5 Hot Pictures To Send Your Dating App Match That They Won’t Be Able To Resist 

So picture this: You've matched with a hottie and the banter is good. You're deep in flirt mode and you want to step things up with a sexy pic that will blow their mind. Maybe you have second thoughts. Is it too soon to be sending nudes? Probably, but you think they're trustworthy, and your gut is never wrong. So, what should you do? Well, you need some ideas for hot pictures to send your dating app match, and lucky for you I have some great ideas.

First thing's first, it's important (nay, essential) to remember that this person is basically a stranger. You don't know their motives or characteristics, or if they could get angry tomorrow and post your picture on a revenge porn site, so you want to be smart and strategic about what you send. Make sure it's nothing that could be able to haunt you later. Basically, the more you show of your bod, the less you should show of your face. Ya dig? But that doesn't mean that these photos are boring or impersonal. You can be plenty hot without showing off all your fun parts. It just takes a little imagination and a bit of daring, and you will have your match in the palm of your hand. (Well, more like the palm of theirs, if you know what I'm saying.) Here are some fun and flirty ideas to get you started on your snapshot adventure.

Your Favorite Body Part

We all have a body part we are especially proud of, so now is the perfect opportunity to celebrate that confidence with a sexy photo that shows it off. Do you love your legs? A simple shot of them crossed is super hot! Maybe it's your butt. Well, turn around, stick it out, and click. (Don't include your face, though! This person is still a stranger!) Whatever you find sexy in yourself is sure to get a positive reaction, because it shows off your sexiest feature: your self confidence.

Clothed But Flirty AF

Listen, you don't have to get naked to be hot. In fact, some of the hottest photos leave the most to the imagination. In this photo, it's about striking a seductive pose, but even more importantly, it's all about the eyes. Think very sexy and dirty thoughts and let it show on your face. You don't need to show an inch of skin when you're giving plenty of sexy face.

A Close-Up Of Your Lips

If you want to be especially careful about what you show, or just want to give your match a little suggestive tease, try sending them a close-up of your mouth. Gloss it up and then give them your best pout, or gently nibble on your lip. The mouth is a seriously underestimated sexy body part. And trust me, all they will be able to think about is how much they want to kiss your lips.

A Tasteful Nude

Maybe you're feeling bold or you just really get off on showing plenty of skin. And hey! No shame, you do what works for you boo. But again, sometimes less is more. Give them something to imagine and to crave more of if you ever take this match to the next level. My favorite tasteful pose is fully topless with your back turned mostly to the camera. Peek seductively over your shoulder, and maybe give them a hint of side boob. If you're worried about being recognized in the photo, the crop tool is your best friend.

Full-On Nude

Of course, there is always the full-on nude. They've been begging for it and you realize you're super into it. (Side note: Only do this if you really want to. If it doesn't turn you on, or if you feel pressure, don't feel like you have to send nudes. Anyone who would try to force it doesn’t deserve one, period.) Well then, my friend, it’s time to give the people what they want: Photos of your beautiful form. In this case, I have two bits of advice. For one, have fun with it, and take it as far and as freaky as you feel. Second: No. Face.

Alright, there you have it. Now go forth and make love to that camera. Chances are you'll be making love (or at least lust) IRL in the very near future.

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