These Weekend Trips Under $100 Are Perfect If You Skipped Out On Spring Break

Brook Mitchell/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Despite what most people say, a dollar can still go relatively far — and $100 can obviously go way further. With that being said, money can only go far if you stick to a clear-cut budget. And if springtime has you longing for a change of scenery, but you feel like your tight budget is holding you back from going on a major spring break, there are a plethora of sweet weekend trips that aren't completely out of the question. Here's a list of fantastic weekend trips roughly under $100, since there are so many super fun and cheap weekend getaways. There's no doubt in my mind that you can get out of town without spending way too many of those pretty little pennies.

For my first few years after graduating college, I rarely ever traveled — and I definitely didn't go on many weekend trips. I assumed I'd end up spending way too much money, and that's kind of what I'm always trying to avoid. But if your city starts to be a little overwhelming and you start to crave a change in scenery, there are so many super awesome trips that really won't break the bank. Each one of them are hella fun to try with a bunch of close friends.

Renting A Cabin In Vermont

Vermont is chock full of amazing campsites and cabins in some of the country's most beautiful state parks. Grand Isle or Button Bay State Park for example, rent out cabins as cheap as $48 per night, and both overlook beautiful Lake Champlain. Splitting a cabin, as well as food between a few friends, should come out to less than $100 per person. Don't forget to take a swim in the lake and go on a few nature walks through the park's scenic surrounding woods — you'll feel like a million bucks after getting all that nice fresh air.

Biking On Cape Cod

Cape Cod is perfect for the inexpensive getaway, because it's full of cheap hostels, such as HI Truro, which is only about $45 per night in the summertime. Make sure to rent some bikes and ride along some of the country's most beautiful and extensive bike paths. And even though going out can sometimes be pricey, make a point to check out some of Cape Cod's best dive bars. Their vibes — and prices — are honestly pretty hard to beat.

Delaware Beach Vacation

If suntanning is more your thang, go down to Delaware and relax on any of the beautiful sandy beaches. Motels, such as Anchorage Motel, can cost as low as $59 in the off-season, and it's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the gorgeous ocean. If you're feelin' artsy, Rehoboth Beach has spectacular galleries, and if you're in the mood to explore, hiking the dunes is always a sick option. There are a ton of things to do in Delaware, and it's only a short drive outside New York City.

Hiking The Adirondacks

Feeling a like exploring the great outdoors? Rent a tent, as well as some hiking gear, and hike a few mountains in Upstate New York's gorgeous Adirondack mountains. Make sure to pitch a tent in the Marcy Dam lean-to, and hike any of the 46 high peaks. You'll only end up having to pay to rent gear, and for food, so unless you decide to go on a rogue outdoor store shopping spree, you definitely won't be going over your $100 budget.

Jersey Shore Getaway

Ah, the Jersey Shore. Although it is possible to surpass the $100 budget between a ton of expensive boardwalk bars, tattoo shops, and shopping, it's also possible to save money. Motels like Dry Dock only charge up to $45 per night for three nights, depending on what type of room you get. Make sure to people watch on the boardwalk, play some beach volley ball, and maybe even rent a paddle board. There's a lot to do on the shore, and it's not necessary just going to gym, tanning, and doing laundry.

It's surprisingly easy to spend less than $100 on a weekend trip, as long as you plan ahead of time. Just make sure to monitor your budget, and enjoy everything each trip has to offer. A weekend may be short, but a lot can happen in just a few short days.