5 Romantic Holiday Date Ideas That Are Straight Out of 'Love Actually'

StudioCanal/Working Title Films/DNA Films

Fifteen years ago, the Christmas-themed movie Love Actually stole our hearts. With its all-star cast, the intertwined love stories of several couples and characters go on adventures in England, as well as the United States. If you're feeling nostalgic and want to bring some of that movie magic to your own life, you could adapt these Love Actually-inspired date ideas for your your love life.

Regardless if you feel like you and your partner or new person are in a rut, or you just genuinely want to recreate Love Actually dates because you're such a super fan, the following date ideas are low-key enough that you can accomplish at any stage of your relationship. Sure, you can pull that grand-gesture end-of-movie moment between Sam and Joanna by running to meet your bae at the airport before boarding a plane just to make your feelings known, but you can also do some more chill date nights to get through the winter days.

Now, this movie is based on Christmas, but these dates are generally pretty lacking in the religion department, so if you celebrate another religion you can still recreate moments from your favorite Christmas holiday movie. Read on for some date ideas from Love Actually that you'll definitely want to recreate this season.

See a holiday show.

In Love Actually, several characters go to see a school's Christmas play. You can do this date from any budget: You can go see a holiday-themed show in person, like The Radio City Rockettes, or online, like A Christmas Prince on Netflix. Enjoy the holiday tunes, high kicks, and romance from these shows.

Shop for holiday gifts together

Although Harry and Karen are in troubled waters while he's out shopping for a Christmas gift and she sees him there, you can easily transform that into a positive, cheerful date. Take the stress out of holiday shopping by picking out gifts for your loved one while with another person. They'll get to learn a lot about you and the people in your life. Plus, the holiday spirit of everyone in the stores will likely be contagious.

Have a photoshoot together

In the movie, Juliet learns of Mark's feelings for her when he films her wedding to another man and his footage is all on her. Recreate this by maybe taking photos of one another for fun by some holiday decorations. And, it's a great excuse to get a seasonal Instagram picture.

Go to a holiday party.

Many of the characters in Love Actually attend holiday parties, be it at work or in a less professional social setting. You'll likely find a good spread of food and drinks at a holiday party, plus, if you get nervous talking around your date for too long, you can always mingle among other people there.

Check out an "American" bar.

One of the characters, Colin, goes to a bar in Wisconsin to try and meet some American women. Keep date night casual by stopping by a local, no-frills spot where you can enjoy your date's company.

And if none of these options are calling your name, well, feel free to stay in and watch Love Actually instead.