50 Cheap Products On Amazon You'll End Up Using Every Day


Smart shopping is like a Venn diagram: there are products that are affordable and products you'll use all the time, and when these two categories meet, it's a beautiful thing. And all these cheap products on Amazon? They definitely fall into that mathematically-satisfying diagram, combining affordability with practicality.

This cheap and practical Venn diagram becomes very important when you're on a budget. Even if something is cheap, you don't necessarily want to spend your precious dollars on it if it's just going to end up in the junk drawer. (Example: a yo-yo is cheap, but you'll only use it twice a year, tops.) You want something you'll use all the time, preferably every day. Luckily, Amazon is bursting at the seams with products that you'll use constantly but won't break the bank.

You'll find a little bit of everything on this list: products to keep your car clean and organized, clothes hangers that actually triple your closet space, a hair brush infused with natural minerals to boost shine: I could keep going, but instead, I'll let you discover these mega-practical and super-affordable products for yourself.

(Oh, and — go ahead and pat yourself on the back for being such a smart shopper.)

These Toe Separator Socks That Help Relieve Foot Pain

Slip on these toe separator socks at the end of the day to help relieve foot pain. The socks stretch and align your toes while promoting circulation — which, in turn, promotes faster muscle recovery. Perfect for athletes, those who work on their feet, avid wearers of heels, or anyone else dealing with foot pain. Choose from seven colors, like gray, white, yellow, and pink.

These Absorbent Pads That Keep Unwanted Sweat Stains At Bay

Prevent underarm sweat stains with the help of these ingenious sweat pads. Made from hypoallergenic cotton, the pads adhere to the underarms of shirts and dresses — where they absorb unwanted sweat, keeping you clean and dry. Each order comes with 60 disposable pads, so they'll last you a long time, too.

A Personal Fan That's More Portable Than The Rest

Keep yourself cool at beaches, baseball games, and summer barbecues with this personal fan. It's super portable — the flexible blades actually fold down flat, so you can stash it in your purse without taking up a bunch of space. The battery-operated fan works for up to eight hours and comes in three color options: white, pink, and green.

These Teeth Wipes That Let Your Brush Your Teeth With Just Your Finger

It's not practical to carry a toothbrush around at all times, but you can carry around these pocket-sized teeth wipes. Each mint-flavored wipe slips onto your finger like a tiny glove, allowing you to "brush" your pearly whites with just your finger. And you don't need water to use them, which means you can freshen up your teeth right there in the car.

These Magnets That Transform Your Light Switch Into A Key Rack

Turn the light switch plate in your front entryway into a key holder with this magnetic key rack. Just replace the screws in the switch plate with the super strong neodymium magnets and you can attach your keys instantly. The heavy-duty magnets can hold up to 3 pounds — which is ideal for those of us who have keys to everything.

An Umbrella That Doubles As A Flashlight To Light Up Your Rainy Walk

It was a dark and stormy night — so it's a good thing you brought this umbrella with a flashlight along. The angled flashlight at the end of the handle lights up your way, and the reflective edges of the umbrella alert drivers to your presence. The wind-resistant umbrella opens up to a generous 38-inch canopy at the push of a button and collapses to a compact 12 inches when you're not using it.

This Key-Sized Multi-Tool So You Can Make Small Repairs Anywhere

This multi-tool is a jack of all trades, functioning as a flat screwdriver, bottle opener, box opener, file, scraper, and a 6-, 6.5-, 8-, and 10-millimeter hex wrench. It's made from titanium, so it's strong — plus, it's TSA-friendly and available in black, blue, gold, silver, and rainbow. Use this to make small repairs anywhere, or just, you know, use it to open a bottle of beer.

A Light That Actually Illuminates The Contents Of Your Purse, So You Don't Have To Dig Through Everything

Find your lip balm — which always gets lost at the very bottom of your purse — with the help of this purse light. The LED light is bright enough to illuminate even the biggest of tote bags and features a flexible loop with magnetic closure, so you can attach it to your purse handle. Each order comes with two lights, so you don't have to remember to switch it out every time you change purses.

