5 Sex Toys That'll Make The Perfect Gift For You & Your Partner This Holiday Season

by Cosmo Luce

If you want to give something truly meaningful this Christmas season — something that will bring joy throughout the whole year — consider getting sex toys for your partner. When the last of the Christmas ham has been cleared away, and your tree and tinsel have been set out for the garbage man, there's still a whole other two months of winter for you and your partner to get through. Do you need more incentive to cuddle up?

There's no better way to spice up your holiday traditions than by trying new things. Have you and your partner ventured into something other than the typical P-in-V sex yet? What about investing in a nice leather strap-on for the new year, or even a matching pair of sex swing sets? Personally, I've put a rose quartz chakrub on my list this year. And hey, isn't the best thing about being an adult the fact that you actually get to buy your own toys now?

Here are some other items to consider, either for your partner or for your own personal holiday gift lists:

1. An Obsidian Butt Plug

This 100 percent obsidian crystal butt plug is definitely a good investment in your sex life, but it has a ton of spiritual properties, too. According to the company Chakrub, stimulating your anus helps you access blocked energy and face up to your true self. Could this butt plug be the perfect item for manifesting your New Year's resolutions? This holiday season is the ideal time for and your partner to find out.

2. A Luxury Leather Harness

A good harness is hard to find. Personally, I'm tired of looking at those dinky little acrylic or nylon strap-on affairs. Relationships might not last forever, but I want a harness I can grow old with. This one, available on Etsy, looks like it might do the trick.

3. An Adult Play Kit

For couples interested in getting into some consensual bondage play, this kit has all of the things you need to get started. Plus, the materials look extra comfortable, in case you're feeling some trepidation about stepping into BDSM!

4. A Household Sex Swing

The swing itself is durable, and the stirrups are fur-lined. What more could you want from your sex swing? This accessory looks so fun that I would probably end up using it with or without a partner involved. Just be sure to include a stud finder in that Amazon shipment if you don't already have one. Your landlord might have some questions if you take down the ceiling with a shoddy installation.

5. A Comfy Sex Cushion

This, my friends, is a sex cushion. It's portable, washable, and can be stored beneath the bed or in your closet. It's amazing for propping up your body, while experimenting with different positions for maximum impact. You'll be amazed at what a difference lifting up your booty makes. It might not look like much, but it's a great sex toy if you and your partner have difficulty holding your favorite positions in bed. Because let's be honest: Good sex takes work, and you want to be comfy when you're doing it.

This holiday season, you and your partner can give the gift of lasting intimacy by bestowing one of these sex toy gifts upon each other. Don't underestimate the importance of really investing in your sex life, either. The chemical bonds you build up with your partner will last much longer than the holidays, and it'll keep you warm through that last slog of winter. I can't think of anything more merry and bright.

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