51 'Gross' Things On Amazon That Are Shockingly Popular


In my opinion, "gross" is often just synonymous with "oddly satisfying" (think: Dr. Pimple Popper). Yeah, some people get embarrassed about bodily functions or icked-out by germs that lurk in their (and all of our) toilets, but in actuality, none of us are immune. When you think about it that way, it's no wonder there are so many "gross" products on Amazon with shockingly high reviews.

In fact, if there's any one thing I love about the internet, it's how candid people are about their so-called embarrassments. Some buyers have no reservations when it comes to leaving a particularly detailed review outlining the status of their foot fungus infection or sharing images of the giant hairball they pulled out of their drains — and why should they? It's their honest feedback that's helping other buyers find a product that's going to work.

And, of course, there's the anonymity factor. If you are one of those people who'd rather not advertise these things, Amazon is a life-saver. Just add your heavy-duty drain de-clogger to your cart and a few days later, it'll show up in a discreet brown box on your porch. You don't have to ask an employee which aisle it's in, and you don't have to make eye contact with the cashier as you check out. In fact, Amazon might as well be an acronym for "Awesome Merchandise Alongside Zero Observational Nuisances."

This Brush For Your Brush, So You Can Toss Those Hair Tumbleweeds

The Olivia Garden brush cleaner uses its double-sided wire bristles to remove the hair tumbleweeds from your brushes. It works on virtually any kind (paddle, boar's head, or metal), and reviewers say it works so "amazingly well," it leaves their "clogged up" brushes looking brand new "in about five minutes."

Some Tools To Help You Tackle That Ingrown Toenail

"I have ingrown toe nails and this helps out big time," one reviewer raves about these tools. You get a double-sided lifter and a file specifically made for ingrown nails, both created from easily-sanitized stainless steel. " I was able to get all the way around my toes with no pain and remove anything that was there that shouldn't be," another reviewer says.

These Silicone Caps That Prevent Your Toes From Chafing In Uncomfortable Shoes

Prevent callouses, blisters, and chafing with these Madholly toe caps. They come in two sizes and are made from medical-grade silicone, which is both non-irritating and easy to trim to any length. According to reviewers, "They are made thinner so they fit better in a dressier shoe and make life in any shoe so much more comfortable."

This Ceramic Pot So You Can Irrigate Your Sinuses

Some people aren't aware that their sinuses are actually one long loop, and when you put liquid in one nostril, it'll come out the other one. The ComfyPot is a ceramic, ergonomic system that helps you irrigate your sinuses of pressure, congestion, and allergens. Reviewers love it because of its spill-resistant nozzle and dishwasher-safe design.

This Unique Spray Bottle That Helps You Flush Out Ear Wax

Reviewers say that the Ear Doctors wax removal system "saves [them] a trip to the doctor's office." Using a spray bottle alongside special ear tips, this thing creates a pressurized flow of water that flushes the ear of wax build-up and obstructions. The result? "You wouldn't believe the crap that came out," one says, while another raves, "The wax is gone and I can hear clearly again."

A Wart Remover Stick That "Worked Super Fast" For Reviewers

Using a formula that contains maximum-strength salicylic acid in an easy-to-apply wax, the WartStick "works better than anything else we have tried" when it comes to shrinking and removing warts, reviewers say. Even better, it goes on dry, odorless, and without irritation, so it's less of a hassle, too.

Some Super Nourishing Conditioner Made From Placenta

"It's the only product I've ever come across that does exactly as advertised," one reviewer says. Hask placenta leave-in conditioner is in fact made from real placenta extract from cows, but it's this odd ingredient that helps to restore and rejuvenate color- and heat-damaged hair. Since it's packed with proteins and nutrients, reviewers say "it will turn your hair into silk" and leaves it feeling "soft and manageable."

These Mittens That Grab Onto Pet Hair Like Magnets

Simply slide these CleanAide Pick it Up mitts over your furniture, upholstery, or floors, and the unique fabric will cling onto pet hair and lint. Buyers say they're "much more cost effective than using lint rollers" and since they're "machine washable and maintain their shape," you can use them over and over again to clean your home and car.

These Packages Of Bacteria That Prevent Sewage Backups

Flush these septic treatment pouches down your toilet once a month to keep your tank clear and fresh-smelling. They're filled with billions of active bacteria that help aid in decomposition, so you can maintain a properly-functioning septic system. You can even use them in boats and RVs, and since they're entirely natural, they're safe for you and the environment.