A Natural, All-Purpose Cleaner So You Can Clean Without Chemicals

If you're looking for a less chemical-y way to clean your house, this natural all-purpose cleaner is for you. The highly-rated cleaner is non-toxic, plant-based, and safe to use on all hard surfaces — including glass, stainless steel, porcelain, granite, and hardwood. The streak-free formula comes in two scents: lemongrass and green tea with lime. This reviewer wrote that the cleaner "worked fast, was streak-free, and left a terrific shine and pleasant smell."

These Purse Strap Grips That Keep Your Purse From Sliding Off Your Shoulder

Keep your purse from sliding off your shoulder and the corners of chairs with one of these purse strap grips. The flexible silicone strips adhere to the underside of purse straps, where they provide a secure grip. They're safe to use on all kinds of material, including leather, suede, fabric, and vinyl. Each six-pack comes with three black strips and three clear strips, so you can put them on all your purses.

A Collapsible Dish Pan That Takes Up Minimal Storage Space Under Your Sink

This wash basin collapses to a third of its height, so it takes up minimal storage space under the sink, and the raised feet on the bottom ensure the basin won't block the sink drain when you're washing and rinsing dishes. Since it's really portable, you can also take it along on camping trips — or use it as an ice tub to keep beers and sodas cold at your next barbecue.

These Dermaplaning Razors That Give You Professional-Grade Exfoliation

Give yourself a professional-grade exfoliation session at home with these dermaplaning tools. Just pull skin taut and move the razor in the direction of hair growth to effortlessly remove dead skin cells and unwanted peach fuzz for a smoother, more even complexion. The microguards on the blades protect skin from any nicks and a removable precision cover shortens the razor so you can shape eyebrows, too.

A Tube Squeezer That Doesn't Let Any Toothpaste Go To Waste

Get every last bit of toothpaste from the tube with the help of this toothpaste squeezer. Slip it on the end of the tube, then rotate the windmill-shaped winder to squeeze the toothpaste toward the opening of the tube. You can also use it with moisturizers, lotions, ointments, and acrylic and oil paint tubes.

These Reusable Grocery Bags With Fun Patterns

Make trips to the market a little more fun with these reusable grocery bags featuring whale, flamingo, and triangle patterns. Each bag holds up to 35 pounds and has extra-long and wide straps, so you can sling it over your shoulder. The bags fold up into compact pouches and they're machine-washable — so you don't have to stress if that carton of milk springs a leak.

These Car Headrest Hooks That Keep Your Bags Upright

The problem with setting your purse or groceries on the floor of the car is that everything tends to spill out if you take a tight turn: Keep that from happening with these car headrest hangers. They hook right around the rods of your car headrests, giving you a place to hang bags, purses, and even umbrellas. Each order comes with four hangers, so you can use them on all your headrests.

A Glue That You Can Mold With Your Hands Before It Sets

This moldable glue is a lot more forgiving than your regular old glue. It gives you plenty of time to use your hands to shape the glue until you get your repair job or craft project just right. Once you do get it right, let the glue set overnight and it'll transform into a silicone rubber by morning. It's safe to use on all kinds of surfaces, including glass, ceramic, wood, metal, and most plastics. Choose from black, white, gray, or rainbow colors.

This Organizer For All Your Cords And Cables

Keep cords and cables orderly and tangle-free with the help of this cable organizer. The organizer is weighted to keep it from budging on your desk or bedside table, and the flexible silicone grooves can accommodate up to seven cords and cables of all sizes. Choose from black, white, orange, lime green, and fuchsia.

This Super Easy Way To Slice Up An Apple

Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, or Honeycrisp — no matter your favorite variety of apple, this apple slicer will core and cut it right up so you can get to snacking. The dishwasher-safe slicer features extra-sharp stainless steel blades and raised cushion handles that make slicing a breeze.

These Backseat Storage Organizers That Cut Down On Car Clutter

Keep your car clutter-free with these back seat organizers. Each hanging organizer loops around a front seat headrest and features a tablet holder, a large compartment with a Velcro closure, and four smaller mesh pockets. Use these to stash water bottles, snacks, umbrellas, a flashlight, and a first aid kit. Perfect for those of us who practically live in our cars.

This TSA-Friendly Multi-Tool That Fits Right Onto Your Keychain

Slide this keychain tool onto your key ring and you'll never be without a Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, wire stripper, pry bar, or bottle opener. Made with durable stainless steel and coated in titanium, the tool is TSA-friendly, so you don't have to take it off your key ring before heading through airport security. The tool is available in silver and black options.

