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5 Genius Ways To Use This Frizz-Fighting Oil On Every Hair Type

Some people have an arsenal of hair products... OK, most of us have an arsenal of hair products. Whether it's oils, creams, or anything in between, the list can get pretty long when trying to concoct the perfect recipe for taming hair woes. And while every product offers something different, actually using multiple hair stylers IRL can be time-consuming and, in some cases, confusing as hell. Should you apply curl cream and then mousse? Do you need a serum if you have an oil? When can we go back to bed?

Using a one-size-fits-all formula can help simplify things, and it doesn't get much more versatile than Sexy Hair's Healthy Sexy Hair Love Oil. This moisturizing oil does everything but bring you breakfast in bed: It smoothes hair, fights frizz, enhances shine, helps detangle, and imparts a subtle citrus scent — all without adding weight or a greasy residue. We partnered with Sexy Hair to share all the ways this lightweight wonder works on different hair types. Oh, and we may have thrown in a few bonus hacks for body use, too. (It smells so good, we couldn't hold out on you like that.)

As A Curl Softener


If your curls tends to be dry, Love Oil is here to hydrate. While hair is still damp, scrunch in several drops before air-drying. Not only will it keep spirals soft and smooth, but it also won't weigh them down. You can also twirl it around dry ends for added definition. Truly, a win-win-win.

As A Frizz Tamer


On one of those misty days that is the nemesis of frizzy types, work the oil through damp hair before blow-drying. It offers heat protection and smoothing in one go, and it manages to prevent telltale frizz halo all day.

To Prep A Polished Updo

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Need some sleek? Warm a tiny bit of Love Oil between your palms and smooth it over dry hair from roots to mid-lengths before styling. (Feel free to take it all the way to your ends if they need some TLC.) This will keep flyaways from popping up and also create a (very on-trend) glossy sheen that looks polished, not shellacked.

To Get Mermaid Waves

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Love Oil is a true overachiever. Not only does it offer protection from the high temps of heat styling, but it also helps prevent mechanical damage from things like brushes and combs. Run it through dry hair before using a curling iron and then again before brushing to create soft (not sticky) mermaid waves that look as healthy as they feel.

To Hydrate Fine Hair


Does your hair fall flat the minute you look at an oil, cream, or literally anything that could offer moisture? Makes sense. Those formulas tend to be heavier and can just sit on strands, dragging them down. This super lightweight oil, on the other hand, absorbs within seconds so it can get to work nourishing without leaving a trace.

BONUS TIP! As A Body Or Cuticle Oil

If you're looking for a dry body oil that will give you supple skin without staining your couch, Love Oil is for you. It has just enough slip to glide on easily but not so much that it doesn't absorb. In fact, it leaves behind a velvety feel and subtle glow — and the citrus scent (featuring notes of bright yuzu and clementine) doubles as your fragrance for the day.

No time for a mani? Rub the oil, made with mimosa flower extract and argan oil, on nails to nourish and heal ragged cuticles. Who says your hair gets all the perks?

This post is sponsored by Sexy Hair.