48 Of The Most Interesting Products On Amazon You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

I don't know about you, but after adding the bulk paper towels and toilet paper into my Amazon cart, I'm itching for a little more excitement. It's a great site for ordering the necessities at a reasonable price — but what about all the incredibly interesting products on Amazon you're missing out on? These are the fun products that you can't believe you've been living without.

Well, "fun" is a relative term. My definition of fun these days is figuring out how to put a pair of sneakers through a dryer cycle without having to listen to the ensuing clunking for 90 minutes. What a surprising coincidence — there's a sneaker-drying solution on this list that saves you the racket while still thoroughly drying your shoes! And for those of you in search of genius products on Amazon but who don't get their jollies from drying sneakers, we've also got a hairdryer attachment that gives you the salon experience, and things like silicone shoelaces that won't get loose over time.

There's even an at-home boxing reflex ball that you strap to your head and punch: and if that doesn't qualify as a weird but genius product on Amazon, I don't know what does. But what I can be sure of is that these are all the most interesting products on Amazon you'll want to take home immediately.

Entertainment — 48 Of The Most Interesting Products On Amazon You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. A Discreet And Quick Way To Clean Your Teeth Anywhere

EZGO Deep Cleaning Teeth Wipes, $21, Amazon

No one enjoys running their tongue over their teeth after lunch and feeling they could use a touch-up, so why not discreetly clean your teeth with the EZGO deep cleaning teeth wipes? There's no water necessary — which means you could easily use them in the car or quickly before a date — and because they're flavored with sugar-free mint, you'll be left feeling fresh and clean for hours afterwards.


2. The Pillow Stuffed With Himalayan Crystal Salts For A Soothing Sleep

Mockins Himalayan Cotton Pillow, $13, Amazon

You could use a regular pillow, or you could try out the Mockins Himalayan cotton pillow — and soothe your muscles while you sleep, too. Unlike traditional pillows, this one has Himalayan crystal salts stuffed inside, which helps to alleviate breathing ailments while penetrating deep into your muscles and joints for a soothing therapeutic treatment. Just pop the pillow into the microwave for one minute and you're ready to go. It can even be used as cold therapy for injuries, and reviewers write things like: "In a word, this pillow is awesome."


3. A Subtle Rock That Holds Your Recipes For Convenient Reading

Architec Recipe Rock, $10, Amazon

Leaving your printed recipes sitting on the counter while you cook is a surefire way to get them stained with food juices and debris, but the Architec recipe rock will securely hold your recipes off the counter so that you can not only read them, but they stay clean as well. The magnetic base and ball can hold up to eight sheets of paper, and in the event this recipe rock ever gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth. It comes in a few different colors, too.


4. The Stylish Lace Bands That Keep Your Legs From Chafing

Yusongirl Lace Thigh Bands (S-L), $12, Amazon

Sure, they're marketed as a way to keep that uncomfortable leg chafing that happens with hot weather and skirts —but the Yusongirl lace thigh bands are durable enough that you can easily stash your credit cards, cell phone, or even a small tube of lipstick in them (perfect for skirts that don't have pockets!) And because they're designed with two rows of non-slip silicone strips on the inside, you can rest assured that these thigh bands won't slip down while you're wearing them.


5. A Key Ring That Doesn't Require You To Break Any Of Your Fingernails Just To Add A Key

BANG TI Titanium Key Rings, $20 (5 Pack), Amazon

We've all been there: you're trying to add a key to your key ring, and you wind up tearing a fingernail or jamming your finger trying to pry the coil apart. The BANG TI titanium key rings, on the other hand, are designed with a creative side-pushing system so that you'll never have to injure your fingers just to pry it open. And because they're made of titanium, these key rings won't corrode or rust over time.


6. The Bunion Corrector That Fights Pressure And Inflammation

ALAYNA Premium Bunion Corrector, $19, Amazon

If you're looking for an at-home way to treat a bunion, try out this ALAYNA premium bunion corrector. It fights the pressure and inflammation caused by bunions by stretching your toes apart, providing instant relief and restoring the natural alignment of your big toe. Or if you don't have bunions, this corrector can also be used as a simple toe and hip flexor exercise at home.


