5 Clever Texts To Send After A First Date To Seamlessly Drop A Hint That You Want A Second Date

by Alison Segel

I used to be a one-date wonder, mostly because the guys I was going out with had no idea whether I was interested in them or not. A big portion of this had to do with me giving off major friend-zone vibes while hanging out with them, but another part had to do with me not doing any follow-ups after I'd get home from our date. I spent my entire life expecting to be courted without putting any of effort in myself, and all that did was leave a lot of my suitors confused and entirely insecure. So what are some texts to send after a first date that will let your crush know you're interested and want to hang out again? I don't want to sound too desperate or clingy, and the thought of getting rejected leaves me petrified.

Well, here's the thing: People like knowing that their crushes like them back. It's how relationships form. So let's stop acting out of fear and act out of love instead, because that's what drives a relationship forward. So here are some clever texts to send after a first date to drop a hint that you want a second. Because if you like someone, you better lock it down, bb.

1. Ask Them Out

Want to be bold and explicit? Just ask your date out. You can text them something like "I had a great time at dinner with you. Let's go out again, but save room for dessert next time." Or, if you just got drinks, suggest going somewhere quieter where you can actually get to know one another instead. Sometimes (all the time), just saying what you mean is the best way to get what you want.

2. Tell Them Your Favorite Part Of The Date

Reach out to your crush to let them know something specific they did on your date that you appreciated, like"I loved how you opened the car door for me. Most people don't do that anymore." This will not only boost their self-confidence and ego (which will make them want to hang out with you more), but it will let them know you had a nice time hanging out with them. Additionally, it indicates how you expect to be treated, which helps set the tone for a good relationship moving forward.

3. Say You Want To Finish A Story

Text your date saying, "OMG, the funniest thing just happened. I have to tell you in person the next time we hang out!" When they respond by making plans for a second date, make sure something funny happens before then so that you have a story to tell. Either that, or you're going to have to make something up. Good luck to you!

4. Suggest An Activity You'd Both Like

If you and your crush found some things you had in common on your first date, then suggest those things as activities to do on your second. Do you both like going to concerts? Suggest a show to go to together, or text them something like,"Hey, we should try out that hiking trail we were talking about!" and see if they're up for a little sunshine and exercise. It's a good, low-key way to spend time with someone you like, without being too straight forward and demanding a date with them.

5. Give A Compliment

Try something like, "Are you as good at second dates as you are at first ones?" I recently went on a date with a guy who was a perfect gentleman on the first date. He picked me up, opened car doors for me, paid for dinner, and texted me that he had a good time as soon as he got home. I said to him, "You have such good first-date manners, I can't wait to see what stops you pull out for date two." Essentially, I complimented my way into seeing him again. There was no getting rid of me!

So if you want to lock in a second date with someone you had a great first date with, make sure they know you had fun. Most people are willing to give hanging out another shot, they just need the confidence to know they won't get rejected first.

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