to constantly stash the drainer away in a cabinet, only to pull it out 30 minutes later when you rinse a fork. BPA-free and dishwasher safe, it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and even collapses to a mere 1.8 inches high after it folds.

A Stress Relief Putty That Has Cool Magnetic Properties

If you're that person who's always fidgety at work, or loves to have something in your hands to calm your mind, you will adore this thinking putty. The magnetic putty, which bounces, stretches, and tears, is made from a silicone grease that stays malleable, and it won't dry up or get crumbly with use. Keep it in your desk at work, or your school laptop bag, and know that you've always got instant stress relief at your fingertips.

An Odor-Free Sponge That Doesn't Require Soap To Clean With

If you've ever taken a whiff of the dirty sponge on the side of your kitchen sink, you know they get gross fast. This innovative no-odor sponge ensures you never have to deal with those nasty disposable sponges again. Made with proprietary two-layer Nanolon fiber, one side absorbs liquid while the other scrubs off grit and grime. It's quick-drying and capable of absorbing big spills as well as lifting dirt, grease, oils, and fats — without the use of soap or chemicals. Just run it under water and clean away.

A Set Of Underarm Pads That Work Better Than Deodorant

Forget spot-cleaning with paper towels throughout the day — these brilliant underarm pads provide natural sweat absorption right from the source. Made especially for folks who get extra sweaty under their arms, the breathable hygienic pads stick on with ease and stay put all day, preventing odor and excessive moisture. At the end of the day, just peel them off with a gentle, residue-free pull.

A Fantastically Effective Shampoo That Cleans Your Hair With Charcoal

Using activated charcoal to clean your hair naturally, this unique shampoo features a botanical mix of argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba, almond, coconut, camelia seed, and other nature-based ingredients. Safe for color-treated hair, the amazingly effective shampoo works to remove build-up from hair and scalp, which gives it a rejuvenated, healthy appearance.

A Travel Towel With Fast-Drying Powers

This highly-absorbent microfiber towel will get you dry fast — but it’ll also dry out fast. In fact, it dries about four times faster than regular towels, making it a no-brainer for travel. It’s also lightweight and non-bulky, so it’s easy to pack into a suitcase/duffel. Take it along on camping trips or beach days. Plus the towel is antibacterial, which helps keep germs and odors and bay. Bonus: the full-size towel also comes with a free hand/face cloth.

The Antifungal Soap That Refreshes While It Deodorizes

Just because it’s labeled as an antifungal soap doesn’t mean you can’t use it if you don’t have sweaty feet. The Remedy Wash Antifungal Soap uses a special blend of tea tree oil to help fight against stubborn fungus and bacteria while also deodorizing and neutralizing odor. Using only natural ingredients, the formula is free from any preservatives or alcohols and is enriched with organic oils that aid any acne-affected areas in the healing process.

A Brilliant Posture Corrector That Helps You Stand Up Straight

If you constantly find yourself slouched over a computer, you probably could use this posture corrector, which prevents slouching without causing discomfort. With a clever over-the-shoulder fit, you can wear it under your clothes without anyone noticing, and you can adjust it with ease. Each time you tug on the straps, the brace guides your posture, forcing you to open up your shoulders and sit up straight. Over time, this becomes natural, and you can remove the brace and sit without putting strain on your back and shoulders.

A Memory Foam Pillow With Curves That Are Perfectly Contoured To Your Body

Made from ultra-soft, body-mimicking memory foam, this heavenly pillow features cervical contours, providing you with the pinnacle of comfort, stability, and softness. The foam adapts to your neck and shoulders, while the ventilated fabric provides breathability throughout the night.

A Sensationally Soft Peel That's Infused With Wine Extract

More than 400 customers on Amazon think this is the best skin bio-peel on the planet and they can't all be wrong. Made with real wine extract, along with grape, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and other nourishing ingredients, the facial pads leaves your skin super soft and hydrated. One enthusiastic Amazon user writes: "I LOVE this product so much, it's on 'holy grail' status in my evening skincare routine," adding that it "smells like a grape jolly-rancher."

A Bizarre But Brilliant Gel Packet That Make Your Lips Fuller

On top of delivering moisture to your lips and soothing dry or chapped cracks, this ultra-soft lip mask will plump up your smile. With pure collagen, the gel helps ad a subtle plump right after use. To use the packets, just clean and dry your mouth, press the gel pack on, and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. When you peel it off, your lips will feel nourished already.