7. An Eye Cream That Uses Coffee Reduce Puffiness

100% Pure Organic Coffee Bean Eye Cream, $26, Amazon

Formulated with potent vitamins, antioxidants, and nourishing blackcurrant oil, this coffee bean eye cream uses caffeine-rich green tea and coffee to de-puff your skin while increasing blood circulation to help reduce dark under eye circles. One Amazon reviewer even wrote: "It had an instant effect in my opinion, and as I use it every day my bags look more and more refreshed!"


8. The Bag That Lets You Quietly Dry Your Sneakers

Household Essentials Sneaker Wash And Dry Bag, $7, Amazon

Tossing your shoes in the dryer means you get 90 minutes of loud and obnoxious clunking, whereas with the Household Essentials sneaker wash and dry bag you can dry your shoes quietly without any potential damage to your dryer. This bag attaches to most front-loading dryer doors with Velcro straps, allowing you to dry your sneakers without having to listen to them getting spun around.


9. A Boxing Reflex Ball That's Lightweight For On The Go Fitness

TEKXYZ Boxing Reflex Ball, $15, Amazon

You're probably wondering what happens when the TEKXYZ boxing reflex ball inevitably whacks you in the face after you miss a punch, but they've already thought of that — not only is this ball designed to be incredibly soft, but it's also super lightweight and only weighs 20 grams. And because this boxing reflex ball is small, you can easily bring it with you anywhere you're looking for a quick workout.


10. The LED Flashlight So Compact It Fits Right Into Your Wallet

Windy City Novelties Pocket LED Flashlight, $6, Amazon

Barely measuring in at 4 inches long, the Windy City Novelties pocket LED flashlight easily slides right into any credit card slot in your wallet so that you can have a handy flashlight without the added bulk no matter where you are. "These are great," one Amazon reviewer writes. "They are virtually weightless, don't bulge out your pocket, and provide a nice wide lighted area."


11. A Silicone Food Bag That Lets You Steam, Boil, And Strain All In One

FusionBrands Silicone FoodPod, $15, Amazon

Boil, blanch, steam, strain — you name it, and the FusionBrands silicone FoodPod can do it. This silicone food bag is large enough to easily hold 12 eggs or several heads of broccoli, and flexible so that it can fit into almost any of your pots. The built-in grip clip lets you safely pull the bag out of the water without needing any oven gloves, and it's even also dishwasher-safe.


12. The Hair Dryer Attachment That Gives You A Salon-Inspired Drying Hood At Home

Hair Flair Deluxe Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment, $19, Amazon

Have you ever wished you could get the same effects of your salon's drying hood? Well, now you can with the Hair Flair deluxe softhood bonnet hair dryer attachment, as this attachment has over 120 ventilation holes for quick and even heat distribution. Simply attach your hair dryer to the non-slip silicone hose collar, then wait approximately 20 to 30 minutes for your hair to dry. It's also great for deep conditioning treatments as well.


13. A Shoelace Made From Silicone That You Don't Have To Tie

Diagonal One No-Tie Shoelaces, $8, Amazon

Constantly having to tie and untie shoes can get annoying, especially when you're out running or exercising — because that's when you could actually trip on them. So instead of tying them like you've always done, why not try the Diagonal One no-tie shoelaces? These laces are made with a strong-grip silicone that creates tension so that your laces hardly pop up, and the ergonomic design means that they'll fit any shoe size. They come in a number of colors, too.


14. The Bag That's Both Water-Repellent And Resistant To Tearing

Gonex Travel Duffle Bag, $25, Amazon

Made from super-durable nylon fabric that's not only lightweight but water-repellent and tear-resistant, the Gonex travel duffle bag boasts a 60-liter capacity — yet only weighs a light 1.2 pounds. This duffle is great as a lightweight alternative to suitcases, and can even be folded down to less than 12 inches for easy storage and packing. There's even a dedicated dirty laundry pocket to keep your unworn clothes clean while traveling.


