57 Bestselling Products On Amazon That Can't Seem To Be Dethroned


If you're considered the best of the best — there's probably a good reason you're up there. There are the athletes that train the hardest, seven days a week. The musicians that don't stop touring or recording or writing songs. Or the bestselling products on Amazon that are the greatest of all time because they consistently rain in five-star reviews and do exactly what they say.

It's not random that these products are consistently at the top of the best-seller lists. Not only do many of these items boast hundreds (if not thousands) of nearly-perfect reviews, but they're all incredibly practical as well. Have you ever sliced yourself while preparing food? There's a pair of gloves that keep your fingers safe from accident cuts and slices. And who can deny that a bleach-free teeth whitening powder made with activated charcoal is an easy, natural way to get a bright smile?

So instead of scrolling around the Internet looking for your next impulse purchase, try out the handmade wine decanter, or even the salt scrub made with real pink salt from the Himalayas. Who knows? With so many bestselling products available on Amazon, the sky is the limit when it comes to quality products at affordable prices.

The Cleansing Face Mask Made From Bentonite Clay

Whether you have clogged pores, breakouts, or simply want to give your skin an intense deep clean, the Aztec Secret Indian healing clay is right up your alley. This face mask is made with 100 percent calcium bentonite clay that doesn't include any additives or artificial fragrances, and all it takes is 10 minutes for this mask to work its magic. Safe for sensitive skin, this mask can even be mixed with apple cider vinegar to help magnify its cleansing effects.

A Travel Pillow With A Built-In Neck Support

Unlike other travel pillows, this travel pillow has flexible, built-in neck support that prevents your head from flopping around as you sleep upright (like in the middle seat of a plane, for instance). The fabric is made from soft fleece so that it feels comfortable wrapped around your neck, and you can also adjust the tightness if it ever becomes a little too loose. And because this pillow can easily be attached to your carry-on, you won't have to worry about it taking up any precious storage space.

The Serum That Helps Prevent Stubborn Razor Bumps

Razor bumps and ingrown hairs can be difficult to get rid of (and painful), so try using the Tend Skin solution for razor bumps to prevent them from happening in the first place. This serum helps reduce bumps, burns, and redness in your skin — and you can use it before or after shaving, waxing, electrolysis, and laser hair removal. One reviewer raves: "What. A. Game. Changer! I apply this before going to the salon and again before bed that night and it's made a world of difference. Cleared up all signs of redness and irritation in about 24 hours."

A Pair Of Yoga Pants That Have Pockets

These yoga pants are not only comfortable, but they have an especially coveted add-on: A built-in pocket where you can store your phone, keys, or even money as you exercise. The four-way stretch fabric ensures that these pants won't become see-through when you move, and the streamlined design contours to fit you perfectly. One Amazon reviewer even raved that they're able to "fit a whole bottle of champagne in the pocket!"

The Spray That Relieves Dry, Sore Throats

Dry, sore throat bothering you? Not with the Beekeeper's Naturals throat spray. It contains Canadian bee extract, purified water, and natural vegetable glycerin — and that's it. There are zero alcohols in the formula. has a pleasant taste, and there are zero synthetic flavors, additives, or refined sugars. And because it's also gluten-free as well as paleo-friendly, this spray can be enjoyed by practically everybody (unless you're allergic to bees). Of course, talk to your doctor before you start any new supplements.

A White Noise Machine With 20 Different Sound Settings

Whether you're trying to fall asleep or simply looking to add in some white noise so you can work more efficiently, the Adaptive Sound Technologies white noise machine is a great match. This machine features 20 different sound settings depending on your needs, volume control, and USB power.

7.The Sheets That Help Preserve Your Baked Goods

Finding that your bagels and pastries have gone stale is a waste of food (and a bummer) — so keep them fresher for longer with these food saver sheets. They're 100 percent food-safe as well as BPA-free, and help preserve your baked goods with their natural antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. Designed to easily fit into any type of storage container or bread bag, these sheets can help prevent spoilage for up to a whole month.

