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5 'Umbrella Academy' Season 2 Theories That Will Make Your Brain Hurt

by Ani Bundel
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For fans of superhero series on Netflix, July will be a good month. Even though the streaming service has canceled all the Marvel series, that leaves room for shows developed from Dark Horse comics. So far, the biggest Dark Horse comic hit on the streamer is The Umbrella Academy, starring some of the most troubled and misbegotten superheroes ever to grace a graphic novel. Even better, the series is getting a Season 2 come July 31. These Umbrella Academy Season 2 theories will help tide fans over as they wait for the next season.

The Umbrella Academy is a story of an adopted family of children with abilities, who were implanted in their mothers by a disguised extraterrestrial, who called himself Reginald Hargreaves, or "The Monocle." He refers to the children by number. They are, in order: Luther, Diego, Allison, Klaus, The Boy (who disappeared too young to name himself), Ben (who died before the show starts), and Vanya.

Vanya believes her powers never developed, but that turns out to be untrue. She's so powerful, it frightened Reginald, who suppressed her abilities. When she finally does come into her own, her destructive anger accidentally damages the moon, causing it to explode and the apocalypse to begin.

Season 1 ends with all seven siblings traveling back through time to find a way to stop the end of the world. As for what will happen in Season 2, fans have a lot of theories.

The Commission Has Been Watching

The Umbrella Academy careens from one viewpoint to another. And yet, once face keeps popping up, Heather Sanderson, pictured above in the present, sitting across from Klaus on a train towards the end of Episode 4.

But she's also in Episode 1, looking as she does here, in the flashback to the mid-1990s, when the kids were first introduced to the world as crime-fighting superheroes. She then turns up twice more, once in Episode 7's rave scene and again at the bowling alley in the season finale.

One might argue this is the reuse of an extra, but Netflix's budget is too big for that unless it's deliberate. Fans believe her appearances through time are a warning sign: The Commission, a bureaucracy designed to keep the future on track, is watching, always.

Gracie Knew About The Moon

In Episode 6, the day that wasn't Diego nearly finds out the truth about himself and his siblings from Robot Mom Gracie. But though they are interrupted (and then the timeline erased), fans can't help but notice her needlepoint shows the season finale twist: The moon exploding.

Gracie, who was created and programmed by Reginald Hargreaves, knows about the coming apocalypse. That means the man who programmed her knew about it too. And he sent his oldest and strongest boy, Luther, there, without telling him why. Does this mean the Monocle knew the future and was trying to position his superheroes to stop it?

Reginald Hargreaves Will Be In Season 2

Speaking of Reginald, fans are convinced he'll be back for Season 2. The siblings have traveled back in time, but no one knows where they'll land. But there's a growing suspicion wherever they go, Reginald will be there. As an alien disguised as a human, he has the answers to far too many questions. And Diego (who may or may not have thrown out his signature monocle) needs someone to tell him about that eyewear's magical powers.

The Siblings Are Stuck In A Timeloop

Call this "the apocalypse will continue until morale improves" theory. The siblings come together to save the world, but their reunion is too late in the game to stop Vanya's ripping the moon apart, and the world destroyed. They needed to get it together earlier in the story to prevent things from spiraling out of control. Fans believe that the series will show the group failing each time they fall back into old habits, like Groundhog Day, on a much larger scale.

Ben Isn't Dead

This is the one everyone wants to be true. The story suggests from the opening episode that Number 6, Ben, tortured by his abilities, died by suicide decades back. Only Klaus seems to be able to see him, but only while high, which appears to be a metaphor for repressed grief.

But the season's final episode brings in a strange twist, When the siblings grab hands, their powers don't fully reach potential until the "ghost" of Ben that Klaus sees joins the circle. And he disappears with them through time. If he's a ghost, what gives?

With Justin H. Min confirmed as a main character for Season 2, instead of recurring like in Season 1, fans are convinced he was never dead, just in a different plane of existence, and time travel will finally bring him back home.

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