A Roll-Up Travel Organizer That Can Be Used To Carry Anything

Sure it may be marketed as a travel organizer for electronics, but who says that’s how you HAVE to use it? Store makeup, art supplies, or (of course) electronics while you’re out and about with the Patu Roll-Up Folding Travel Organizer Case. The flexible design helps to keep all your accessories organized all in one place, and the easy roll-up feature allows you to easily tuck the entire case into handbags, suitcases, shoulder bags and more. One Amazon reviewer chose to use it as a travel makeup case, writing that “I especially love the elastic snaps in the middle because they are the perfect spots to keep my makeup brushes...and it fits nicely in my purse!”

An Aloe Vera Makeup Primer That Gives You Dewy Skin

Not only can parched skin give you that tight feeling, it can also make your foundation look cakey. This aloe vera makeup primer manages to eliminate both those issues with a one-two punch. It’s packed with organic botanicals that moisturize the skin, like aloe vera, shea butter, and hyaluronic acid. It also provides a great base for your foundation, giving you long-wear durability. You’ll find yourself with soft skin and non-cakey foundation that’s locked in place all day long.

A Gum With The Same Amount Of Caffeine As A Cup Of Coffee

You ever see a product and think to yourself “WOW, why didn’t I think of that?!” Well get ready to kick yourself, because someone out there had the genius idea of combining a cup of coffee with chewing gum and created Run Gum Mint Energy Gum. Each package contains two pieces of gum with 50 milligrams of caffeine in each (a standard cup of coffee has 100 milligrams of caffeine) along with taurine, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to help give you that extra “oomph.” Completely sugar-free, Run Gum uses sublingual absorption to help you feel the energy boost five times faster than anything you absorb through your stomach — and with a delicious mint flavor, you can be assured that your mouth will smell as fresh as if you just walked out of the dentist’s office.

This Flexible Mitt That Exfoliates While You're In The Shower

Reviewers of this odd-looking body exfoliator all say the same thing: this mitt will provide the powerful exfoliation you're looking for. Made with a flexible honeycomb design, it can be used all over (with or without soap) to cleanse, massage, and stimulate blood flow. One reviewer wrote, "I absolutely can't live without this mitt. My last one was falling apart after many years of service, so I HAD to replace with the same thing again – a fantastic product." It's also naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal, so it's even great for traveling.

These Coconut Oil Wipes That Hydrate And Cleanse On The Go

Few of us feel comfortable carrying a bottle of coconut oil in our purses (can you imagine the mess if it spills?). These makeup remover wipes have antibacterial and moisturizing coconut oil built right into them. Anytime you want to freshen up your face on the go, pull out one of these wipes — one and done. They won't strip your skin of natural oils and will instead provide a hydrating mini treatment.

A Hands-Free Massager With 9 Metal Balls For Your Entire Body

You can use this massager on every part of your body, even hard-to-reach areas of your back. Its nine metal massage balls move 360 degrees, targeting aching muscles without the need to hold onto it. If you prefer to use it as a handheld massage tool, simply wear it as a glove — one that's adjustable and fits every hand.

The Little Curved Seat That Does Wonders If You Sit All Day Long

If you sit all day long and struggle with back or tailbone pain, try out this curved seat — unlike softer options, this will keep your hips and low back in alignment, which will evenly distribute weight and keep pressure off your tailbone. It's great to use on both softer seats like recliners and harder seats like concert or bus seats. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote: "I’M FREAKIN’ SHOCKED! No more back pain! No more right hip soreness!"

This Shampoo Made For Wool And Cashmere Clothing To Save You A Trip To The Dry Cleaners

Safe for sensitive materials like wool and cashmere, this shampoo works to preserve lanolin oils, keep yarn soft, and naturally repel bugs and moths. It's safe to use on dry-clean only items, and gets rid of stains, so it's a brilliant way to save some money while keeping your expensive clothing items preserved and clean. It's free of bleach, and has a pleasant cedar scent.

A Soothing Patch You Can Use After Intense Workouts

Made with natural plant extracts from lavender, sage, rosemary, lemon, and orange, these cooling sheets can be applied to your legs or feet for an immediate cooling effect. Best to use after a long day or a hard workout, they will help relax muscles for up to an hour. One reviewer described the unique experience: "I discovered these in Japan when my legs starting hurting the last couple days of my trip. The tour guide recommended them. They start off cooling for a few seconds and then provide heat which is a relief for sore muscles and joints."

