50 Exciting Products On Amazon That Are Quickly Dethroning The Classics

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Remember when you thought tissues were just tissues? (Yes, I'm talking about the delicate cotton-y sheets you use to blow your nose.) But then you discovered there's a type of tissue that actually has lotion built into it? Vast improvement, right? Suddenly, your nose didn't have to pay the price of constantly dabbing at it during particularly harrowing colds. And now you stock your shopping cart with lotion-y tissues anytime cold season rolls around. In other words, the classic tissue had been dethroned. Well, get ready, because these exciting products on Amazon are about to dethrone other classics in your life.

Here's what I'm talking about: there's a travel pillow that fits around the front of your neck instead of the back, solving that annoying problem of your head constantly bobbing forward during cross-country flights.

Or there's an award-winning dry shampoo made with French oat milk that won't dull your hair's shine or leave behind that weird white residue the way other dry shampoos do.

Or how about this — a tea packed with immune-boosting herbs so that your afternoon pick-me-up doesn't just taste good, but is actually good for you. (In fact, with this tea — you might not need to buy tissues at all.)

So go ahead and check these soon-to-be classics. You'll soon be leaving the old classics behind.

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