A Long Brush That Removes Dust And Lint From Vents

Thanks to its long, flexible design and durable bristles, this Vanitek cleaner brush is one of the easiest ways to grab dirt and lint from dryer vents, refrigerator condenser coils, and other hard-to-reach areas. Not only does counter fire hazards, but it'll help save you money because your appliances will work way more efficiently. Reviewers were "amazed at how much fluff came out."

These Briefs That Filter Out The Odor Of Your Flatulence

Using the same carbon filters found in chemical warfare suits, these Shreddies filtering briefs actually neutralize the odor of flatulence before it can hit the air. How? The odor vapors become trapped and neutralized in the special fabric — but don't worry; said vapors wash away in the laundry. Reviewers call them "very clever" as well as surprisingly "comfortable and attractive."

Available Sizes: S-L

This Deeply-Hydrating Lotion Made From Goat's Milk

Because of the emollients, fatty acids, and natural vitamins, goat milk is actually a rich source of nourishment for the skin. Nature by Canus goat milk lotion skips the dyes, parabens, and artificial fragrances, and reviewers say it's "very hydrating to the skin and leaves your hands silky and smooth without the feeling of oiliness or heaviness." Even those with particularly sensitive skin say "it's just worked wonders."

This Tiny Vacuum That Sucks Blackheads Out Of Your Pores

Rather than using their fingernails, over 300 reviewers have switched to the Sanhao pore vacuum. This tool uses USB-rechargeable suction (and four interchangeable heads) to suck blackheads and impurities out of your pores. In addition to "noticeable changes" in your complexion, you also get to see all the "gunk that it sucked out." It doesn't get much more satisfying than that.

This 4.4-Star Teeth-Whitening Powder Made From Charcoal

"My teeth are now pearly white. My wife's teeth are now pearly white. My dog's teeth are now pearly white," one reviewer says. That's because ECCO PURE teeth whitening powder is so naturally gentle, anyone can use it. Even though this stuff is jet black, it polishes teeth, absorbs odors, and soaks up stains for a brighter, cleaner mouth — all thanks to the activated charcoal.

A Satisfying Squishy Toy For When You're Feeling Stressed

Stressed? Anxious? Tired of sitting still? Whatever it is, the Funky Toys Flippy Frog isn't just for kids. "Got this as a gift for my husband to keep on his desk," one reviewer writes. When the tension starts to creep in, just squeeze it until the eyes pop out. It's durable, affordable, and washable if you're concerned about germs — because, I assure you, everyone who walks by will want to squeeze this thing.

This Hemp Paper That Absorbs Excess Sebum Throughout The Day

Made from natural hemp paper, these Maiko blotting sheets absorb excess sweat and sebum while keeping your makeup intact. Since they come in a small, travel-friendly pouch, they're great for freshening up after the gym or giving your complexion a matte touch-up throughout the day. No wonder reviewers call it their "holy grail for oil control."

These Finger Wipes For When You Don't Have Access To A Toothbrush

For those times when you don't have access to a toothbrush, toothpaste, or even running water, you've got these EZGO teeth wipes. Just slip one over your finger and brush. The mint flavor freshens while the material removes plaque and build-up — and they don't even require water. Since they're individually wrapped, reviewers "love to have these in [their] purse."

The "Funniest Game Ever" For Those With Gutter Minds

If you regularly find yourself making "that's what she said" jokes, The Game of Nasty Things is the game for you. Choose one of the hilarious (adult-rated) topics, and have everyone write a response; then read all of them out loud and try to guess who said what. Think open-ended Cards Against Humanity meets inappropriate Scattergories, and the results are "seriously so funny."

This Toilet Spray That Traps Smells Under The Surface

Instead of airborne synthetic fragrances, Poo-Pourri is comprised of essential oils and other natural ingredients that create a film on the surface of the water. This film traps odors underneath, so if you spray it before you go, the smells get flushed away with the physical evidence. It's such a "game changer," it has a 4.5-star rating and over 12,000 reviews.

This Two-In-One Mask Set For Dry Hands And Rough Feet

Whether it's dry hands in the winter or rough feet in the summer, these Silk Soles masks can help. With this product, you get two different items: a pair of moisturizing gloves to hydrate the skin on your hands, and a pair of foot peel masks that cause the callouses and dead skin to simply peel away. "Sooo much better than a cheese grater," reviewers comment.