A Wrinkle-Release Spray So You Don't Have To Iron Your Clothes

Use this wrinkle-release spray and you can "iron" your clothes without actually having to go to the trouble of ironing. Just spray the garment, smooth out with your hands, let hang for five minutes, et voilà — a wrinkle-free shirt, dress, or pair of pants. The gentle, plant-based spray is mojito-scented, but not overpowering. Reviewers wrote the spray is a "huge time saver," and makes "wrinkled cotton shirts look freshly ironed."

A Frying Pan Guard That Shields Your Stove From Oil Splatter

Unlike splatter screens that cover your entire pan, this splatter guard gives you full access, so you can continue to fry and sauté while still protecting your stovetop and backsplash from oil splatter, mist, and condensation. The guard fits 10-inch pans and when not in use — rolls up small for easy storage. It's BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees.

This Car Vacuum That Plugs Right Into Your Car Outlet

Keep your ride spotless with this high-powered car vacuum cleaner that sucks up dust, dirt, hair, and liquid spills. Use the crevice attachment to reach in between seat cracks, the brush attachment to clean the upholstery, and the flexible hose for hard-to-reach places. The vacuum plugs right into your car outlet and features a 16-foot power cord, so you can be sure to get your trunk squeaky clean too.

This Lint Brush That Lasts Way Longer Than A Lint Roller

Unlike lint rollers that eventually run out of sticky sheets, you can use this lint brush again and again without having to replace it. The double-sided brush easily removes dust, dirt, and pet hair, and the angled head makes it easy to reach tight spaces on furniture. It works on all kinds of material, including delicate fabrics like silk, as well as sturdier fabrics like furniture upholstery.

A Purse Hook That Keeps Your Handbag Off The Floor

You spent a pretty penny on that handbag, so keep it off of the floor with this purse hook. It's lightweight — so it won't weight down your purse when you're not using it — but strong enough to hold up to 22 pounds. The peacock-patterned head of the hook rotates 360-degrees and rubber backing ensures a tight grip on the table.

These Collapsible Waters That You Can Stash In Your Bag When You're Done Drinking From Them

These collapsible water bottles are perfect for anyone who doesn't want to lug around a bulky water bottle once it's been drained to the last drop. The soft silicone bottles are foldable and rollable, so you can stick them in your bag, or use the carabiner to attach it to a purse or backpack strap. And they're freezable — so you can enjoy ice cold water all day long.

These Hollywood-Style Vanity Light Bulbs That Attach To Any Mirror

Do your best Greta Garbo impression while you apply your mascara with these vanity light bulbs. The 10 LED light bulbs attach to any mirror with a little adhesive and turn on and off at the touch of a button. Use the dimmer to get just the right amount of brightness, so you can be sure you get your bold red lip just right.

An Odor-Trapping Before-You-Go Toilet Spray

Spritz this toilet spray onto the toilet bowl before you go, and it'll create a barrier on the surface of the water that actually traps any odor — so you don't have to follow up with matches or air freshener. The non-toxic formula is made with botanicals and essential oils (so you don't have to worry about weird chemicals) and comes in dozens of scents, like lavender vanilla, citrus, and wild fig.

These Beauty Blenders That'll Help You Get Your Contour Just Right

Apply your makeup with these beauty blenders for a smooth, flawless finish that you just can't get with your fingers. Use the large, flexible sponge for building foundation, and the small, firm sponge for concealer and other detailed work. Each blender is shaped for precise application: use the flat surface to apply, the round base to blend, and the angled tip for precision lines — like creating some next-level cheekbones.

These Waterproof Shoe Covers So You Don't Have To Change Into Rain Boots

Slip these waterproof shoe covers over your regular shoes and you can keep your feet dry without having to change into a pair of rain boots. The stretchy covers are transparent (so you can still show off your kicks) and the drawstrings at the tops create a tight seal, so that no rain sneaks in. And you won't slip wearing them — the textured rubber soles keep you walking steady on even the wettest of sidewalks.

