The 5 Kinds Of Sex You Have When You First Start Dating Someone New

One of the most underrated parts of playing the field is the fact that you get to experience a ton of first-time sex. The types of sex you have when you start dating someone new are likely going to be some of your most exciting sex-capades. Everything about the other person is still so new and enticing. And while it will likely take a bit before you guys know exactly what gets one another going — taking the time to figure it out is half the fun.

Anyone who's been in a long-term relationship will tell you that the intimate connection you have with someone when you first start dating definitely has the potential to grow and evolve, even if you don't expect it to. And the butterfly-fueled, honeymoon-phase shagging is a huge part of what sets the stage for that connection. While sex obviously isn't the only thing to consider when evaluating relationship potential with someone, sexual compatibility is still an important thing for a lot of people. And of course, even if the sparks aren't flying in the beginning, for some people, it is totally possible for things to get better over time.

But before you settle into a solid sex routine with someone, here are the types of sex you'll typically have with someone new.

1. "Exciting, First-Time" Sex

The first couple of times you roll around the sack with someone new — whom you're really into — are probably gonna be super fun. However, while some couples will intuitively connect sexually from day one, others might need some more time to feel completely at ease and able to get in sync. So if your first few times aren't mind-blowingly exciting, then don't panic. Usually, with communication and practice, it gets better and more fun. (And if your first few sexy times are not fun at all and don't improve, then it might be time to consider other options.)

2. "We've Found The Perfect Rhythm" Sex

After you've been together a few times, things will probably start feeling even better. You've had some time to get over the initial jitters of seeing each other naked and the awkward first-time moments in bed, and you can really let go. Once things have really clicked between you two, chances are, you won't be able to keep your hands to yourself.

3. "We Seriously Can't Get Enough" Sex

Once you've transitioned into seeing someone new somewhat regularly, you're probably going to end up getting it on whenever possible. Before you go out for dinner, after you get back, in the morning — whenever! Enjoy this kind of sex, because this is the part where you get to make up for lost time during your last dry spell.

4. "Just Because We Can" Sex

When you're seeing someone new, there will come a time when you're just hanging out, and even though you've probably already just had sex, you're feeling bored and think,why not just do it again? You'll feel like there's absolutely no reason to pass up a romp if the opportunity presents itself.

5. "You're Annoying Me But I'm Still Horny" Sex

When dating someone new, there's definitely going to come a time when they say or do something that makes you do an internal eye roll, because you're still learning each other's quirks. Maybe they make a totally dumb comment or show up late to a date. Instead of picking a fight with them, though, you decide to suck it up, because sexy time rolls around, and, well, you have needs. And if what you were mildly annoyed about can be forgotten after a quick sex session, then maybe it wasn't all that important anyway... unless it keeps happening.

Super consistent physical intimacy is one of the best parts of starting to see someone new. Although, things between the two of you might not be set in stone, that's no reason not to enjoy all that bumpin' and grindin'. And even if things don't work out between you, at the very least, you'll walk away with some more experience under your belt and a pep in your step.

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