If You're Obsessed With 'A Million Little Things,' You'll Love These 5 Emotional Mysteries

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Season 1 of A Million Little Things concludes on Feb. 28, and it feels like a hot minute since this drama's early promos were all we saw if we turned on ABC over the summer. Since then, the mysterious circumstances behind Jon Dixon's suicide have drawn in viewers, while the present-day obstacles his family and friends face often have fans reaching for tissues. We have a long wait to go until the series returns for its second season, so if you need that twisty, emotional fix on your screens ASAP, check out some of these shows like A Million Little Things.

There aren't too many shows with a "mystery" that include the realistic, everyday setting of A Million Little Things, so many of these picks fall into a fantasy or sci-fi category. That just makes A Million Little Things even more unique, but you might as well binge a fantastical show that will still lead to a cleansing cry. After all, I definitely need a break from dissecting Barbara Morgan theories and wondering if Delilah is ever going to tell the truth about her baby.

Even better, you can currently find all of these shows on streaming services. Grab your Kleenex and start theorizing!

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You might have missed Lost's original run from 2004 to 2010, but the mere mention of the show still probably sends your friends who watched into a state of mixed emotions. The series finale is a hit-or-miss among fans, but the journey to get there is heartfelt, traumatizing, and puzzling.

When a L.A.-bound plane crashes on an unknown island, its surviving passengers begin to realize that this is no ordinary beach. Combining philosophy with the telling of characters' pasts and presents, the show includes plenty of mysteries about what exists on the island. Like A Million Little Things, some of these questions are drawn out over time, but your love for the characters and their struggles to maintain their identities in this strange place will keep you invested.

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Wrapping its first season on Feb. 18, Manifest reminded a lot of people of Lost when it began. Both dramas kick off with an ominous plane ride, but in Manifest's case, a brief encounter with turbulence proves to be life-changing. When a flight finally lands after hitting a bumpy patch in the air, the travelers learn that their plane has actually been missing for five and a half years. Crashing on an uncharted island doesn't sound so bad now, huh?

Characters try to return to their normal lives, but that's a little tricky when everyone you knew assumed you were dead. The recovery process gets even more complicated when former passengers begin to experience hallucinations and strange voices. Enjoy deciphering what the group's new side effects mean and watching them cope with their loved ones having moved on.

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As the little show that could, NBC's Timeless bounced back from cancellation twice for a second season and a TV finale movie thanks to fans' support. For now, its fate is sealed, but this time-traveling mystery delivers a dose of knowledge, heart, and intrigue. After stealing a time machine model from the U.S. government, the thief embarks on a mission to change American history for his own benefit. A history teacher, a soldier, and an engineer are sent through time to defeat him, but they soon learn that he isn't the only enemy they're facing.

Not only does Timeless focus on both popular and little-known historical figures, but it also devotes time to the stories of women, people of color, and those who identify as LGBT. These plots often pack a powerful punch, while the friendships among the main trio may also cause a teary eye or two. A handful of action-driven resolutions keep enemies' mysterious intentions fresh in viewers' mind. Plus, how often can you say that you're genuinely learning something from a TV show?

'Once Upon a Time'
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If you want your mysteries to have a magical twist, Once Upon a Time's fairy tale world is for you. Concluding in 2018 after seven seasons, the ABC drama first focused on classic storybook characters unknowingly living as ordinary people in a small Maine town as a result of the Evil Queen's curse. While the bad guys are never too obscure on Once Upon a Time, you'll get caught up in the romantic, action-packed adventures of Snow White, Prince Charming, and more.

Created by two former Lost writers, Once Upon a Time employs actors and concepts that are very familiar to Lost fans. If you're in the mood for a less complex mystery that has far more happy endings, the series might be the best fit for you.

'The Leftovers'
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Available on: Hulu & Amazon Prime (with HBO add-ins)

After two percent of the world's population inexplicably vanishes one day, the survivors are still left wondering about the mass disappearance three years later. With several cults now growing in popularity as a result of the upheaval, the series initially focuses on the tension between one of these groups and those still grieving the loss of others. Co-created by Lost's Damon Lindelof, the series has that irresistible touch of "real world meets dystopia." It doesn't hurt that the strong performances are totally worthy of your tears.

They may be a little more intense than the emotion of A Million Little Things, but hopefully these suggestions will keep you busy without updates about Jon's potential double life.