A Multi-Charging Cable That Works With Every Type Of Device

Charge your devices — and everyone else's devices too — with this multi-charging cable. The four-in-one cable has a lightning plug for newer model iPhones and iPads, a pin-30 plug for older model iPhones, a micro-USB for Androids, and a type C plug for Lumia and Nexus devices. Keep this around and you just might become the most popular person at the office.

These Storage-Savvy Food Containers That Collapse Flat

When not in use, these collapsible food storage containers collapse to about a third of their size, saving precious space in your kitchen cupboards. Airtight snap-shut lids keep food fresh and the seal caps lets you microwave food right there in the container. The BPA-free containers are also dishwasher- and freezer-safe. Each set comes with four containers of different sizes in red, yellow, green, and blue.

A Comfy Reading Pillow With A Pocket For Your Phone

Grab a good book and cozy up in bed with this reading pillow. Filled with shredded foam, the pillow features a tall back and arm rests for comfy support while you make your way through that page-turner. The soft velour cover is removable and washable and the pocket on the side is the perfect place to stash your phone, so it doesn't get lost among your sheets.

A Fresh Breath Spray That Actually Kills Odor-Causing Bacteria

This fresh breath spray doesn't just mask breath odors, it actually kills the bacteria that causes them in the first place. The extended nozzle reaches all the way to the back of your mouth — where all those germs live — targeting things right at the source. Reviewers swear by it and say the germ-fighting spray even helps fend off sore throats. The formula is vegan and free of gluten and alcohol.

This Skinny Plunger That's More Effective Than Old School Plungers

Regular plungers don't always work, and they have a tendency to splash water around while you're using them (gross). Try this ingenious and very effective toilet plunger instead. Just insert the skinny, flexible head into the toilet at a low angle, then push in and out a few times to clear the clog within seconds. The plunger comes with its very own caddy, so you can store it hygienically — and out of the way — right behind the toilet.

These Supportive Insoles Made From Cushy Memory Foam

Slip these memory foam insoles into your favorite pair of shoes and you'll feel like you're walking on clouds all day long. Additional cushioning in the heel absorbs shock, while arch contouring provides extra support, and activated carbon fibers work to keep odor at bay. The insoles are available in several sizes and they can be trimmed down to fit your shoes comfortably.

An Adjustable 23-In-One Wrench So You Don't Have To Buy A Whole Bunch Of Wrenches

This 23-in-1 adjustable wrench is a great buy for anyone looking to complete their toolkit without actually buying a ton of tools. Made from rust-proof chrome, the wrench features a middle screw knob that allows you to adjust the size in both inches and millimeters. The closed ends make it easy to get to hard-to-reach places and the three-point touch design offers extra strength to prevent rounding off nut points.

A Fabric Shaver That'll Make Your Clothes Look They're Just Off The Rack

Restore your favorite sweater to its former glory with this fabric shaver. The battery-powered shaver removes pilling, fluff, and lint from all kinds of fabric — sweaters, synthetics, wool, jersey, blankets, sheets, and upholstery. Adjustable speed and height settings let you shave fabric in the safest and most effective way possible, and the removable cover protects more delicate materials, like wool.

These Space-Saving Hangers That Triple Your Closet Space

If your closet rod can't accommodate one more hanger, invest in these space-saving hangers to triple your storage space. Each hanger features five descending hooks — put other garment hangers on these hooks and you'll be able to pack so much more into your closet. The sturdy hangers can hold up to 30 pounds each, so they'll even stand up to your heavy winter coats.

A Car Flashlight That Doubles As A Seatbelt Cutter And Window Breaker

This car emergency multi-tool just might be the most valuable thing you can keep in your glove box. First and foremost, it acts as a combination work light and flashlight with several brightness and flashing modes, so you can change a tire or flag down the AAA guy if your battery gives out. The tool also functions as a seat belt cutter, window breaker, and solar-powered charger for your phone. But for everyday use — it can be used as a flashlight to find your phone when you drop it in between the seats.

A Trash Can For Your Car Because It's Time To Do Something About All Those Crumpled Up Receipts

If your car is a mess of wrappers, receipts, and empty cups, this car trash can is for you. Attaching to your center console, the trash can features a lid that keeps everything securely inside while still allowing you to put garbage in at any time. The leak-proof vinyl lining can be wiped down and the three outside pockets are perfect for storing small items, like sunscreen, tissues, or a water bottle.

