The KarJenners attend a Kanye West concert.

5 'KUWTK' Christmas Episodes Ranked By How Dramatic They Were

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Its' normal to experience some type of family drama during the holiday season. Whether it's a distant cousin visiting, or mom's persistent questions about your love life, things can sometimes get uncomfortable. Thankfully, if you ever need to avoid the dramz at home, you can sink your teeth into the always-entertaining Keeping Up With The Kardashians holiday specials. While the family doesn't release a holiday special annually, the years they did have been downright hilarious. Some were more dramatic than others, and if you're here for ~all ~ the drama, these five Keeping Up with the Kardashians Christmas episodes will be right up your alley.

The Kardashians are known for their "go big or go home" mentality when it comes to Christmas. In addition to decking the halls with some seriously impressive decor, the KarJenners host an elaborate Christmas Eve bash each year. Sometimes, this even includes a live celebrity performance. In 2019, Sia performed "Chandelier" for those in attendance, and their 2018 star-studded bash included a show from John Legend.

There's no doubt the KarJenners have a lot of love for each other, especially when the holidays roll around. But for each heartwarming memory they share, there's a spectacle or two right behind it. These Kardashian Christmas episodes put them on full display.

5. "A Very Merry Christmas" - December 2013

It was a very merry Christmas indeed for the KarJenners in 2013, and it was also one of their most wholesome. In their Very Merry Christmas episode, the family celebrated the holiday by gathering for their annual photo holiday card and exchanging gifts. The drama was kept to a minimum this year, and when Kris, Caitlyn, Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Rob, Kendall and Kylie wore matching pajamas, it was one of the most endearing moments from the epsiode. The fam even took a walk down memory lane and watched old home videos.

4. "It's A Christmas Nightmare" - April 2020

There was some low-key drama between Kris and Kim during the 2019 holiday season. When the episode aired in April 2020, it showed a tense scene where Kim told her mom she no longer wanted the responsibility of hosting their annual Christmas Eve party. Kris was noticeably disappointed, but ultimately let her daughter off the hook without causing a scene.

3. "A Very Kardashian holiday" - November 2017

In 2016, Kourtney and Kim got into an epic fight after Kim claimed her sister copied her Christmas decorations, and, in 2017, the drama kept on coming. During their Christmas special, Khloe and Kris held a baking competition which got viciously competitive. Plus, Kris decided to mess with Kim after she tried to one-up her Christmas party. All in all, the drama was just in good fun.

2. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" - August 2018

By the end of the 2017 holiday season, things weren't looking pretty between the KarJenners. The second holiday episode of the season aired eight months later, in August 2018, and revealed one of their most-dramatic holidays yet. Kourtney was so exasperated over her family's drama, she considered spending the holidays away from them.

Kris and her daughters also got into a massive argument over who was or wasn't receiving an invite to their party that year, and it seemed like the family just couldn't see eye to eye that year.

1. "Christmas Chaos" - June 2019

The episode Christmas Chaos was appropriately titled in 2019, when mayhem broke loose as Kim tried to take over the the annual Christmas Eve Party. Kris wasn't exactly happy with all of her daughter's decisions, and let her know how she really felt. Basically, the whole episode was dramatic AF.