Try Reciting These 5 Mantras If You Want To Manifest The Best Sex Of Your Life

Empowering yourself with positive affirmations is a great way to improve your sex life. Reciting mantras during meditation, in a moment of self-doubt, or even as part of a daily routine like your morning commute can help combat negative self-talk and help bolster your confidence. Which is why, if you're looking to step or spice things up in the bedroom, having a few mantras to manifest the best sex of your life can be so life-changing.

The key is to pick affirmations that build you up and that encourage you to embrace your sexual side. If you have a particular area where you struggle — for instance, if you're scared to speak up in the bedroom — or don't feel as confident in your body as you should (and you should, because every body really is beautiful), then focus on mantras that counteract the negative self-talk that is holding you back. But really, any of these affirmations can be helpful in improving your sex life, because they encourage confidence and that leads to being more relaxed, present, and receptive to pleasure. And after all, isn't that the whole point?

So, the next time you're about to get busy, or are in the midst and feeling blocked, recite these mantras and start manifesting the sex life you deserve.

I am hotness personified.

You are beautiful, you are enough, and it’s time to stop believing anything else. We all have moments of feeling self conscious, but it's time to let go of those thoughts, as they are only standing in the way of your pleasure and the celebration of your body that sex is. This mantra can help push away all that negative self talk and help you to be present and confident in the moment. Because the sexiest thing someone can be is confident.

My sexual desire is healthy, natural, and awesome.

Do you ever feel like you should be ashamed of your sexual desire? Well, that’s no fun. Sexual desire and arousal aren’t only totally natural — I mean hello, we all exist thanks to it — but it's beautiful! And only one of the ways we can celebrate our bodies. So, let go of any shame you might feel about it with this affirming mantra.

I am empowered to ask for what I want and to say what feels good.

Ask any sex expert what the key to improving your sex life is and they are probably going to say communication. If you want to get exactly what you want in bed, speak up! To really find what works, be willing to let your partner know how you are feeling, when you are feeling it. That can be hard if you’re shy, and it can feel awkward at first, but this mantra can encourage you to speak your sexual truth, and that's so important. Speak your truth now, so you can be moaning it later.

It’s my right to explore and experiment with my sexual pleasure.

If your sex life is not all that you want it to be, then it’s time to try new things. Find what really turns you on, and ways to keep things fresh, new, and exciting. For that to happen, be willing and open to experimentation. You have a right to figure out what you enjoy, and this mantra can help encourage you to remember that and to take ownership of your own pleasure.

I got this.

When it comes to sex, confidence and enthusiasm is half the battle. This short and sweet mantra is a great way to help pump you up and get you in the right space for the kind of proactive approach that leads to great sex. So, when in doubt, remind yourself that you got this!

While great sex is a full-body experience, the biggest erogenous zone (and potential block) is your mind. So, if you can get your mind in the right place with a few sex-positive mantras, then you’re well on your way to unlocking the most incredible sex of your life.