If Your Phone Charger’s Always Breaking, These Tools Will Come In Clutch

by Collette Reitz

Before I replaced my iPhone battery, I was pretty much always connected to a phone charger. It seems to be a fact of life these days for anyone using a smartphone. The problem with constantly needing to charge your phone is that your charging cord can take a beating. I've definitely used a few of my chargers to the point of frayed wires. To help protect yourself from any possible harm and to (hopefully) extend the life of your phone charger, here are five phone charger accessories that will help protect your cord.

The trouble with chargers comes when your charging cord is bent in all different directions to the point of breaking open and exposing the wires. According to ZD Net, an iPhone charger puts out 5 volts, which is reportedly enough power to lead to overheating and possibly a fire (when the frayed wires are exposed). The website also reported charging cables with frayed wires may short circuit while charging the phone and "cook the battery," which can lead to a fire.

Basically, it sounds like you want to stay away from using a phone charger that has been compromised beyond repair. Of course, you don't want to wind up constantly buying new chargers, and thanks to some helpful gadgets, you won't have to.

Cable Saver Protector For Apple USB Lightning Cable

IFY 10-Piece Cable Protector, $7, Amazon

These colorful IFY protectors are a bright way to keep your charging cord from bending until it breaks. Per the Amazon description, you'll get 10 protectors, and the cable protector covers the most vulnerable area of your charger to help prevent it from breaking open.

You can buy a pack of these lightweight cord protectors for only $7 on Amazon. Plus, their bright colors will make your charger so easy to find the next time your battery is ticking down toward zero percent.

TUDIA Klip Snap On Charging Cable Saver Protector

TUDIA Klip Snap On Charging Cable Saver Protector, $7, Amazon

According to the Amazon page for this cable protector, the TUDIA Klip reduces the risk of your cord fraying or breaking by 80 percent. The Amazon description of this cord saver describes it as a lightweight two-piece clip that prevents your charger from easily bending thanks to protecting the sensitive part of the cord where the "charging cable meets the charging plug."

One set of TUDIA Klips (one for each end of your charger) is $7 on Amazon, and you can choose from one of four colors, or you can buy the 10-piece combo set for $23 — and you'll get a bonus green color.

BUTEFO Data Cable Saver

BUTEFO Data Cable Saver (12 Packs), $11, Amazon

The BUTEFO cable saver comes with an inner rubber layer to lessen the impact of "harmful twists and bends," according to its Amazon description. It also boasts some pretty great cord protection, claiming to reduce the "risk of fraying and breaking" by 90 percent.

One 12-pack set sells for $11 on Amazon, and you'll get 12 two-piece protector sets in various colors, so you can protect all the charging cords you have.

Dreams Cable Bite

Dreams CABLE BITE iPhone Accessory, $25, Amazon

This cable protector is as adorable as it is practical. Cable bites have been featured all over the internet lately, and they've likely caught on because they can both protect the sensitive area of your charging cord and act as a cute addition to break up the monotony of your cord-filled life.

The Dreams cable bite is a little pricier on Amazon than other cord protectors, coming in at $25 for this adorable otter, but you can find more affordable cable bites at places like Urban Outfitters. There are endless options of critters to choose from, and once you slide the cable bite of your choice, your charging cord will be better protected (and much more fun).

Data Protective Cable Saver Protector

JiaHui Assorted Lightning Charger Data Protective Cable Saver Protector (6 Packs), $9, Amazon

Who says you can't have fun while also protecting your beloved smartphone charger? These JiaHui cord protectors are similar to cable bites in the sense that they're themed and not only a piece of plastic that wraps around your charging cord. The Amazon description claims to increase your charging cable life by protecting against wear and tear.

You'll get a six-pack of the cord protectors in various designs for $9 on Amazon. Some of the design options include cute pink bows, a Stitch character from Lilo & Stitch, and a Captain America shield. Seriously, these protectors are so cute you might actually buy more cords just to use them all.

Even after seeing all of your options, you might still wonder why you should buy a charging cord protector. I'll admit replacing your charger isn't that difficult, but you could be out up to $40 if you have to replace your lightening cable and your power adapter, according to prices on the Apple website.

So, if you'd rather save a few bucks and prevent your charging cord from becoming a potential fire hazard, investing in a cord protecter seems like a good way to do that — and you have plenty of options from which to choose.