A Baking Pan That Gives Every Brownie A Crunchy Edge

The best part of every brownie is the chewy edge that develops next to the pan, so why not use the Baker's Edge brownie pan to add it to every single one. This pan adds two chewy edges to each brownie, and it's large enough that it can fit one standard-sized box of brownie mix without any adjustments. The batter spreads easily since this pan is one solid piece (the dividers are not removable), and the non-stick coating ensures your baked goods won't get stuck once they're done cooking.

The Tool That Simultaneously Volumizes And Dries Your Hair

The Revlon hair volumizer dries damp hair — and has a rounded design that adds volume, too. There are two different heat and speed settings to choose from — depending on how thick or fine your hair is — and the built-in ionic technology help prevent any unwanted flyaways or frizz, so that your locks are left looking smooth and shiny. One reviewer writes: "I do not have hairstyling experience, neither have I blow dried my hair, and my hair looks like I went to the hair salon."

An Essential Oil Diffuser That Changes Through Seven Different Colors

With seven different colors to cycle through, the URPOWER essential oil diffuser adds a nice bit of ambience into your aromatherapy routine. You can program it to turn on and off — and there's also an automatic shut-off that kicks in once the water reservoir runs dry so that it won't overheat. Additionally, there are two different mist settings to choose from.

The Oil That Helps Encourage Eyebrow And Lash Growth

100 percent USDA organic, the Kate Blanc Cosmetics castor oil helps promote eyelash and eyebrow growth, making it the perfect choice for anyone with thinning patches in their brows or shorter lashes. This oil is also great for reducing blemishes and acne scars without leaving your skin feeling dry and chapped — plus, you can even use it on your scalp to encourage hair growth and get rid of dandruff.

A Ring Light That Helps You Take The Perfect Selfie

Whether you're trying to take the perfect selfie, or simply trying to get the best lighting for your video call, the QIAYA selfie ring light handles it all. This tech gadget uses two AAA batteries so that you won't have to worry about recharging it — plus, there are three different dimming levels so it'll light up any room, no matter how dark it is.

The Set Of Bath Bombs That Won't Stain Your Tub

This bath bomb set makes a great gift — but who says you can't keep it for yourself? It's formulated so it won't stain your tub, and they're even hydrating for normal to dry skin. These bath bombs are individually wrapped to help keep them fresh before you use them, and each order comes with 12 in varying scents, including black raspberry vanilla, mango papaya, Victorian rose, and more.

An Earbud Accessory That Helps Keep Them In Your Ears

If you have trouble keeping your earpods or earbuds in your ears as you move around (or are just afraid they will fall out during your commute), try using the Keybudz ear hooks to keep them securely in place. These hooks are made from premium silicone that feels soft on your ears so they won't irritate your skin, and the flexible design means you can mold them to the shape of your ears for added comfort.

The Water Bottle That's Double-Walled Vacuum Insulated

This isn't your average water bottle — not only is the Hydro Flask water bottle double-walled vacuum insulated to help keep your hot and cold beverages at the ideal temperatures, but the leak-proof design ensures that liquids won't spill even when you knock it over. The slip-free grip keeps it securely in your hands even while you're exercising, and unlike other water bottles, this one helps prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the bottle.

An Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up Using Light

Instead of getting jarred awake by a loud beep, wake up gradually and peacefully using the HomeLabs sunrise alarm clock. This clock gradually brightens starting 30 minutes before your alarm, and you can even have it play soothing nature sounds for added relaxation. You can choose between eight different colors to light up your morning, and the LED bulb has a lifetime of over 10,000 hours so that you won't have to worry about replacing it. One reviewer states: "If you have to wake up early, this is the way to do it."

The Handy Tool That Prevents Hair From Going Down Your Drain

Nobody likes having to yank out a mile-long clump of hair from your drain (or paying the plumber to do it for you), so try using the TubShroom drain protector to prevent hair from going down there in the first place. This tool fits inside your drain and collects hair as it falls, and once it's time to clean it all you have to do is swipe the hair out and throw it away. Designed to fit any standard drain, it's a chemical-free way to prevent clogs.

