5 People Reveal Their Most Memorable Hookup Stories & Whoa, They're Steamy
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I love hearing about other peoples' hookup stories. Like, tell me all your stories about hookups, because I love the drama of it all. Did something weird happen? Funny? Romantic? Please spill all of the tea and don't leave out one detail. Beyond the scripted moments of television and movie hookups, real-life ones can be beyond hilarious and entertaining as well. I combed through the subreddit AskReddit to find entertaining hookup stories for you, dear reader, to enjoy.

Some of the stories have major twists of love (or lust) gone wrong, and some are downright embarrassing. But what they all have in common is they're definitely out of the ordinary.

One of my funniest personal hookup stories is when I was hooking up with someone in college, and a fire alarm went off in my dorm. We had to awkwardly leave mid-hookup and face our mutual friends who didn't know about the two of us, and engage in small talk with them for the duration of the fire alarm. I also had to go outside in cold New York weather after quickly throwing on some pajamas shorts. Not my best call... but it makes for a good story now, in hindsight. For other juicy hookup stories, read on.

One guy was betrayed by ramen (and his RA).

"The RA on my dorm floor kept a cardboard box with condoms in it attached to the wall just above eye level by his door in the hallway," said Reddit user Colirado. "I had a date one night and slyly grabbed a rubber out of the box as I was walking down the hall and quickly put it in my pocket. Fast forward [to] that night and the moment has arrived. We are naked under the sheets in the dark and I reach into my pants pocket for the jimmie hat. I open it under the sheets and get powder all over my fingers and it smells like poultry. Confused, I turn on the light and it's a Ramen noodle flavor packet. I didn't get laid that night."

Transparency isn't always the best policy.

"I went home with a guy while in Spain," said Reddit user SkinTightMonopoly. "His apartment had two glass doors to exit – kind of like a glass box. I left the first, and tried to open the second. It was locked. I didn't realize that there was a button you had to press."

The user had no way of contacting the guy she hooked up with, since she forgot to get his number and name.

"And so I stood in my heels, messed up makeup, and a tight dress in a glass cage for an hour-and-a-half while all the Spanish people went to church, until someone finally came into the building and let me out."

This person hooked up with a...Teletubby.

"I made out with a girl in a Teletubby costume," Reddit user JimmyMotMot said. "Biggest college regret to this day. She was dressed as Poe."

I have so many questions and no way to get answers.

This person had an unfortunate switch-up.

"In my first year of college, I hooked up with this guy named Dylan in our dorms," said Reddit user LovelyBreeze. "I was really drunk a couple nights later and wanted to find him, so I began wandering around. I arrived what I thought was his room and the door was open a crack, so I open it to see two guys I've never seen before on their computers playing games. I sit on the closest bed, and start talking about Dylan and they said they didn't know him. I eventually invite the guy whose bed I was on over. We start fooling around and his roommate, who had still been playing video games, decides to leave. I want sex, but he says he's a virgin. I asked what he's done, he says he'd never even kissed a girl. [Oops]. Later I found out I was on the fourth floor, and not the fifth where Dylan's room was."

It sounds like non-Dylan didn't mind the mixup.

Lofted beds plus ceiling fans may not be the best combination.

"I once tried to make a clean getaway in the morning and ended up getting hit in the head by his ceiling fan," Luna_Roona said on Reddit. "Poor guy woke up to me screaming and gushing blood from the head. I still maintain it was his fault for putting his lofted bed right under a ceiling fan."

Yikes and ouch. Hope they're OK now, but at least they have a laugh-out-loud story to share. If it counts for anything, I enjoyed it.

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