5 Housewarming Gifts For Your Partner's Family If You're Going Home With Them For The First Time

I once dated this guy whose family hosted a huge, annual Christmas breakfast. As fate would have it, my first time attending this affair also turned out to be my first time meeting most of his family members. I was fairly certain this meant that I shouldn't show up empty-handed. It's just good etiquette to bring housewarming gifts for your partner's family if you're visiting or spending the holidays with them for the first time.

Since I love to bake and craft (yes, Pinterest is my life), I decided to bake them holiday cookies. I carefully decorated about three dozen cookies and wrapped them in smaller, festive packaging so that they and their guests could enjoy them after breakfast. These cookies were so popular that I ended up taking more to my partner's family every year for Christmas for the four years we were together. Of course, I added something new to go along with them every year because cookies will only get you so far.

I think the cookies meant as much as they did because it was obvious I had put a lot of time and thought into the gift. I could have easily purchased a pre-packaged cookie tray but, instead, I spent hours squeezing red and white icing onto tiny Santas and curling the gold ribbon to add to the packaging.

If you're heading to your partner's family's home for the first time, here are five gifts that will instantly ensure your spot on their nice list.

Baked Goods

If you're like me and don't mind being covered in flour most days, homemade baked treats are a great gift idea to take to your partner's home for the first time. Before you commit to this gift idea, ask your partner if their family members have any food allergies you should be aware of. Poisoning your potential future family is probably not the best way to make a good first impression. Once you've cleared that up, you can take anything from cupcakes to macarons.

Of course, whatever treat you decide on doesn't have to homemade. You can just as easily take a holiday pie or cake from a bakery. Just make sure the packaging is cute and don't forget to remove any price tags. If you have the time and the resources, you can even repackage the item yourself. Thoughtful presentation, like this one from Etsy, can make a simple gift stand out.

If you're not much of a baker or crafter, there are other things you can take.


Flowers are a safe gift option. They're beautiful to look at, not too pricey, and almost universally appreciated. Skip the grocery store bouquets and try picking out an arrangement from a local florist. Even if you have no idea what you're doing, someone will be able to help you create the perfect combination of colors and aromas for the occasion. Check out this Teleflora arrangement for inspiration.


Honestly, if you show up with wine and flowers, you're pretty much set. Yes, it's a gift that's probably been done before but there's a reason for that. Don't forget to carry your wine in style in one of these chic wine bags.

This gift is safe and reliable and won't get you into trouble — unless, of course, your partner's family doesn't drink. In that case, swap that red out of for a non-alcoholic option, like a bottle of juice or box of tea bags, and you're good to go.


OK, I know there's a lot of food on this list but people love food — it's a fact — and you want these particular people to love you, too. Sure, they won't be able to resist your adorable charm but why not sweeten the deal with some gourmet chocolate? Show up with this chocolate gift box by Godiva and they'll love you forever.

Home Scents & Aromatherapy

The easy way to do this is by getting your partner's family a scented candle. The far more impressive way to do this is by getting them a decorative oil diffuser like this one from Target.

Bringing a housewarming gift to your partner's family the first time you visit is a relatively simple way to ensure that you get off to a good start with them. The important thing is to keep your gift ideas simple but thoughtful. You definitely don't want to seem like you're sucking up or trying too hard. Any one of these gifts will make the perfect addition to your packing list.

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