15. A Back Scratcher That Doubles As A Body Massage Tool

COMBOO Long Back Scratcher, $10, Amazon

They're not kidding when they say the COMBOO long back scratcher is long — this bad boy measures in at 16.5 inches long, allowing it to easily reach every spot on your back so you're not forced to bend into weird directions. And as an added bonus, there's even four rolling massagers at the non-scratching end, allowing this scratcher to double as a body massager as well.


16. The Hydrating Soap That Uses Manuka Honey To Promote Skin Repair

SUNAROMA Goat's Milk Soap, $8, Amazon

Bursting with fatty acids and triglycerides that absorb into your skin to give you an ultra-soft complexion, the SUNAROMA goat's milk soap goes the extra mile by adding shea butter, vitamin E, and vitamin A to give your skin that extra boost of hydration. Unlike other moisturizing soaps, this one uses manuka honey, which is known for its natural ability to promote skin repair.


17. A Strainer And Mixing Bowl Set With Convenient Measurement Markings

Kalrede Multipurpose Bowl Set, $18 (2 Pack), Amazon

Getting caught without a decent strainer or mixing bowl can bring your cooking to a screeching halt, but luckily the Kalrede multi-purpose bowl set is just that: a strainer and mixing bowl. Both the strainer and bowl are made from resilient food-grade BPA-free plastic that's thicker than most conventional bowls, and the mixing bowl even has measurements marked on the side for convenient pouring and baking.


18. The Deodorizer That Removes Unwanted Odors Without Any Harsh Chemicals

Jalousie Mini Bamboo Charcoal Bags, $17 (12 Pack), Amazon

You could spray a bunch of deodorizing aerosols — which are typically packed with chemicals — or you could check out these innovative Jalousie mini bamboo charcoal bags. Perfect for shoes, gym bags, drawers, and even luggage, these bags use charcoal to naturally remover odors and moisture, preventing any mold or mildew from developing. And instead of washing them, all you have to do is leave them out in direct sunlight for two hours every month to "recharge" them back to their full odor-busting strength.


19. A Toaster Specially Designed To Cook Hot Dogs And Buns

Nostalgia Retro Hot Dog Toaster, $15, Amazon

Personally, I like my hot dogs completely black and crispy on the outside (translation: burnt), but getting that bitter charcoal taste on a regular pan is almost impossible without damaging the pan. Luckily, the Nostalia retro hot dog toaster not only has an adjustable cooking timer, but it's even able to toast two buns and cook two hot dogs at the same time. And because it comes with a pair of mini tongs, you won't have to worry about burning your fingers trying to pick your dogs out of the toaster.


20. The Mop That Uses Smart Fibers To Trap Dirt And Hair

O-Cedar Smart Mop, $18, Amazon

Right about now you're probably asking yourself, "How smart can a 'smart' mop actually be?" Pretty smart apparently, as this O-Cedar mop features unique smart fiber zones that help trap stubborn dirt and hair — so you're not left scrubbing away at your floors. And because the handle is fully adjustable anywhere from 32 to 56 inches long, this mop can easily be stored away in a cabinet without taking up too much space.


21. An Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow With Nine Different Heights To Choose From

LumaLife Luxe Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow, $45, Amazon

Whenever a memory foam pillow says it's adjustable, it usually means you have to dig into it and pull out the foam yourself, leaving you with a fuzzy mess. That isn't the case with the LumaLife Luxe adjustable memory foam pillow, as this pillow features four memory foam inserts that give you nine different levels of height to choose from in .5-inch increments, all the way up to 4.5 inches.


22. The Reusable Grocery Bags That Can Fold Down To The Size Of A Tennis Ball

Mato & Hash Reusable Grocery Bags, $25, Amazon

We've had to come up with some creative space-saving solutions just to store the bulky reusable grocery bags we have in our apartment, but if you have the Mato & Hash reusable grocery bags you can easily fold them down to the size of a tennis ball and store them practically anywhere. Each bag is made from 100 percent rip-stop nylon that won't break with even the heaviest groceries, and they can easily double as sports bags and more.