The Fabric Shaver That Allows You To Adjust The Shave Height

The Beautural fabric shaver has two different speeds and adjustable shave height so that you can get a closer shave on flat fabrics, or a more loose one on fluffier materials — without the blade getting snagged. Safe for all types of garments, the built-in protector helps keep your hands safe from any accidental cuts, and can be used on furniture, drapes, and bed sheets.

A Bath Mat Made With Over 300 Powerful Suction Cups

Whereas competing bath mats can come loose as you shower, the Gorilla Grip bath mat has 324 powerful suction cups that keep it securely in place as you bathe. This mat is extra-large — plus, the antibacterial design is also resistant to mildew so it won't start to smell over time.

The Pillowcase Made From 100 Percent Natural Silk

Made from 100 percent natural mulberry silk, the ALASKA BEAR silk pillowcase is exceptionally comfortable, boasts a 600 thread count, and is breathable as well as hypoallergenic. This pillowcase is also great for preventing acne and hair breakage, plus, it has a hidden zipper so that it can easily stay securely fitted over any queen-sized pillow.

An Air Purifier That Powers Through Smoke, Mold, And More

Not only does it operate quietly so that you can even use it while you sleep, but the LEVOIT air purifier can help eliminate smoke, dust, allergens, pet dander, odors, and mold spores — so that your home is left with fresh, clean air. There are three speed settings to choose from depending on how polluted your surroundings are, and the filter only needs to be replaced once every six months.

The Makeup Mirror That's Lighted So You Can Nail The Fine Details

Not only does it feature a backlight so you can see precisely where your liquid eyeliner is going, but the DeWEISN lighted makeup mirror has two mirror panels that magnify your face either two or three times, so that it's easy to get the finer details in your makeup right. The base can swivel 180-degrees, depending on your viewing needs — and because it runs on batteries, you won't have to worry about recharging it.

A Shampoo Brush That Feels Like A Massage On Your Scalp

Level up your shampoo game with a relaxing massage — using the MAXSOFT massager shampoo brush. This brush is designed to fit comfortably into your hand so that it's easy to manipulate (even when it's wet), and can even stimulate hair growth. The soft silicone bristles are also great for removing product build-up and dead skin.

The Blanket That's Weighted To Help You Fall Asleep

Made from 100 percent breathable, natural cotton, the ZonLi weighted blanket is filled with glass beads — as well as two layers of microfiber, allowing it to be breathable without leaving you overheated as you sleep. The extra weight is great for helping you fall asleep as well as relieving feelings of anxiety, plus, one Amazon reviewer even raved that "I sleep so much better with it that I brought it on vacation with me!"

A Shampoo Made With Detoxifying Tea Tree Oil

Not only does the natural tea tree oil help remove any build-up or impurities from your hair, but the peppermint and lavender oil in the Tea Tree special shampoo invigorates your scalp so that you walk out of the shower feeling refreshed. It only takes a small amount to work up into a rich lather, and one Amazon reviewer raved: "I love the cool, tingly, refreshing it gives my scalp and keeps my hair clean and soft. It isn't advertised as a dandruff/flaky scalp shampoo, but it keeps it under control for me."

The Backpack With Extra Compartments To Keep You Organized

Made with high-quality nylon that's both tear- and water-resistant, the Venture Pal hiking daypack is exceptionally durable — because most of it is double-layered to keep all your belongings safe inside. The shoulder straps are made with breathable mesh so you won't get too sweaty, and there's also an abundance of various pockets to help keep you organized (plus, the main compartment is large enough to fit a laptop, food, and more).

A Gadget That Can Cook Rice, Yogurt, And More

Instead of dirtying up a bunch of pots and pans, use the Instant Pot programmable pressure cooker when making dinner instead. This pressure cooker has 14 different preparation modes, including rice, porridge, poultry, meat, soup — plus steaming and sauté functions — and the heavy-duty stainless steel construction is resistant to rust. And as an added bonus, there's even a 24-hour timer option that allows you to choose what time your food begins to cook.

