The Pride Parade Is A Perfect Date Spot & Here Are 5 Ways To Make The Most Of It

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Every summer, the LGBTQ+ community and allies join in together for a celebration of queerness during the Pride Parades. All around the world, there are parades and festivals that boast queer celebrities, artists, and everyday folk like you and me. If you're queer and have a date or a significant other during the Pride Parade, you may want to consider some Pride Parade date ideas to make the day extra special.

While I've never attended a Pride Parade with a significant other, I imagine it's just as fun as going single. I recommend going with a large group of friends in case some people decide to leave early, that way others have familiar faces to hang out with. By going to a Pride Parade with a partner or someone you're newly dating, you get to share in celebrating parts of your – or both of your – queer identity.

Please be aware that while Pride is definitely a very fun time, know that there is a lot of alcohol involved in the festivities. If you don't drink or you're uncomfortable being surrounded by lots of liquor, keep that in mind. You can for sure head to the parade without drinking and have no alcohol at the event itself, but you'll likely be surrounded by people who are tipsy or intoxicated. Now that that's out of the way, here are my Pride Parade date suggestions.

Have a cute photoshoot wearing Pride flags as capes.

Listen, if Harry Styles can wave around a Pride flag at nearly every solo concert, the rest of us can try. Get a cheap pride flag to envelop you and your date in, and have a friend snap away adorable shots of the two of you. You're basically gay superheroes. I love.

Host a brunch pre-game before the parade, and invite all your friends.

I actually did this at Pride last year (sans date though). I hosted around 15 friends on my apartment rooftop, and requested everyone bring a dish or drink, potluck-style. We enjoyed bagels, mimosas, fruit, and more, and geared up for an exciting parade ahead of us.

Do each other's makeup before the parade.

Have a partner who loves makeup as much as you do? Get decked out in your most colorful makeup look to wear at your Pride Parade. I recommend the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette to get the full color range of the rainbow. Be sure to match fun bold mascara, blush, and a lip color to really pop out from the crowd.

Get all of the snacks.

Your Pride Parade is likely going to be a hot mess in more ways than one, so be sure to stock up on water and snacks in a backpack. (Am I a mom? Maybe? Deal with it.) If you go through your resources while still at the parade, buy a rainbow-colored snow-cone or other icy treats with your date. Last year at pride, there was a fruit stand and I bought some fresh mango. It was delicious and refreshing to snack on in the ridiculous New York summer heat.

Find nearby spots to sneak away to if the crowd becomes too much.

I'm a huge "extroverted introvert" and claustrophobe, so going to parades for several hours surrounded by tight spaces and lots of people is a lot to handle. I know I'm not alone in getting anxious from crowds. When at something as beautiful as the parade, it can feel like a major let-down when your body betrays you. But your health is priority, so before you determine where you'll be for the Pride Parade with your date and others, pick out some nearby coffee shops or stores to designate as quick getaway places. When the crowd becomes too much for you, escape for a quiet haven to chill out for 20 minutes or so.

Whether you're going to the parade with a date or flying solo, be safe, hydrate a ton, and have fun. 🏳️‍🌈

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