5 Sex Moves That Incorporate Ice Cubes Because It's So Freaking Hot Outside

Admittedly, few moments in the Fifty Shades franchise really got me going. Christian Grey's tantrums and red rooms aren't exactly my thing, you feel? That said, there is one scene in the first film that's undeniably a little intriguing — and, uh, some sex moves with ice cubes are involved.

Basically, Christian strolls into Anastasia Steele's apartment (kind of out of nowhere, which is weird, but whatever) and quickly ties her up, strips her down, and blindfolds her. You know, what most people do upon entering a person's home. But then (then!), Christian take an ice cube in his mouth and works it down her entire body — from her neck past her belly button. And it is insanely hot and insanely cold all at the same time.

Of course, this is just one of many ways you can incorporate ice cubes into your sex life (read down a bit further and you'll see what I mean). And as heat and humidity continue to creep into the summer air, what better time to bring these insanely hot and cold moves into your own boudoir?

Here are five incredibly sexy — and icy! — moves you can try with your partner during the steamiest, sweatiest days of summer. Who needs an AC unit when you've got a handful (or mouthful) of ice cubes?

Guide your partner's cool-to-the-touch hands across your body.

Place an ice cube in each of your partner's palms, and guide their hands to the most sensitive and sensual spots on your body. The ice cubes will melt down, simultaneously cooling off your body and heating things up (both you and your partner will get all kinds of wet).

Get a little slushy.

All right, this move involves crushing a few ice cubes and, admittedly, can be tricky if you have a very small mouth. If that's not an issue, though, it can be crazy pleasurable for you both you and your partner.

Before performing oral sex, pop a handful of crushed ice cubes in your mouth. Then go about business as usual — taking your partner's pleasure to the next level with that icy sensation (Bustle describes this number as a "slushy beej," btw).

Go for an icy-hot combination.

This move combines the warmth of your mouth with the very cool sensation of ice cubes. Take an ice cube or two in your hand, then simulate your partner's most sensitive areas with your hands and mouth at the same time. For instance, if you're performing oral sex, keep your mouth and tongue wrapped around their most pleasurable regions (the head of their penis, their clitoris), and run your icy hands around the surrounding area.

The hot and cold juxtaposition will be crazy sexy and stimulating, so definitely ask your partner to return the favor and give you the same icy hot treatment.

Try using 'two-hands-on-deck.'

Another move borrowed from Bustle, the "two-hands-on-deck" is said to feel really decadent, and understandably so.

Take matters into your own hands (literally) by having your partner rub ice cubes across your body as you pleasure yourself with your own hands, then swap roles. Sounds like it's guaranteed to get both of you going.

Go full 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and bring in a blindfold.

If you really want to take things to the next level (and both you and your SO are totally, completely comfortable with the idea of getting a little kinky), blindfold your partner before bringing those ice cubes into the bedroom. Then, take a few ice cubes in your mouth and run your freezing cold tongue all the way down their body, paying close attention to their favorite erogenous zones (the nape of their neck, their nipples, their very inner thighs). The cold will shock, surprise, and heighten their pleasure all in one go. You can even take it up a notch further by restraining your partner's hands, as well (again, only if you're both totally cool with that!).

No matter which move you two decide to try, you'll both be feeling hot and cold in the best possible sense.