55 Freaky Products On Amazon That Are Incredibly Useful

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Have you ever been given something really unlikely — an item you thought you'd never use, for instance — and when you finally dusted it off and pulled it out to try it, you fell in love? I got a snail mucin mask in a variety pack of face masks last year and dismissed it as one of those weird Hollywood things that was probably all hype: until I tried the darn thing. It was awesome — just like these freaky products on Amazon are.

The lesson? Just because something is unusual doesn't mean it's not useful or amazing.

Back to the snail mucin for a second: it just so happens that the slime trails left by snails leave skin feeling incredibly soft and hydrated. Thanks, guys! But it's not just your favorite sidewalk critters that are strange but brilliant: There are massage rollers that look like medieval torture devices, a suction cup for your egg yolks, a lipstick that changes color based on your natural pH, and magnets that look like animal butts. At first glance, they seem a little odd, but trust me and get them home — you won't believe how useful they are and how often you reach for them,

So get a little weird with it — and get shopping

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