Get In The Hot Seat With These 5 Sex Moves To Try On A Chair

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Beds are great. They're great to sleep, lounge, watch TV, have breakfast in and shake the crumbs out of, and a classic venue for getting it on. But bed sex, while great, can also get a little stale if it's the only sex venue you're frequenting. That's why it's helpful to venture out and take your sexing to a new location. While for some adventurous folks that means the great outdoors or a fancy hotel in a new city, all you really need to shake things up are some sex moves to try in a chair — and a steady chair to do them in. The opportunity for sexploration and spiciness is just a room away.

If you think chair sex is limiting, think again, because these positions run the gamut from easy, relaxed, and perfect for slow lovemaking. all the way to so intense and heart-pounding that you've got your cardio covered for the week. Whatever your speed (literally and figuratively), these chair sex positions have got you covered. With that said, here are some seated sexy-time positions to add to your repertoire. Warning: Some of these are so hot, you may forget you even have a bed.

Perched Pleasure Position

Of all the chair positions, this one is probably the easiest to achieve, so try to really take it slow and enjoy. To get into this position, the penetrating partner sits in the chair, and the receiving partner sits on their lap, being entered from behind. This position also has the benefit of leaving both partner’s hands free to explore.

Living-On-The-Edge Position

For a more advanced chair position, give this one a try, but be aware that it does take a fair bit of balance and strength to achieve. To assume this position, the penetrating parter sits back in the chair with legs firmly planted on the ground. The receiving partner then begins by straddling their partner and then carefully leaning back. With the assistance of the penetrating partner, the receiving partner's legs are then placed on their partner's shoulders. This is great for slow, gentle, tantric style sex, although it does require a lot of core strength.

The Giddy-Up Position

This position doesn’t require quite as much flexibility or upper body strength, but it will definitely get your heart racing. To achieve this position, begin with penetrating partner sitting near the edge of the chair with legs outstretched. The receiving partner can then straddle them. Both partners can then lean back slightly, and the receiving partner can use the rocking of their legs to control the speed and depth of penetration.

Kneel-And-Deliver Position

For another position that's a little more relaxing, but still super hot, try the Kneel-And-Deliver. To get into this position, the receiving partner sits down on the edge of the chair and the penetrating partner kneels in front of them, leans slightly back and rests on their hamstrings. The receiving partner then wraps their legs around their partner's hips so they can be in control of the thrusting.

Got-Your-(Chair) Back Position

Not all chair positions have to be seated. In fact, one of the hottest and easiest of them all is standing. Simply have the receiving partner bend forward using the chair as support while the penetrating partner enters from behind. Explore which angles feel best by using both the back and the seat of the chair to support you at different heights. Trust me, when you hit your personal sweet spot, you’ll know it.

Suddenly, having a lover pull your chair out for you has taken on a whole new (and sexy) meaning. Don't be afraid to branch out of your bedroom and give one of these seated positions a try. (But maybe work up to the Living-On-The-Edge position, just saying.)

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