The Gadget That Cooks You A Delicious Breakfast Sandwich In Minutes

Able to cook up to two breakfast sandwiches at once, the Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker lets you use your own fresh ingredients to create a delicious breakfast sandwich (with meats, cheeses, and vegetables) in just five minutes. This gadget has a built-in timer that lets you know when your food is done cooking, and since each part is removable (as well as dishwasher-safe), cleaning up afterwards is a breeze.

A Strainer That Attaches To The Rim Of Your Pots And Pans

It's able to fit onto pots, pans, and bowls of varying sizes (including those with a lip) — and the Kitchen Gizmo snap strainer helps save you precious kitchen storage space, because it's significantly more compact than a traditional strainer. Completely BPA-free, it's made from high-quality silicone, which makes it exceptionally durable — plus, you can even leave it attached to the pot while you cook, since it's also heat-resistant.

The Handy Tool That Takes The Work Out Of Stripping Herbs

Whether you've got kale, chard, collard greens, or herbs like thyme and rosemary, the Chef'n herb stripper can make easy work of removing all the nutritious leaves from the stems. Just insert your selected herb into one of the pre-measured holes, then pull down to quickly shear off all the leaves — and as an added bonus, the curved edge also allows you to use this stripper to chop your ingredients as well.

A Tool That Takes The Stress And Mess Out Of Preparing Avocados

Instead of dirtying up a bunch of utensils just to prepare an avocado, try using the OXO avocado slicer instead. This handy tool splits, pits, and slices your avocados into seven uniform slices — and the non-slip grip keeps you sturdy while you prep. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "the knife on this slicer is more than sharp enough to cut an avocado in half quickly and easily, but not sharp enough to cut my skin."

The Toe Stretchers That Help Increase Your Flexibility

Not only are they great for increasing the flexibility in your toes and feet, but the Yoga Toes toe stretchers can also help relieve pain from bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other sore ailments. Made from soft, flexible gel that won't irritate the spaces between your toes, you only have to wear these stretchers for 15 minutes per session to start seeing the benefits — and each stretcher is BPA- and latex-free.

A Mask That Penetrates Deep Into Your Hair Using Argan Oil

Whether your hair is dry, frizzy — or you're just looking for an at-home spa experience, the Eva NYC therapy sessions hair mask is a great option to add back some moisture to your hair. It's made with keravis protein and argan oil that penetrate deep into your follicles to help repair any damage, while simultaneously strengthening your strands. Safe for all types of hair, the one reviewer noted that the scent is also "very nice" and "light."

The Massage Roller That Works In Any Direction

Whereas other massage tools can only roll backwards or forwards, the Core Products massage roller is designed to be omnidirectional, allowing you to easily use it all over your body. The grip is designed to feel comfortable in your hand so that it's easy to work out the knots and twists as you massage, and you can also use it with massage lotions or oils without having to worry about it deteriorating.

A Pair Of Gloves That Keep You Protected From Accidental Cuts

Whether you're preparing food in the kitchen or doing chores outside in your yard, the NoCry cut-resistant gloves are four times stronger than leather and will keep your hands safe from any accidental slices. The elastic material in these gloves help you secure a firm grip on whatever items you're handling — and they're noticeably flexible without any added bulkiness, which makes it easy to manipulate items while you work.

The Hair Dryer Made With Ionic And Porcelain Ceramic Technology

Unlike other hair dryers that can leave your locks looking dry and frizzy, the BaBylissPRO ceramix dryer is made with ionic and porcelain ceramic technology that helps to tame frizz while leaving your hair feeling soft and shiny. There are six heat and speed settings to choose from so that you can use this dryer on fine and thick hair alike, plus, the removable filter makes it a breeze to clean.

A Jade Roller Kit That Helps Combat Tired, Puffy Eyes

Made with 100 percent genuine jade, the eDiva jade rolling kit is great for reducing any puffiness underneath your eyes, as well as stimulating blood flow to help refresh your complexion. It's double-sided, so you can easily use it around the contours of your nose — and if you keep it in the refrigerator it's also a great way to cool down after a long day.

