5 Punny Couples' Halloween Costumes That Are Oh So Funny

It's almost that time of year again when you and your partner put your heads together to come up with a great Halloween couple's costume. Are you going to go as Harry and Hermione again? Or Britney and Justin in a full denim getup? If you're like me, you appreciate a great Halloween costume almost as much as a great pun, so why not combine the two and try one of these punny Halloween costumes for couples this year?

IMO, the key element to a really bomb couple's costume is that you need your partner nearby to communicate and sell the joke. For example, if you and your partner go as a chick magnet — you're just a magnet if your chick isn't by your side. Why not try for something where it really takes two to tango?

Halloween is such a fun time of year and you can show your creativity, pop culture savvy, and playfulness with your costume choice. Wearing a costume with a partner gives you an opportunity to expand the joke, perhaps combine references, and come up with something truly original. While these costume ideas work for both men and women, friends and partners, they're guaranteed to put you in the running for best costume. Whether you've been planning your costume since last November, or are going to Amazon Prime order your costume elements the night before, here are a few really fun and unique ideas to make this Halloween one to remember.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Hairy
Chris Jackson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There are bound to be dozens of Prince Harrys and Duchess Meghans wandering around this Halloween, so why not put a punny spin on it? While Duchess Meghan will be straightforward, no, that's not a typo when you read "Prince Hairy." Here's what you need:

Meghan and Harry Face Masks, $20, Amazon

Ladylike sheath dress, $32, Forever 21

Hat, $16, Amazon

Gorilla suit, $50, Halloweencostumes

Beyonc-Say Anything
Columbia Records+20th Century Fox

Take one of the most iconic performers in history and combine her with one of the most beloved movies of the '80s and you've got Beyonc-Say Anything. All you need is for one person to go as Queen Bey, and the other to go as John Cusack's character from the most memorable scene in the movie. So grab your boombox and your baseball bat and let's party.

Yellow dress, $61.99,

Baseball bat, $22.90,

Wig, $30.00,

Trench coat, $34.99,

Boombox, $29.99,

Eggs And Bakin'

You've probably seen a couple dressed as Eggs and Bacon at at least one or two Halloween parties in the past, so this time — put a spin on it! One of you will dress as Eggs, while the other one will be... bakin'!

Egg costume, $29.99,

Chef costume, $29.99,

Cookie sheet, $1.99,

A Star Is Born
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the rave reviews and early Oscar-buzz for A Star Is Born start to build, dressing up as the two main characters is a really fun idea for this Halloween. But, because we're being punny, honey, why don't you take it literally and go as a woman literally giving birth to a star? All you need is:

Star costume, $15.99,

Hospital gown, $1.56,

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cardi B is a pop culture icon and dressing up as her could be tricky because which look do you choose?! Instead of getting epic acrylic nails and diva-quality eyelash extensions, this Halloween grab your partner and have a little fun with her name. All you need is a cardigan and a bee suit and ta-da! You're Cardi-Bee.

Cardigan, $15.99,

Bee costume, $19.99,

So whether one of these Halloween couple's costumes is perfect for you and your partner or they spark another ingenious idea, dressing up together is an Instagram-able opportunity to make this one a Halloween to remember. Have fun!

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