Some Absorbent Pads That Prevent Armpit Stains

Yellow arm pit stains (which is caused by antiperspirants) can make your clothes look perpetually dirty. Enter: These underarm sweat pads. Since they're made from hypoallergenic fabric and feature their own self-adhesive, these Kleinert's sweat pads are absorbent, non-irritating, and easy to apply to any shirt. They're also surprisingly discreet, since they're quiet and won't show through clothing. "I have always had an issue with pit stains and this was the cure all," reviewers say.

These Pumice Cleaners That Leave Your Toilets Looking "Brand New Again"

"I have tried every type of cleaner and concoction that I could find," one reviewer says, but nothing could remove the toilet stains caused by "hard water, iron, and calcium." That said, after using the AMGREE toilet cleaner once, their "toilets look brand new again." This hand-held stick features a powerful pumice stone that removes build-up and stains without scratching — plus it's non-toxic and odorless, too.

These Cedar Wood Inserts That Absorb Sweat And Odors

Put these ZEDERNA cedar wood insoles into virtually any pair of shoes to absorb sweat and help keep your feet dry. Because they're made from real cedar, they release a natural oil that keeps feet fresh and healthy — and the thin, flexible design makes them comfortable in flats, sneakers, or work boots. Get them in 14 different sizes and then trim them for a personalized fit.

This Spray That Turns Any Toilet Paper Into An Eco-Friendly Wet Wipe

Reviewers say this Pristine spray is "such a brilliant invention" — especially for those whose sewage systems can't handle wipes or thicker materials. Simply spray the all-natural formula onto your toilet paper to get a just-showered feel within a few wipes. It's eco-friendly, non-irritating, and "works better than wipes," according to reviewers.

This Mud And Charcoal Mask That's Simultaneously Hydrating, Cleansing, And Exfoliating

Because it's packed with mineral-rich Dead Sea mud, hydrating natural oils, and deep-cleansing activated charcoal, this Aprilis mud mask seemingly does it all in one step. "I LOVE this mask," one reviewer raves. "It smells amazing, and I do think it's helping to make a difference in my combination, acne-prone skin. It's hydrating but also feels like it's exfoliating and deep cleaning my skin without being too harsh."

An Ergonomic Stool That Makes Pooping "So Much Easier"

"I never noticed how hard I was flexing my abdominal muscles before owning this product," reviewers say about the Squatty Potty. How does it work? This ergonomic stool fits snugly around your toilet and raises your knees up past your waist to place you in a comfortable squatting position. This then straightens out the kink in your colon, which makes evacuation "so much easier," buyers say.

These Three-In-One Clippers That Catch All The Nail Clippings

In addition to their super sharp, ergonomic blades, these Mr. Green nail clippers also have a built-in file and a compartment that catches all the clippings before they can fly across the room. They're made from stainless steel, and in comparison to other pairs, reviewers say they're "like comparing a surgeon scalpel to a cheap kitchen knife."

This Drain Plug That "Catches Every Single Hair" To Prevent Clogs

The TubShroom isn't your average hair strainer. This flexible, mushroom-shaped plug has holes all over for improved water drainage — but it catches every single hair to prevent against future clogs. It doesn't require any special installation, and it pops right out and wipes clean when hair starts to build up. Reviewers are so thrilled, they're photo-shopping it into masterpieces.

These Nylon Gloves For Easy Exfoliation And Simple Circulation

Forget fumbling with loofahs, washcloths, and brushes. With EvridWear body scrub gloves, you can cleanse, exfoliate, and boost circulation just by rubbing your skin — and you never have to worry about dropping them. These gloves are made from soft but effective nylon fibers that stretch for a comfortable fit. They also air dry quickly to prevent the growth of germs and mildew, though you can toss them in the washing machine when you feel like they need a deep clean.

These Cups That 'Suck' In The Best Sense Of The Word

Wondering if cupping therapy really works? "I'm a licensed massage therapist and I bought two sets of these cups, one to use in my work and one for my personal use at home," says one reviewer who thinks the Lure Edge set is "super easy to use." This set of four is made from FDA-registered silicone, which creates a strong suction that releases trigger points and stimulates a deep-tissue massage anywhere on the body.