The Wine Decanter That's Hand-Blown With Crystal Glass

Hand-blown and made with 100 percent lead-free crystal, the Le Chateau wine decanter makes any room look opulent and fancy — even if you fill it with boxed wine. Able to hold an entire bottle of wine, this decanter helps aerate your wine — which in turn helps enhance its flavor — and the easy-pour slanted spout helps reduce the risk of any accidental spills or drips.

A Flexible Lid That Helps Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

The ModFamily stretch lids create an airtight seal — and they're able to fit directly over bowls, mason jars, cups, and more to help keep your food fresher for longer while simultaneously preventing any accidental spills. Each order comes with seven lids in varying sizes, and the silicone design is not only heat-resistant and anti-microbial, but also warp- and tear-resistant as well.

The Garbage Can Designed To Fit In Your Car

Instead of letting your garbage pile up in the pocket on the door of your car, try using the Drive Auto Products car garbage can. It comes with 20 liners so that you can easily get rid of your paper trash, fast food wrappers, candy wrappers, and more — plus, the mesh side pouch gives you extra storage space in a pinch. And as an added bonus, this garbage can also doubles as a cooler that can store an entire six-pack of soda.

A Facial Toner Spray Made With Organic Rose Flower Water

Made from 100 percent organic rose flower water, the Teddie Organics rose water toner spray is a great way to give your skin a quick boost of hydration — plus, it'll even help absorb any excess oils without leaving your skin feeling dry. Safe for all types of skin, this toner also helps to soothe skin that's been irritated by sun or razor buns, and you can even spray it in your hair to add some shine.

The Scrubber That Won't Scratch Or Absorb Unwanted Odors

Unlike other scrubbers, you can choose how hard or soft the texture on your Scrub Daddy scrubber is — simply soak it in warm water to make it softer, or use it with cold water for a firmer texture. This scrubber will not scratch your surfaces (which makes it great for cleaning non-stick pots and pans), and it's been lab-tested to ensure that the material won't retain any unwanted odors for up to eight weeks of use.

A Whitening Teeth Powder Made With Activated Charcoal

You know how most teeth whitening products don't really work? That's not the case with the Active Wow teeth whitening charcoal powder — after just one use, you should see a significant difference in how white my teeth are (I did). There are zero harsh chemicals, peroxides, or bleach used in this teeth whitener (which means even people with sensitive teeth can use it), and the added orange seed oil has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

The Gel Eye Mask That Helps Reduce Puffiness

Getting rid of that early morning eye puffiness can be difficult, so try using the Kimkoo gel eye mask. It's made with cold-resistant, latex-free PVC, and it only takes about 10 minutes of wear in order to feel the full benefits. The strap is adjustable so you can determine how tight or loose you prefer the fit — and since it doesn't cover your eye (just the areas around it) you can still read and watch television while you use it.

A Pack Of Sheet Masks Infused With Vitamin E

Not only do you get 16 masks when you order the DERMAL facial mask sheets, but each mask is infused with a different ingredient — including green tea, cucumber, gold, and more. These masks are also infused with nourishing vitamin E that helps protect your complexion from free radicals, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "they make your skin texture noticeably smoother!"

The Face And Body Scrub Made With Real Himalayan Pink Salt

Safe to use on your face and body, the M3 Naturals Himalayan salt scrub exfoliates away dead skin cells while simultaneously giving your pores a deep, thorough clean. This scrub leaves your skin feeling soft to the touch, and the real Himalayan crystal salt is not only rich in antioxidants, but also helps to hydrate your skin so it's not left feeling dry after it's been exfoliated.

A Lotion That Targets Unwanted Blemishes While You Sleep

Waking up to find a stray blemish has erupted on your face can be annoying AF, so try using the Mario Badescu drying lotion whenever those tiny little emergencies happen. This lotion helps shrink pimples as you sleep — because the sulfur in the formula draws out impurities from your pores, and the added calamine gives your skin a cooling, soothing effect so that your skin won't become overly irritated as it works.

The Device That Gives You 'Fried' Foods With No Need To Deep-Fry

Frying your food in a pot is both dangerous and time-consuming, but the Blusmart air fryer gives you the same crispy texture with very little oil. Instead, this device circulates hot air around your food so that they wind up crunch — no pot of oil needed. You can use this air fryer on French fries, dumplings, zucchini fries, frozen food and more — and it can even double as a regular toaster oven.