23. A Shampoo That Uses Activated Charcoal To Detoxify Your Scalp

First Botany Cosmeceuticals Activated Charcoal Shampoo, $17, Amazon

Charcoal is a natural detoxifier when it comes to cleansing your skin, so wouldn't you want a shampoo that's loaded with it? The First Botany Cosmeceuticals activated charcoal shampoo is enriched with charcoal that can absorb 100 to 200 times its weight in impurities, removing any dirt and product build-up without stripping your hair of its beneficial natural oils. And because it's also formulated with botanical keratin, this shampoo will help to strengthen and reinforce any chemically-treated or damaged hair.


24. The Bookmark That Doubles As A Convenient Reading Light

LuminoLite LED Bookmark Book Light, $12, Amazon

Trying to find a decent light source when you're reading at night isn't always easy, but with the LuminoLite LED bookmark book light you'll always have one by your side. This light clips onto your book and provides a warm LED light which is recommended for reading. And because it's meant to be super portable, this bookmark book light can fold down to be completely flat — and even works as a bookmark.


25. A Shammy Towel That Soaks Up To 10 Times Its Weight In Liquid

ShamWow The Original ShamWow, $16, Amazon

You might have vaguely remembered this guy from late night infomercials — but you should jog your memory on this one again, because the ShamWow is basically a massive towel that can be used anywhere there's going to be moisture. Use it as a bath mat, to drain your dishes, as dish rags, or even in your vegetable drawer to keep your produce fresh. These towels soak up to 10 times their weight in any liquid, and can even be used to absorb tough stuff like cola and wine stains out of a freshly stained carpet.


26. The Workout Band That's Designed To Kick Your Glutes Into High Gear

Deeva Fit Booty Belt Resistance Band, $19, Amazon

If you don't have access to gym equipment, resistance bands can be a great alternative that will still give your muscles a workout. The Deeva Fit booty belt resistance band helps you build, tone, and sculpt your glute muscles — and helping you gain some serious strength. And because it comes with its own exercise guide, you can be sure that the workouts you're doing are accurate so you get the most out of every rep.


27. A Reusable Dryer Ball That Help Reduce Your Electricity Bill

SnugPad Wool Dryer Balls, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

Not only do they help your clothes dry up to 25 percent faster (which'll save you money on your electricity bill), but the SnugPad wool dryer balls are also reusable for up to one year and last over 1,000 loads. Why use a wasteful paper dryer sheet when these dryer balls contain no chemicals, and even have natural anti-static properties that help reduce the need to iron your clothes? It's both an eco-friendly and time-saving choice.


28. The Brush And Dustpan Set That'll Fit In Even The Most Cramped Kitchen

Full Circle Mini Brush And Dustpan Set, $10, Amazon

Perfect for anyone with limited kitchen storage, this mini brush and dustpan set is small enough to be tucked away into a drawer, cabinet, or even nestled atop your refrigerator. This brush and dustpan set is great for smaller messes, and because the brush locks into the pan you can hang both of them together for convenient storage.


29. A Smartphone Car Mount That Can Fit Small Tablets, Too

AboveTEK Universal Car Phone Mount, $17, Amazon

Simply attach it to your dashboard or windshield using the strong suction base, and the AboveTEK Universal car phone mount is ready to safely and securely hold your phone. One size is able to fit all phones from 2.2 inches to 5.5 inches wide, which means that yes — you can use the iPad Mini or a Nexus 7 tablet with it as well.


30. The Salad Tongs That Let You Chop Vegetables Right In The Bowl

Trudeau Toss And Chop Salad Tongs, $14, Amazon

You could dirty up a separate knife and cutting board, or you could use the Trudeau toss and chop salad tongs. They're made with stainless steel micro-serrated edges that allow you to cut and slice vegetables right in the salad bowl itself, saving you both time and a mess. And because the blades never need sharpening, you won't have to worry about expensive replacement blades or upkeep.


31. A Compression Sleeve For Your Foot That Alleviates Foot Pain

Rymora Compression Sock Sleeves, $9, Amazon

Persistent foot pain can ruin your stamina throughout the day, but with the Rymora compression sock sleeves all you have to do is slide them on and wait as the compression encourages your blood circulation, thereby reducing inflammation and alleviating sore foot muscles. Great for wearing while jogging, running, or even just sleeping, these socks even have an additional layer of material at the bottom that allow them to absorb shock with every step you take.


