The Best Podcasts For People Who Just Love To Eat Because Like, Who Doesn't?

Six years ago, I joined Instagram for the filters. Six years later, I stay on Instagram for the food. TBH, the only reason I keep any of my social media accounts active is to catch a glimpse of my co-worker’s Kodak moment-worthy salad, or the heavily edited, yet still irresistibly mouthwatering posts from influential recipe developers. But I’ve been foolish, friends. You see, I thought foodtography was the best thing to ever happen to the internet. And sure, food pics are great, but have you tuned in to any podcasts about food lately? If there’s anything better than people snapping photos of the food they love, it’s people talking about how much they love food.

Maybe I’m late to the game here, because I didn’t start listening to podcasts until just a few months ago, when my boss highly recommended I hop on the bandwagon. For some reason I just always associated podcasts with drawn-out lectures, and that turned me off. Clearly this was just my imagination getting away from reality, though, because these days, I prefer my favorite podcasts to most TV shows. And once I learned food podcasts were a thing, I was totally sold.

There are basically as many different types of food podcasts as there are types of cheese, so to help you navigate the digital shelves stocked with appetizing episodes, I've narrowed down a few of the best ones out there that you'll want to dig into ASAP.

'Radio Cherry Bombe' Merges Food And Feminism
cherrybombemag on Twitter

Cherry Bombe, co-founded by Claudia Wu and Kerry Diamond, was first and foremost an indie print magazine dedicated to women in the food industry who, Diamond told the travel site Melting Butter, “weren’t getting their due.” Their weekly podcast, Radio Cherry Bombe, is a result of the mag's booming success, and it's attracted a surge of fans that Wu and Diamond now refer to as the "Bombesquad."

Diamond is the host of the podcast, and she regularly interviews women from just about every corner of the food industry (think chefs, bakers, writers, recipe developers — the whole nine), who are all about getting creative in the kitchen, and who deserve some recognition for doing so. Episodes are part touching, and all tasty, so dig in.

'Spilled Milk' Will Make You LOL
spilledmilkpodcast on Instagram

Food is fuel, but it’s also fun, and if you’re someone who tends to get wrapped up in nutrients and portions, writers/comedians Molly Wizenberg and Matthew Amster-Burton are here to shed a little light and a lot of laughs on the subject. Every week, Wizenberg and Amster-Burton take a food — any food (past episodes have covered items like fried rice, tea lattes, jello cakes, and crumpets) — and "run with it as far as they can go," according to their podcast's website. Spilled milk might not be funny IRL, but trust me, this podcast is hilarious.

'Go Fork Yourself' Is A Timeless Classic
gfypodcast on Twitter

Go Fork Yourself is an oldie but goodie, and the great thing about the world wide web is that digital content lives on forever. That being said, you should definitely give Go Fork Yourself a listen if you're interested in foodie travel tips that will, without a doubt, lead you to some of the best grub you've ever tasted.

Formerly hosted by TV personality and chef Andrew Zimmern, and food/travel writer Molly Mogren, the podcast has 100 episodes of interviews, food chats, fine dining recommendations, and more to listen to, so you know going in that you've got a hefty archive to bite into.

'The Bon Appétit Foodcast' Will Introduce You To The Coolest Foodies
Apitin Hital on YouTube

I don't know about you, but I love a traditional Q&A, and The Bon Appétit Foodcast serves up interviews just the way I like 'em. From foodie influencers, to badass chefs, to cookbook writers, this is definitely the perfect podcast to tune into when you're cooking dinner, be it for culinary inspiration, or just to broaden your edible horizons.

'I'll Drink To That!' Will Lift Your Spirits
drinktothatpod on Twitter

Beverages fall under the same category as food, right? For all my wine connoisseurs out there, former sommelier Levi Dalton will undoubtedly lift your spirits (and your glass) with his boozy podcast, I'll Drink to That!. In total, Dalton has recorded 300 episodes in his series so far, hosting famous wine personalities in the comfort of his own tiny apartment to talk all things wine. Cheers!