The Deodorant That Has Zero Synthetic Ingredients

The SoapMe With Nature Hint of Mint underarm deodorant stick is not only non-GMO, non-toxic and mineral oil free, but it has exactly zero synthetic ingredients and is completely all-natural. The formula uses aluminum-free baking soda as a natural way to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, while the organic coconut oil and shea butter work as antimicrobial agents to help soothe your skin. And unlike other deodorants, a little bit of this goes a long way — simply dab it on lightly and you’re set for all-day odor control and protection!

These Pillowcases That Will Make You Feel Like You’re Sleeping On A Cloud

Never slept on bamboo? It’s one of the softest fabrics ever, and these bamboo pillowcases will make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The nature of the fabric also keeps you cool when it’s hot, and warm when it’s cold. And unlike a lot of bamboo pillowcases out there, these are actually made of 100 percent bamboo fibers, with no cotton or microfiber fillers. They’re also hypoallergenic and organic to boot — bamboo is a naturally antimicrobial plant, so there’s no need for pesticides.

A Lacy Bralette That Works For Everyone

The straps on this bralette are substantial enough to offer adequate support without digging in. They’re also adjustable so you can convert the bra into an X-back. Made from nylon and spandex, this pullover lacy bralette features a scallop trim. You can incorporate it into you look by layering, but the lace also lays flat enough so that you can wear it under a T-shirt. This is great option for days when you want to give the underwire a rest and feel low-key sexy and comfortable.

The Semi-Permanent Hair Dye In A Rainbow Of Colors

Available in shades like Chocolate Cherry, Sea Witch, and Strawberry Jam, this line of semi-permanent, vegan hair dye is perfect for anyone who loves taking a little risk while still having the option of rinsing that risk out fairly quickly. Although it works best on light or bleached hair, it will tint brunette or darker shades, and you can customize how rich the color turns out by how long you keep it on. Reviewers say that it can last up to a month with the right care.

The Heel Cups That Absorb Shock And Make Your Shoes Way More Comfortable

These comfortable gel heel cups are fantastic for anyone who gets pain in their heels from standing up all day long. They absorb shock, provide support to ankles to keep legs from getting tired and massage the heel. They're also antimicrobial, latex-free, and can fit into any shoe. Best of all, they're safe to wear without or without socks and can easily be washed by hand to last a very long time.

This Avocado Saver That Keeps Avocados So Fresh And So Green, Green

If you’re a real avocado toast aficionado (and who isn’t by now?), you need to invest in this avocado saver. It reduces air exposure, so your cut-into avocados won’t get that weird brownish look. And it keeps them tasting fresh and feeling firm without wasting any plastic wrap. The holder even includes straps to keep that avocado in place without the risk of bruising. Plus, it includes a bonus avocado slicer for an easy prep experience. Get this before your next avocado toast breakfast. You’ll have a lovely, green avocado to eat the next morning too.

The Weekly Journal That Is Both Satisfying And Introspective

Sometimes the most mundane things in life happen to be the most soothing, like the satisfaction you get out of writing down a list and the methodically crossing out each item as it’s been completed. The 52 Lists Project: A Year of Weekly Journaling Inspiration takes that same concept and injects some self-exploration and introspection by providing prompts for every list you’re scheduled to write that month, from “List the obstacles that stand in the way of your dreams” to “List your top twenty mood-boosting songs.” Each prompt is aligned with a specific week in each season, helping you to become more thoughtful of where you currently are in your life and open up new avenues of self-knowledge and awareness.

A Rambler That Keeps Cans And Bottles Cold For Hours

Perfect for outdoor barbecues or just slow drinkers, this rambler securely holds bottles or cans while keeping them cold for hours. Its no-sweat outside means your hands won't freeze and it won't drip condensation and the load-and-lock gasket secures the drink in place. It also works for hot drinks, and can fit into most standard-sized cup-holders.

The Body Wipe That Removes Sweat And Dirt

These quick-dry wipes are made with soothing aloe vera and witch hazel. They're a great way to clean off sweat, dirt, and all the smells that come with them if you're camping, working out, or don't have access to a shower. It has a light, neutral scent, it won't leave behind a sticky residue, and it's alcohol- and paraben-free. These extra-thick wipes are also individually packaged, making them easy to take on the go.

A Retractable Kabuki Brush That's Perfect For Any Travel Makeup Bag

Brushes can be a pain to travel with, but this kabuki brush is perfect for a purse or a suitcase because it retracts into itself and is covered with a cap. The synthetic, cruelty-free bristles are great for applying foundation and contouring, and work well with both liquids and powders. They're also dense, so you won't waste a lot of product, and the results will be streak-free.