32. The Pimple Spot Patch That Uses Tea Tree Oil To Cleanse Your Pores

Avarelle Pimple Spot Patch, $13, Amazon

If you have an unwanted pimple suddenly pop up, you need these handy little pimple spot patches. They're hydrocolloid bandages that heal and shrink pimples practically overnight. Simply cleanse the area, then apply the patch for as long as you want — once it turns cloudy, you'll know that it's absorbed all the impurities it can hold and is ready to be removed.


33. A Castor Oil And Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner That Helps Hair Grow

Apple Cider Vinegar Leave-In Conditioner, $10, Amazon

Made with apple cider vinegar and black castor oil, this leave-in conditioner has a number of brilliant benefits: it strengthens hair, gets rid of knots, helps hair growth, and keeps hair frizz- and static-free all day. It has no sulfates or alcohol, and can even be used as a thermal heat spray to prevent damage from hot tools.


34. The Repairing Cream That Uses Snail Mucus To Strengthen Your Skin

Elensilia Escargot Original Repair Cream, $19, Amazon

Snail mucus is known for its natural strengthening power when applied to skin, so it makes sense that you'd want your repairing creams to be loaded with it. The Elensilia escargot original repair cream not only uses snail mucus to moisturize and nourish your skin, but it even helps to even out your skin tone as well as penetrate deep to restore your skin's elasticity. One reviewer raves: "This is ridiculously healing and moisturizing."


35. A Tactical Tool With 12 Uses That Fits Right Into Your Wallet

Survival Hax Tactical Credit Card Wallet Tool, $13, Amazon

Not only will it fit right into your wallet since it's about as thin as four credit cards, but the Survival Hax tactical credit card wallet tool even features a flint for starting fires, sharp knife, and emergency whistle. "This is a real neat and handy tool to have on hand," one Amazon reviewer writes, "I recommend this tool for anyone, not just the outdoors person!"


36. The Food Steamer With Three Stackable Baskets To Save You Time

Rosewill Stackable Baskets Food Steamer, $36, Amazon

Why limit yourself to steaming only one thing at a time when you can save yourself some real time with the Rosewill stackable baskets food steamer? This steamer comes with three separate baskets that sit on top of each other and let steam pass through, allowing you to steam three things at the same time. Each basket is dishwasher-safe, and it even comes with a built-in egg holder for boiling eggs.


37. A Refreshing Mist That Gives You A Nourishing Boost Of Vitamin D3

Mercola Vitamin D3 Sunshine Mist, $20, Amazon

Formulated to act quickly and effectively, all you have to do is spray the Mercola vitamin D3 sunshine mist under your tongue and wait 20 seconds, then swallow — the vitamin D3 will bypass your digestive system and absorb directly into your body. Great for boosting the strength of your bones as well as your immune system, this spray is great for anyone looking for an alternative to taking vitamins in a pill form. Of course, as with any vitamin or supplement, please talk to your doctor before taking this.


38. The Spork That Actually Works As Both A Spoon And Fork

Humangear GoBites Uno, $4, Amazon

You know how most sporks don't function as anything, let alone a spoon and fork? The Humangear GoBites Uno might be the only spork on the marketplace that actually works — because it's designed with fork tines long enough to twirl spaghetti and a spoon well that's deep so you can even slurp soup from it. And because it's dishwasher-safe, you won't have to worry about accidentally melting it during a load.


39. A Body Scrub That Uses Grapefruit Bursting With Antioxidants

Premium Nature Exfoliating Grapefruit Body Scrub, $9, Amazon

Using citrus on your skin is a natural way to brighten your complexion, so it makes sense that the Premium Nature exfoliating grapefruit body scrub has tons of antioxidant-rich grapefruit in it. Great for exfoliating your skin and cleansing pores, this body scrub uses avocado, sunflower, almond, and jojoba oils to help strengthen your skin against any future damage from the sun.