A Foot Massager That Works On Both Feet Simultaneously

Unlike most foot rollers that can only accommodate one foot at a time, the TheraFlow foot massager roller can relieve pain from plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and plain old muscle soreness from both feet at the same time. Great for keeping under your desk at the office, this roller is lightweight and portable, and the nubbed rollers are great for increasing blood flow throughout your feet.

The Brush Designed To Gently Work Out Any Tough Tangles In Your Hair

Whereas traditional bristles have a tendency to yank and pull at any knots in your hair, the Crave Naturals detangling brush is designed to separate each strand sideways, allowing knots to untangle without breaking. The soft plastic bristles work to massage your scalp as you work through your hair (which helps promote blood flow), and each bristle is sturdy, so it won't bend or break when you travel.

A Cuticle Tape That Helps You Achieve A Flawless A-Home Manicure

Simply paint this latex cuticle tape over your cuticles prior to applying any polish, and in the event you get paint on your skin, just peel this tape off, and bam — a flawless manicure at a fraction of the cost! You'll know that this latex tape is dry because it changes to a pinkish color, and you can even paint it on top of your nails to make glitter polish easier to remove.

The Pizza Cutter Wheel Made With Stainless Steel

Plenty of pizza cutter wheels are made with a plastic blade — but not the Kitchy pizza cutter wheel. This pizza slicer features a super-sharp stainless steel blade that's resistant to rust, and the entire unit disassembles so that clean-up is easy. And as an added bonus, the grip is ergonomically-designed, so it feels comfortable in the palm of your hand while you slice pizza, brownies, and more.

A Yoga Mat Cleaner That's 100 Percent Natural And Organic

Instead of using a traditional cleaner that's loaded with harsh chemicals, try out the ASUTRA yoga mat cleaner whenever your yoga mat gets a little too grimy. This cleaner is made with 100 percent natural, organic ingredients to get rid of bacteria, germs, and sweat, plus there are zero parabens, bleaches, or phosphates in the formula — and they've even added eucalyptus essential oil so that the scent is light, yet refreshing. It even comes with a microfiber cleaning towel.

The Handheld Vacuum With A Specialized Nozzle To Pick Up Pet Hair

Whether you've got dust bunnies or actual animals, the Bissell pet hair vacuum is designed with a special rubber nozzle that helps attract hair and dirt — so you're not left chasing around tufts of fur throughout your home. This vacuum is powered via an extra-long power cord so you won't have to worry about recharging weak batteries, and it doesn't use bags. One reviewer writes: "I purchased this based on the rave reviews from other buyers. I agree, it's phenomenal for removing pet hair. That's mainly due to the removable rubber attachment that "scrapes" hair away from surfaces. I never realized how much pet hair was lying around until I used this."

A Towel For Curly And Thick Hair That's Made From Plush Microfiber

It can take seemingly forever for thick or longer hair to dry, which is part of what makes the Luxe Beauty Essentials microfiber hair towel so great. It's made plush microfiber, — so it's able to absorb water from your hair faster. It also works to prevent hair breakage and prevent frizz, making it especially great for curly hair.

The Claws That Make Shredding BBQ And Other Meats Easy

Using regular forks to try and shred your grilled meats is quite the hassle, so make your life easier by using the Bear Paw Products shredder claws. These claws are heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit, and they're made from exceptionally durable nylon. You can also use these claws as tongs when transferring large pieces of meat from the cutting board to plate, and they're completely BPA-free.

A Hair Straightener That Comes With A Travel Pouch And Heat-Protectant Glove

Each order of this ionic hair straightener comes with a heat-protectant glove, travel pouch, and an argan oil leave-in hair treatment — and it's made with tourmaline plates as well as infrared heat technology so that your hair comes out feeling smooth, silky, and with significantly less frizz. Able to heat up to 360 degrees Fahrenheit, this flat iron is only 1-inch wide, so you can also use it to flip and curl your hair.

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