48 Of The Most Interesting Products On Amazon You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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I don't know about you, but after adding the bulk paper towels and toilet paper into my Amazon cart, I'm itching for a little more excitement. It's a great site for ordering the necessities at a reasonable price — but what about all the incredibly interesting products on Amazon you're missing out on? These are the fun products that you can't believe you've been living without.

Well, "fun" is a relative term. My definition of fun these days is figuring out how to put a pair of sneakers through a dryer cycle without having to listen to the ensuing clunking for 90 minutes. What a surprising coincidence — there's a sneaker-drying solution on this list that saves you the racket while still thoroughly drying your shoes! And for those of you in search of genius products on Amazon but who don't get their jollies from drying sneakers, we've also got a hairdryer attachment that gives you the salon experience, and things like silicone shoelaces that won't get loose over time.

There's even an at-home boxing reflex ball that you strap to your head and punch: and if that doesn't qualify as a weird but genius product on Amazon, I don't know what does. But what I can be sure of is that these are all the most interesting products on Amazon you'll want to take home immediately.

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