This Gentle, Non-Toxic Way To Make Your Jewelry Sparkle

Restore the sparkle and shine to rings, bracelets, and earrings by dipping them into this jewelry cleaning solution. The gentle formula is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe to use on all kind of precious metals and stones, including gold, palladium, platinum, sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium, diamonds, cubic zirconia, pearls, and enamel. Use the included cleaning brush to gently scrub hard-to-reach crevices, and your jewelry will look like it just came out of a Tiffany box.

An Aluminum-Free Deodorant Made With Odor-Fighting Coconut Oil

If you're looking to go aluminum-free, this natural deodorant by Little Seed Farm is a great option. The non-irritating formula is made with a blend of essential oils and coconut oil, which naturally fights off odor-causing bacteria, keeping your underarms smelling clean and fresh. Made in small batches on a solar-powered farm in Tennessee, the deodorant is packaged in recycled glass jars, so it won't be contributing to plastic pollution. Choose from several scents, like jasmine green tea, rosemary patchouli, and cucumber.

This Blend Of Stress-Busting Flower Essences You Can Add To A Glass Of Water

This homeopathic stress relief remedy is a safe and natural way to soothe jangled nerves. It's made with a blend of botanicals, like rock rose, impatiens, clematis, star of Bethlehem and cherry plum — which work to dial down the tension and promote a feeling of calm. Just add four drops to any drink or put them directly under your tongue. This reviewer writes, "I can keep it in my pocket for stressful situations and use it when needed... This stuff gets me through book signings, work, social events, late-night stress, and calms much of my overthinking."

A "Liquid Bandage" That Protects Small Wounds While They Heal

Skip bulky fabric bandages that have a tendency to fall off, and opt for this liquid bandage instead. Just brush a little of the antiseptic formula onto minor scrapes, cuts, and wounds to form a protective barrier that shields skin from dirt, debris, and germs while it heals. Once the formula dries, it's flexible and waterproof, so you don't have to reapply after washing your hands or doing the dishes.

A Microfiber Hair Towel That Helps Reduce Breakage

When it comes to keeping hair in good shape, a microfiber hair towel is one of the best investments you can make. Unlike the bigger, rougher fibers of standard terrycloth towels, microfiber is gentle on hair, helping to prevent frizz and breakage. It's also super-absorbent, which means less time spent blowdrying (i.e., even less damage). The elastic seam on this towel lets you create a secure turban, so you can make breakfast while the towel soaks up all that wetness.

A Portable Laptop Stand That Adheres To The Bottom Of Your Computer

I love this laptop stand because you can take it with you wherever you go. The slim, lightweight stand adheres directly to the bottom of your laptop and pops up to elevate your computer. When you're not using it, it folds back down and lies flat against your computer, so it doesn't take up any extra space in your bag. It's compatible with all devices larger than 9 inches, and soft pads on the bottom prevent any damage to your desk.

A Travel Mug Made With Eco-Sustainable Bamboo

Take your coffee to go with this travel mug made from biodegradable and eco-sustainable bamboo. The 12-ounce mug is lighter and less bulky than stainless steel and won't interfere with the taste of your coffee. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe mug comes with two silicone sleeves (one gray and one turquoise) and a lid to prevent drips. And the company gives back: each purchase directly funds the planting of trees in Kenya.

A Mineral-Infused Detangling Brush That Makes Your Hair Shine

This hair brush is next level: it's infused with 17 natural minerals which release shine-boosting negative ions while locking in moisture to each strand, which means that brushing is actually good for your hair. The bed of the brush is flexible, so it conforms to your scalp, and the nylon bristles work to detangle hair while boar bristles distribute your hair's oils for natural conditioning. Reviewers called it "the best brush ever," and wrote that it "feels "AMAZING" on the scalp.

A Compact Electric Cooker For Pasta, Rice, And Oatmeal

This little electric cooker is the definition of cooking versatility. The compact, 4-cup capacity cooker boils water for coffee and tea and cooks pasta, rice, and oatmeal — and all you have to do is plug it in. The adjustable dial lets you choose between simmering, boiling, and warming options and an indicator light helps prevent overcooking. The cooker is available in four color options: red, aqua, gray, and white.

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