5 Sexy Texts To Send Your Partner During The Workday So You're On Their Mind

by Cosmo Luce

I love nothing more than seeing a text from a cutie on my break, so having some sexy texts to send to your partner will definitely brighten their day. Even if you don't hear back from them because they were swamped with deadlines or meetings, they'll still appreciate the jolt of flirtation that your little note leaves them with. Plus, knowing that you're on someone's mind is always super flattering. But work gets busy and is often stressful, and that's why the best texts to send are flirty ones. It keeps you at the front of their mind while also relieving the pressures they face during the day.

If you decide to send your partner a flirty text during the workday, you should definitely keep the content PG. You don't want your partner getting in trouble with their boss, and God forbid a message preview flash before their intern's eyes. Also, try to time your text to go out earlier in the day. That way, you'll catch them on their lunch break, when they are more likely to respond.

If you want to flirt with your cutie, but you don't know where to start, here are some ideas to get you going.

1. Reference Something That Made You Feel Good

Caitlyn Christensen

Even if you are totally swooning over something adorable your partner did the day before, a strong relationship is all about balance, baby. So definitely find a way to compliment them on something that moved you, but don't go overboard on the phone. Gushing is always better in person anyway.

2. Tell Them How Excited You Are For Your After-Work Plans

Caitlyn Christensen

Basically, the key to being good at flirting is to tell someone all of the positive feelings you are experiencing about them, all of the time. Telling someone how excited you are to see them makes them feel wanted and appreciated. There's nothing hotter than that!

3. Tell Them What You're Thinking About

Caitlyn Christensen

If you can't meet up with your cutie for a quickie on your lunchbreak, all of that pent-up sexual energy will make fireworks in the bedroom later! You don't want to get too explicit with your partner unless they participate in cranking up the conversation to a NSFW rating, but you can definitely allude to intimate moments and make them anticipate getting together. Especially if you haven't seen your partner in the last couple of days, throwing out this line will remind them to make time to see you. They might be getting busy with work right now, but that doesn't mean they can't make time to get busy with you later on at night.

4. Tell Them How You See Them

Caitlyn Christensen

If you're ever in doubt about what to say to your partner in a text message, just compliment them on their appearance. Tell them how good they looked the last time you saw them, or how pretty their outfit was when they headed off to work. Showering your partner in compliments will make sure they feel wanted and appreciated and will bolster their self-confidence. Plus, whenever you tell your partner how shiny and beautiful they are to you, they'll probably pay you some compliments in return.

5. Tell Them What You Wish Would Happen

Caitlyn Christensen

Even if getting together in a 30-minute window of time is impractical, let them know that you wish it could happen anyway. It isn't desperate to let someone know your fantasies, and as far as fantasies go, a lunch-break hookup is pretty tame. Sending this text makes it certain that they'll be thinking of you when they do get to take the break, and it sets a foundation for you all to have an afternoon of playing together later.

If you find that you're texting your sweetheart at work to make up for not spending enough time together during nights or weekends, then consider proposing the both of you take a vacation day to just do nothing (or something) together. Texting someone about how much you're thinking about them is one thing, but building in that quality time will get you to a whole other level of intimacy. And you don't want to miss out on that.

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