40. The Personal Coffee Maker That Fits On Your Office Desk Or In Cramped Kitchens

AdirChef Personal Coffee Maker, $22, Amazon

Measuring in at less than 11 inches in height, the AdirChef personal coffee maker is the answer for anyone with a cramped kitchen — or someone who likes a freshly brewed cup of coffee at their desk every morning. And because it comes with its own insulated travel mug, you won't have to worry about finding a mug or bottle that's able to fit underneath the drip spout.


41. A Compact Blanket That Folds Right Into The Palm Of Your Hand

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket, $20, Amazon

Having to lug around a bulky blanket while camping or at a music festival can weigh you down, but if you use the BEARZ Outdoor beach blanket you can easily fold it down to the size of your palm for easy and lightweight carrying. Hook it onto your backpack, or throw it in the bottom of your bag or the floor of your car since you'll never know when you'll want a blanket to lay on, and since it unfolds to a massive 60 inches, this blanket can fit a few people.


42. The Kitchen Gadget That Makes Harvesting Corn A Breeze

RSVP International Deluxe Corn Stripper, $22, Amazon

You could risk cutting yourself by shaving every ear of corn with a knife, or you could use the RSVP International deluxe corn stripper and save yourself some time and stress. This clever gadget strips all the kernels from the cob and contains them inside the cylinder to save you from any extra messes, and the durable stainless steel blade won't grow dull with use over time.


43. A Kitchen Squeegee That Clears Leftover Food From Plates And Bowls

OXO Good Grips Dish Squeegee, $5, Amazon

Having to dirty up another knife or fork just to scrape stubborn food off a dirty plate is pretty counterproductive, so grab yourself the OXO good grips dish squeegee instead. It clears food from plates and bowls while the sturdy grip and soft edge allow for maximum control for thorough cleaning. And as an added bonus, you can even use this tool for clearing water from wet countertops and sinks.


44. The Eyeliner Stamp That Gives You Perfect Wings Every Time

Vogue Effects Eyeliner Stamp, $13, Amazon

Instead of meticulously drawing wings on your eyes with the constant risk of an errant shake of the hand messing you up, try the Vogue Effects eyeliner stamp. Not only is the formula water- and smudge-proof, but each pen has a winged stamp on the end so you get the perfect eyeliner tips with every application — no messy brushes or inkwells of eyeliner necessary!


45. A Fun Way To Make Easy Desserts Right At Home

Sunbeam Mini Dessert Maker, $35, Amazon

If you ever get tired of using your oven but still want some sweet treats, try out the Sunbean mini dessert maker. Great for making brownies, donuts, and whoopie pies, it even comes with its own recipe book to help you get started making delicious treats. Simply fill one of the non-stick dishwasher-safe trays with batter, close the lid, and in eight minutes or less you'll have awesome desserts freshly baked.


46. The Roller Made From 100 Percent Natural Himalayan Jade

KRASR Original Himalayan Jade Roller, $12, Amazon

Great for stimulating blood circulation in your face, the KRASR original Himalayan jade roller is made from 100 percent natural jade mined from the Himalayan mountains. Not only is this roller safe for all skin types, but if you leave it in the refrigerator overnight and use it under your eyes in the morning, it's a great way to combat puffy skin and dark circles.


47. A Microwave Bacon Cooker That Saves You The Mess Of A Pan

WowBacon Microwave Cooker, $20, Amazon

Everyone knows that cooking bacon in a pan on the stove is basically guaranteeing yourself a mess to clean up, which is part of what makes the WowBacon microwave cooker so great: not only does it save you from the messy splatter and grease burns, but it's also able to fit upright in 95 percent of standard microwaves. Able to fit up to six regular-sized slices, this microwave cooker only takes about three to five minutes to deliver you the perfect crispy bacon.


48. The Kitchen Gadget That Turns Fruit Into A Smooth Soft Serve

Yonanas Healthy Fruit Soft Serve Maker, $40, Amazon

If you've ever had fruit go bad in your fridge, you'll know what a waste of money it can wind up being — luckily, the Yonanas healthy fruit soft serve maker can take your aging fruit and turn it into a delicious soft serve. You don't even need to add any cream or sugar — all you need is fruit, and it takes just a few seconds; just insert the frozen fruit into the chute and press down on the plunger.

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