Ciri in The Witcher
5 'The Witcher' Season 2 Theories That Will Make Your Heart Race

by Ani Bundel

Netflix wanted to create the next Game of Thrones with The Witcher. It may not have found it exactly — there are no dragons for one thing. But The Witcher and Game of Thrones do have one thing in common: an ability to drive fans mad with speculation. Between the twisting timeline and the wide-angle the show used in tackling the source material, fans have spent weeks obsessing on where The Witcher's been, where it is, and where it's going. These The Witcher Season 2 theories might help as a divining rod to light the path to the next season.

The Witcher is fascinating because, unlike Game of Thrones, it's not a sprawling narrative across continents, but across time itself. The show doesn't have to stop and spew exposition on the Northern and Southern kingdoms or explain the political situations in Cintra and Nilfgaard. Seeing how characters react to those kingdoms in Yennefer's time as opposed to Ciri's time gives all the backstory one could need about the rise and fall of fortunes.

With a new season already greenlit and a cliffhanger ending for Yennefer's character, the question for fans is how does the show keep it up? What parts of the source material will make it into the new season? Here are a few theories for what fans can expect.

The Show Will Continue To Seed In Short Stories

One of the joys of The Witcher Season 1 was how the show managed to deftly weave in the short stories, the video game scenarios, and the main thrust of the novels all into one coherent narrative. Even though Geralt and Ciri have now met up, it's a good bet the show will continue to weave in short stories as the new season progresses.

The Timeline Will Straighten Out

But now that Geralt and Ciri have found each other, the story outlined in the Blood of Elves novels can begin. Even if the series does find ways to send Geralt off monster-fighting, it will probably be easier to tell when he is along with where.

Vilgefortz's Betrayal Of The Brotherhood

One of the biggest mysteries in Season 2 is what is going on with the Brotherhood? The Sorcerers banded together to fight Nilfgaard at the urging of Vilgefortz, who rounded up those like Yennefer to join the war. And then, when Nilfgaard was defeated, Vilgefortz got super mad and started killing his fellow sorcerers? What double agent game is he playing?

Tissaia de Vries Will Gain A New Student In Ciri

Ciri's magical abilities have already started to manifest during her time away from Cintra. Not only does she have "the roar" of Cintra, but she also can spout prophecies at inopportune moments.

Someone's going to need to train that girl, but Witchers only teach men, and Yennefer is MIA. This looks like a job for Tissaia, who I'm betting will enjoy the challenge.

Ciri Will Help Bring Back Yennefer

Speaking of Yennefer's disappearance, Ciri is super concerned about it, despite having no idea who Yennefer is. That's a sign the two of them are connected. Not the way Geralt and Ciri are connected, mind you, but this could assist in bringing Yennefer back to this mortal plane.