5 Important Things You Need To Know About Someone Before You Meet Up For A Date

There's nothing quite like going on first dates and experiencing that rush of excitement that hey, maybe this could actually be something. But going into the first meeting, you should carefully consider what to know about someone before you date them. There are a few pieces of critical info that you should have for your safety, and a few elements to keep in mind to give the date your best shot possible.

While it is fun meeting someone new, there are some dangerous people out there who are looking to trick innocent people looking for a nice date. And while that wouldn't be your fault whatsoever if that person took advantage of your intentions, the onus is on all of us to be knowledgable and aware of who we spend time with. It's not fair that we have to be cautious about our safety when we date, but it's a good idea to memorize a few critical details before your big night. Beyond safety, it's always a smart idea to keep a few details about your date in your back pocket just so you can keep the conversation going. That's just good etiquette.

If you provide yourself with the following information, it will be easier to kick back and enjoy the date, stress-free. So read on for info to know before meeting up with someone IRL.

Ask for their last name (or do some internet stalking to find out).

Knowing someone's full name before you meet up is an important step for your personal safety. You never know what could happen (good or bad), especially if you've never met that person before. Knowing their full name holds them accountable should they do something to put your safety at risk. Verify however you can that they're giving you their real name, too.

Know what they look like for safety reasons.

If you're meeting up for the first time, you'll want to have a frame of reference to find that person wherever you may be meeting. If you know what they look like, you'll be able to approach them on your date, and avoid aimlessly looking around for someone else who appears to be waiting for someone. Confirming their appearance also minimizes your chance of being catfished.

Find out where they work.

This is another step for accountability, and also, a basis for conversation. If you met this person initially on a dating app, you could verify that they're in fact a real person if you ask where they work – they may be listed on their company's website or they may have their employment information listed on their LinkedIn. Or, you could potentially know people who work at the same company, and you could ask about the person to get a gage on their personality before meeting. This would be a screening of sorts. Also, knowing where they work gives you some idea of date conversation when you meet up: You could ask how they got to their present job, how they like it, and if it's where they see themselves staying for some time.

Exchange phone numbers before meeting up IRL.

If you met on a dating app but they don't have push notifications turned on, they may not see messages you send right before you meet up. If something pops up last-minute for either of you — like you're running late, need to reschedule, or simply want to confirm what they're wearing so you can recognize them easily — reaching them by text is probably the most effective way for communication. So be sure to exchange numbers before meeting up IRL.

See where they went to school.

Many people love to talk about their college experience. If the person you're about to go out with went to university, find out where they went either by asking directly or doing some digging. Once you meet up, their college experience opens up a whole new avenue for conversations. Their studies, extra-curriculars, or study abroad experiences make for great discussions. Additionally, knowing their school could also help verify that they're a real person.

So be sure before you meet up with someone, you have information that both keeps you safe, gives you a little conversation prep, and of course, gets you excited about the date.

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