5 Quiet Sex Moves Your Roommates Won’t Be Able To Complain About

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Having a roommate is great — especially when the rent is due — but when you have a great one, it's basically like having a live-in best friend. You have someone to decompress with, share meals with, and party with on the weekends. But there is one universal drawback to having a roommate, no matter how much you like them, and it's a lack of privacy when you're ready to get it on. So, if you're currently cohabiting, it pays to know a few quiet sex moves your roommates can’t hear so that you don't have to be embarrassed the next day, or make your poor roommate feel awkward with all your oohs and aahs, if you know what I'm saying.

The good news is that quiet sex doesn't mean boring or unsatisfying sex. In fact, the need to keep it on the down low may even add to the fun and excitement of getting it on, knowing that there are people in the next room. Plus, it means you aren't going to be the one who makes everything awkward during breakfast. So, next time bae comes over, give these sex positions a try, so you that you can get your sneaky freak on.

Take A Stand

Have a squeaky mattress that always gives you away? Then take your down-low sexy times vertically instead. Find something the receiving partner can comfortably brace themselves against, like your dresser or a bathroom counter, and have them bend over, allowing the penetrating partner to enter from behind. What’s great about this position is that you really don't need to hold back, since you don't have the bed springs alerting everyone to the adult activity happening in your room. So, have fun, and just make sure to have a towel or pillow handy for muffling purposes when things reach their inevitable conclusion.

Slow And Steady

If your bed isn't super squeaky, put slow, gentle missionary back on the sexual menu. Just make sure you either move the headboard, or put some pillows between it and the wall, because even gentle rocking, when it's hitting the wall in rhythm, is a dead giveaway that you're getting it in.

Silent Spooning

Spooning is another super sneaky position, that also happens to be a total crowd pleaser. It's great because it doesn't take a lot of intense movement to really be enjoyable, which means it also doesn't make a ton of noise. To achieve this position, both partners lie on their sides in the spoon position, with the little spoon angling their hips in a way that allows the penetrating partner access. Hot stuff.


Like the spoon position, but miss kissing? Then Face-To-Face is the sneaky sex position for you. Like in the spooning position, both partners lie on their sides, but this time they face one another. The receiving partner lifts their leg and wraps it around the hip of the penetrating partner to allow them to enter them. Again, this is a slow and gentle grinding position rather than thrusting and pounding, which means it's a quieter, more roommate friendly way to get it on.

Secret Shower Sex

If you can't be totally quiet, the next best thing for incognito lovemaking is to add some cover noise. In this case the running shower water, so you and your partner can feel a little more free to express your pleasure. There are lots of ways to get it on in the shower, but probably the easiest and most enjoyable is to have the receiving partner brace their hands on the wall bending slightly at the waist to allow their partner to enter them from behind. Be sure to bring a little lube with you into the shower to keep things operating smoothly and satisfyingly. And try to get freaky when your roommate doesn't need bathroom access. Nothing's more annoying than needing to pee when the bathroom is "in use."

Sure, it would be fun to just totally let loose and go at it with reckless abandon, but there is a time and place for that, and usually, it's not when your roommate is trying to watch some Netflix in the next room. But you also shouldn't have to wait until they're gone to enjoy some adult fun times with bae. Now that you know these sex moves, you won't have to. After all, you pay rent too.

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