A Cape That Catches All Your Rogue Beard Hair

If you're tired of cleaning beard hair out of the sink, reviewers urge you to give the Beard King a shot. This brilliant invention creates a hair-catching cape that stretches from your neck to the mirror using suction cups. Then, when you're done shaving, simply empty the hair into the garbage and wipe the cape clean; it even comes with a storage and travel pouch.

This Grater-Like Tool That Sloughs Away Rough Foot Callouses

"The thing looks exactly like a cheese grater," one reviewer says, but the Sucica foot rasp in fact "does an excellent job of sloughing away dry, flaky skin." It also comes with a dual-sided file to remove the last of the callouses, leaving behind smooth, soft heels. According to reviewers, both are durable, easy to clean, and work "like a charm."

A Humane Way To Catch And Release Household Bugs

Maybe you're of the belief that spiders, crickets, stink bugs, and centipedes shouldn't have to die — but you probably don't want them in your home, either. The Yeslike insects catcher provides a non-toxic, humane solution. It sucks the bug up into the tube (without hurting it), so you can then release it outside. It even has a built-in LED flashlight, and since it's battery-operated, you don't have to worry about cords.

This Tool That Improves Your Complexion By Making Tiny Holes In It

At first, making tiny holes in your skin might seem counter-intuitive — but dermarolling (also known as microneedling) actually prompts a rush of collagen to the area, which helps skin to look softer, brighter, and plumper. The Lolysenta derma roller has near-perfect ratings because it's durable, simple to use, and easy to clean. One reviewer says their "face looks and feels smoother after one use."

This Stick-On Cotton Lining To Keep Clothing Grime- And Sweat-Free

Simply trim to the correct size, peel away the back, and stick these disposable protector sheets onto your collars, hat brims, or sleeves. The cotton material absorbs sweat, makeup, and grime to keep your clothing clean — especially in areas that are constantly rubbing against your skin. Each roll is ten feet long, so you can pick the length you need for multiple pieces of clothing.

A Grooming Glove That Both Pet And Owner Will Love

Humans love the Pat Your Pet grooming glove because it collects and removes balls of pet hair (any length) before they can end up around the house. Animals love it because the rubber tips feel like a gentle massage from their best friend; According to reviewers, even temperamental cats are silently saying, "I didn't give you permission to stop!"

This Pain-Free Way To Remove Unwanted Nose And Ear Hair

For anyone who grooms their ear and nose hair, the ToiletTree nose hair trimmer entirely eliminates painful plucking — and it gets the job done without pain or hassle. That's because it has a rounded, stainless steel blade system that provides a close trim inside ears and nostrils. It also has a built-in LED light and a battery-operated, waterproof design, both of which make this tool even more convenient.

These Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable Wipes With a 4.7 Rating

When you have to go on the go, Stall Mates ensure that your bottom is squeaky-clean after you do your business. These hypoallergenic, biodegradable wipes come individually-packaged, so you can carry them around in your bag for a just-showered feel anywhere. When you're done, flush them down the toilet without having to worry about septic tanks or sewer systems —they're made from a special material that breaks down in water.

Some Hyper-Moisturizing Snail Goo That Also Evens And Heals

Weird? Maybe. Effective? Reviewers say so. Cosrx Advanced Snail Mucin is in fact made from real snail secretion, but that's what makes it so moisturizing and healing. In fact, this quick-absorbing formula also tones and evens for a complexion that's "clearer," "healthier," and "brighter," according to buyers.

A Seven-Piece Tool Set For Popping Pimples And Extracting Blackheads

If you can't help but pop that pimple, forego the fingernails and opt for the Becoyou extractor kit instead. This seven-piece set comes with various stainless steel tools, all easy to clean and optimized for specific skin-care jobs. "Totally removes [pimples and blackheads] without any scarring," one reviewer says. "Wish I had these back in my teen years!"

This Brush So You Can Tend To Your Feet Without Bending Down

Massage, exfoliate, and cleanse the bottom of your feet without ever having to bend down — or without losing your balance in the shower. The FootMate System is a durable brush that lives on your shower or tub floor. Simply add a few drops of the rejuvenating gel and slide your foot back and forth over the dual-density bristles. Reviewers say that the extra expense is "so worth it," because their feet have "never felt healthier."

