This Is Why A Cancer-Scorpio Pairing Is So, So Good

When you start dating someone new, it's only natural to wonder whether your zodiac signs are compatible. If it's a match made in heaven, all it's going to do is make you feel more excited about your newfound romance. If it looks like trouble is bound to be afoot, well, at least you're mentally prepared for potential friction. Either way, astrology and dating go hand in hand, so if you're looking for reasons a Cancer-Scorpio relationship is an inherently awesome match, look no further. After all, they're both mystical, dreamy, and romantic water signs. They flow into each other like a confluence of two rivers.

However, before I get to why Cancer and Scorpio mesh together beautifully, let's talk about how complex compatibility truly is in astrology. I'm sure you've heard that you are comprised of far more energy than simply your sun sign. You've got a moon sign, rising sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, etc. and they all have a hand in the personality you contain. You've got planets working together and planets working against each other. You've got life experiences that color and shape the way your birth chart functions in your life. So, just because you're putting a Cancer and a Scorpio together doesn't necessarily mean it's built to last, but it's certainly a good start.

Here are some of the ways a Cancer-Scorpio relationship can go:

Marco Govel/Stocksy

They Feel Safe And Understood With Each Other

Cancer is an inherently compassionate and caring zodiac sign. In fact, Cancer symbolizes motherhood in astrology. Scorpio is a deep well of emotion and secrecy that needs special care in order to feel they can trust someone. Luckily, Cancer makes Scorpio feel safe and understood. Cancer allows Scorpio to feel as though they can lay down their armor and be vulnerable. Likewise, Scorpio helps Cancer feel validated in their emotional state of being.

The Deep And Passionate Talks Can Last All Night Long

Many people are afraid of talking about the darkness and truth of life. Not water signs. If you were born under the element of water, you're naturally a deep feeler who wants to get to know someone's soul. You're interested in their past, hopes, fears, and dreams. Cancer is ruled by the moon — planet of your emotional being — while Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of all that remains hidden. These two planets are lonely by nature, but together, they can keep each other company all night.

They Can Artistically Inspire Each Other

Because both Cancer and Scorpio are both dreamers who live beyond the confines of the material world, they have a deeply artistic understanding of the world around them. When they're together, they discover deeper meaning in things and elevate each other's perspectives. They encourage each other to divulge their most intimate ideas. This creates a space in which both zodiac signs can create and articulate freely.

Beware Of Manipulation And Passive-Aggressiveness

A conflict that may lie in the future of a Cancer-Scorpio relationship is their inability to let each other have freedom from the relationship, as well as communicate directly. Cancer has the tendency to be passive-aggressive and use the silent treatment as a form of punishment. On the other hand, Scorpio may be concerned with having all the power in the relationship, which can leave Cancer feeling as though they have to cater to Scorpio.

They Might Not Always Challenge Each Other To Grow

Down to their core, Cancer and Scorpio are similar in so many ways. You could say they're even cut from the same cloth. When two people relate on so many levels, they might not always challenge each other with differing ideas and ways of being. A Cancer-Scorpio partnership can easily fall into a monotonous pattern of living unless they shake things up every once in a while. However, as long as they're willing to forge their own paths instead of forging the same one, this partnership has all the potential in the world.