5 Romantic Little Things To Do For Your SO Just To Say "I Love You"

by Cosmo Luce

There are all kinds of ways to say "I love you" without having to say anything at all. The romantic things to do for your partner can even go farther than these three little, sometimes empty, words. "I love you" is nice to hear, but it doesn't rub your partner's back at night when they're tired from hunching over their computer keyboard. It doesn't keep their bellies full. That's where your nurturance as a partner is so important and loving. It can literally keep your baby warm.

When you express "I love you" in a way that demonstrates your nurturance, it manifests in a little act that you perform every day. You can weave this romancing into your everyday routines. When you're going grocery shopping, pick up a pomegranate, a jackfruit, or another extraordinary fruit that you've never tried before and share it with them. Offer them relief by taking care of one of their dreaded chores. When you show up for your partner in these small ways every day, the two of you can build a life together. And that's what will make your love last.

Here are small ways to romance your partner every day, just because you love them.

1. Buy Them An Indulgent Food

Are you going shopping to cook together later? You don't have to break your budget in order to level up a little bit for your partner. Get them the good butter to keep at their house or splurge on a little bit of fancy prosciutto to share. Exploring vivid flavors and decadence together is just one way to build shared, sensual experiences outside of the bedroom.

2. Fix Their Bike Or Do Another Household Task

The only time I don't love being single is when I have to schlep all of my clothes, sheets, and towels to the laundromat because I've gone so long without washing my clothes that I had to wear my underwear inside out. Tending to our daily lives can be such a huge burden, so why not share the load with your partner? If you're doing laundry, offer to take theirs with you. It doesn't cost anything if you can combine.

3. Bring Them A Treat

When I was little, I had a pet dog who would bring me dried leaves in his mouth every time he ran up to greet me. I think this is exactly the way you should treat the person that you love. It doesn't mean that you have to go out and buy them something either. If you're going for a walk and you notice a beautiful, red fall leaf, why not pick it up off the ground, press it in your journal, and present them with the splendor of fall later? It's honestly a move so good that afterward it gives you the justification to say, "Dang, I want to date me."

4. Give Them Something You Made

Do you have to cook yourself something in the slow cooker for the week? Spoon a little bit of food into a plastic container for later. If you make art of any kind or even enjoy knitting or sewing, gift your partner with something homemade. They'll know that you were thinking of them the whole time you crafted it, and when they wear it, they'll be able to feel all of the love you have. You don't have to be some great artist, either, to present your loved one with something you created. Look back at your texts and find the last time you gushed to a friend about how much you love your partner. Take that sentiment and turn it into a meme or a poem. There. You're basically Casanova, OK?

5. Draw Them A Bath And Give Them A Massage

If you want to make your loved one feel sexy, get some epsom salts, lavender massage oil, and draw them a bath. Bonus points if you also scrub them down with a homemade rose scrub while they're soaking in the tub and then have amazing sex all night long. Or you can fall asleep and drool on the pillowcases in one another's arms, too, because that is probably the ultimate end goal of love.

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