5 Lazy Morning Sex Moves, For The Chillest AM Romp

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One of the best things about sharing a bed with someone you care about is getting to wake up next to each other and start the day off together. What's even better than that? Morning sex. Listen, I get it, it's morning, you're tired, you don't really feel like getting crazy before your first cup of coffee. But here's the thing: Lazy morning sex moves are the best morning sex moves. Because, honestly, is there a better way to ease into the day than with a super chill, and yet oh-so-hot morning romp? No. The answer is no.

Hey, I totally understand. Mornings are a bummer. Trust me, I love to sleep in as much as the next person. But some things are worth waking up for. So, the next time your alarm goes off, take advantage of the moment. Skip the snooze button and instead start embracing the morning (literally). The key is to pick a position that is both comfortable and easy to transition into. Chances are you're already assuming the pose when you opened your eyes. That said, give these tried and true lazy positions a shot and see if you don't start regularly trading in your morning cup of joe for a big old morning O.

Good Old Spoon Position

There is a reason that the spoon position is a morning sex classic. Chances are you are already in this position, so the transition from snoozing to sexing is practically seamless. It's sweet, tender, easy, and — bonus points — morning breath won’t be an issue. To get into this position, the penetrating partner snuggles up behind the receiving partner and enters them from behind. Hot and cozy.

Shower-Time Loving

Some mornings there just isn’t time for slow, lazy lovemaking in bed, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice some a.m. loving if the spirit moves you. A simple change of venue is required. Just take it to the shower, where you can multitask by both getting ready and getting it in. Just make sure you bring a little lube to minimize friction while you’re getting frisky in the water.

Collapsed Doggy Position

If doggy is your fave position, but the idea of getting up on all fours first thing in the morning sounds like too much work (no judgment, same), then try collapsed doggy instead. To achieve this position, have the receiving partner lay on their stomach with a pillow under their pelvis to help elevate the hips. Then the penetrating partner can lay right on top of them penetrating them from behind. All the pleasure of doggy with none of the work? Yep, sounds like a good morning to me.


If you want to take the connection to the next level with your morning sesh, face-to-face is the way to go in the morning. Think spoon position only this time you’re facing toward one another. To achieve this position, both partners lie on their sides facing each other. The receiving partner lifts their top leg and wraps it around their partner, allowing them to enter the receiving partner. Then it's all grinding and gazing into each other's eyes.

Lotus Position

If you're ready to sit up, Lotus combines the pleasure of being on top with chill, slow movements perfect for the morning. To get into Lotus, have the giving partner sit cross-legged on the bed, while the receiving partner sits on their lap, straddling them, with their legs wrapped around back. This is not a position for thrusting, but rather about slowly moving together as one.

While mornings can definitely be rough, with these sex positions you may catch yourself setting your alarm a few mins earlier every day. Or you'll maybe even will start considering yourself a — gasp — morning person.

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