I Took A Day Trip To Venice & These Are The 5 Sights You Shouldn't Miss

Believe it or not, there are some destinations on this planet you can explore in 24 hours. During my semester abroad, I covered most of the major sights and attractions in Paris in a single day. I also ate pizza topped with fresh olives and prosciutto, toured the Colosseum, and took artsy pictures with the Trevi Fountain in Rome in an afternoon. So it's safe to say I feel pretty qualified to give you a list of things to see in Venice in a day that you and your wanderlust will totally love.

I know what parts of this dreamy city can be skipped if you're tight on time, and what excursions you should go on before walking into a local restaurant with authentic seafood pasta on the menu. From my personal travel experiences, I can tell you gondola rides aren't overrated, and the little white bridges that cross over the canals are as quaint and perfect as Tumblr and Instagram make them out to be.

My heart was in total awe when I caught my first glimpses of this Italian paradise. I think my mouth even dropped when I looked out the water taxi's window and saw the pastel buildings. After seeing each of these five things, I fell farther into my beautiful love affair with Venice. If you check them out on your upcoming day trip, I'm willing to bet you'll feel the exact same way.

The Rialto Bridge
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First things first: When you're in Venice, you're going to see a lot of bridges. They'll cross over the canals and bring you into local markets and picturesque neighborhoods. You'll want to take a picture with every single one. But be sure to save some room in your camera roll for the Rialto Bridge.

In my opinion, it's one of the greatest sights in the city and will make you feel like you're living in a Disney movie. When you wander up the bridge stairs and look out over the Grand Canal, you'll instantly imagine yourself as a famous artist looking for some #inspo.

Then, you may nudge your travel buddy or someone in your tour group and ask if they can take your picture with the bustling streets and lines of gondolas in the background. You'll post it on social media with a caption like, "Paradise, found."

The Grand Canal
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If you've already done a little research on Venice, then you know the main sources of transportation are water taxis, gondolas, and boats. That's because the "streets" are waterways lined with exquisite architecture and historical views. The most iconic and well-known of these "streets" is the Grand Canal.

When I went to Venice, I interpreted this major waterway as the highway of the city. It was crowded with various boats and travelers trying to get from Point A to Point B. It amazed me how far it stretched and how little it made me feel. To this day, I haven't experienced anything quite like it.

So during your day trip, you should see it for yourself. Take a water taxi to the Murano Glass Museum or Burano, or gaze at the canal from the sidewalk outside Doge's Palace. You won't regret it.

St. Mark's Square
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Piazza San Marco — otherwise known as St. Mark's Square — will likely be filled with travelers and sightseers like you when you go to Venice. But if you embrace the pigeons and loads of people in this area of the city, you'll be treated to pure bliss.

You'll see one of the top sights and be able to score some pretty epic pictures to take home and recall your adventures. You'll get a prime view of the orange bell tower, St. Mark's Campanile, too.

You may even come across a cute spot like Caffè Florian to kick back and enjoy some hot chocolate. What more could you ask for? It beats me.

The Bridge Of Sighs
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The Bridge of Sighs is a must-see when you're visiting Venice, even if you're only going to be there for 24 hours or so. This bridge is history captured in the most intricate form of architecture.

According to, it connects the nearby palace to the prisons that were built on the other side of the canal in the late 16th century. After prisoners were questioned, they were brought back to their cell, getting a tiny glimpse of the outside world through this bridges tiny and very detailed windows.

I know it sounds like a sad story, but over the years this bridge has become representative of love. In fact, I even saw a couple taking their wedding pictures in front of it during my day trip.

Doge's Palace
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Last but not least, a day in Venice isn't complete without a look at Doge's Palace. This palace will make you feel like royalty upon stepping off your gondola. Take a second to admire its beauty before doing anything else in the city.

Walk around its pillars and maybe even take a tour of the fancy halls and exhibitions. Study the paintings and collections on the walls, and get in touch with the culture that surrounds you. Then, get to seeing the other items on this somewhat short but jam-packed list.

Essentially, this list can definitely act as your itinerary when you're visiting this dreamy city. It will make sure you and your wanderlust don't miss a single thing while you're spending the day in Venice.