This Reusable Drain Snake So You Can Skip The Plumber's Fees

"I am honestly disturbed at the string of hair and goo that just came out of my shower drain," reviewers say, but the Green Gobbler Hair Grabber saved them some serious money in plumbers' fees. This stick is made from especially durable plastic, and the spikes effortlessly grab onto obstructions in any type of drain without damaging the hardware. If you can stomach cleaning it, you can even reuse it.

A Brilliant Attachment So You Can Vacuum Around Small Items

Reviewers are asking, "Where was this years ago?" in response to the PetOde attachment. This universal tool attaches to your vacuum and uses tons of tiny, flexible tubes to suck up dust without disturbing larger objects. It can be used on keyboards, plants, and even in junk drawers to grab dirt and residue that other vacuum attachments can't reach.

This At-Home Waxing Kit That Saves You Time And Money

"No more salon, no more money and time wasting," one reviewer says about the Lifestance waxing kit. This set comes with a wax warmer, burn-resistant wax beans, and two sizes of application sticks, all of which make the entire process quick and easy. Just melt the beans, apply wax over the unwanted hair, and pull it off without the need for strips. There are even two different types of wax depending on which areas you're working with.

A Handheld Bidet To Get A Squeaky-Clean Butt On The Go

To use the BioBidet, all you have to do is fill it with water and squirt. The angled nozzle and pressurized spray will wash away any residue, so your bottom feels fresh and clean. It's especially compact for easy travel, but some reviewers love it so much, they got one for their own bathroom: "I just ordered one exclusively for home use and decided it's definitely worth a 5-star review."

This Unique Brush That Tackles Ingrown Hair And Razor Bumps

This hand-held, ergonomic brush features thousands of tiny bristles that dislodge dead skin before and after you shave. As a result, hair follicles won't get trapped underneath clogged pores, so you don't end up with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. "This really works!" reviewers rave. "I have searched for years for a solution to this issue and I can't believe it, but this product did the trick."

This Clay Mask That Deep Cleans Pores With Bubbles

According to reviewers, the MS.DEAR carbonated mask is "not only super fun," but leaves their skin feeling "soft," "clean," and "fresh." When applied, the clay formula actually bubbles up to massage dirt and sebum out of the pores. It also has loads of natural, surprising ingredients, like jojoba oil and placenta, both of which help to nourish and hydrate your complexion.

This Dirt-Infused Soap That Removes Grease, Sap, Stains, And Odors

This Grip Clean soap is made with literal dirt (as well as coconut oil and clay), but reviewers say it's easily the "best hand cleaner" they have ever used. That's because it absorbs and removes the most stubborn stains from tree sap, motor oil, ink, hair dye, and more. It's also non-toxic, vegan, and actually "leaves your hands feeling soft."

A Pressurized Plunger That You Can Use On Any Type Of Drain

By using an internal vacuum that creates pressurized air, the Samshow drain buster dislodges clogs without the need for harsh chemicals. It also comes with various interchangeable heads that allow you to use it on toilets, sinks, and tubs. "Really does work much better than a regular plunger," one reviewer says, while another writes, "bought it to repair a blocked kitchen sink. It solved the problem in [two] minutes."

These Nail Repair Pens That Treat Fungus And Heal Infections

"I've tried several products and many home remedies," one reviewer says, but they're thrilled to have finally "found something that really works." The Puriderma nail repair pen is an easy-to-apply solution that's powerful and gentle at the same time. It kills fungi, repairs brittleness, and prevents future infections for toenails or fingernails that are "grown-out and healthy."

A Clever Way To Keep Your Open Wine Fresh Until Next Time

These hilarious yet effective solutions are called Wine Condoms, and even though they look pretty much exactly like real condoms, they were created to keep your open wine bottle fresh until your next glass. They slip over the neck to create an airtight, spill-proof seal, and they're individually wrapped for easy travel and storage. Buyers say they make great gifts for White Elephants, wine aficionados, and anyone with a good sense of humor.

These Detailing Brushes To Get Deep Into Cracks And Crevices

Get your bathroom looking like it was just installed with these Crown Choice brushes. Reviewers say "the stiffness of the bristles is perfect for cleaning hard to reach areas" without scratching tiles or fixtures — and since you get three different sizes and shapes, you've got the right tool for any job. Goodbye, grout stains, sink grime, and shower track dirt.

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