5 Priceless Experience Date Ideas That'll Be The Highlight Of Your Summer With Bae

by Annie Foskett

I live in the Northeast, and the weather this spring was suffering from a serious case of "what are we?" (See, it's not just you and your latest situationship.) Winter just wouldn't let spring go forth and blossom. But summer eventually came in hot — and thank goodness for that. So why you come in equally hot with some experience date ideas for summer that you can enjoy with the person you're seeing?

If you live in a four-season area, I say that you get to overindulge in the sunshine and laidback vibes of summer because you don't get them year round. In L.A., it's always nice, and it's easy to forget to go to the beach, or organize a camping date weekend. But if you live in, say, Minnesota and have to wait for summer all year long, you've got to take advantage. Whether you like the outdoors or you'd prefer to escape the heat of the day in blasting A.C., summer is an excellent time to try something new on a date. Here are my top five experience date ideas for the couple who wants to dominate this summer.

Go Sailing

Yes, sailing sounds fancy and immediately conjures images of Chads in Nantucket reds and polos basking in their ignorance, but I promise a sail boat — or sailing lesson — is more accessible than you think. Perhaps you're dating a Chad with a boat-endowed dad, or perhaps your local marina has sailing lessons. Either way, being on a boat with a person you really like is a sweet way to steer your summer.

Try A Weird Old-Timey Sport

Yes, yes, I know. You're entirely confused by the phrase "old-timey sport." There are many "sports" for you to choose from: shuffleboard or bowling if you like A.C., or croquet or mini-golf (which is admittedly not so old-timey, but more childhood-timey) if you're down with humidity and the promise of ice cream. See what your town or city has to offer, and go try something you and your date will probably both be terrible at.

Go To A Baseball Game

THIS IS AMERICA! Baseball is in our blood! Why aren't you at a baseball game right now?! Except that I get it. Baseball is boring. Watching nine innings on T.V. is the surest way for me to fall asleep in the middle of an afternoon. But attending a game where I can have a beer, an ice cream in a plastic baseball hat, and a Momofuku chicken sandwich (thanks, Citi Field!) all at once?! That's my jam. Baseball games are a great date, and tickets can be relatively cheap.

Go See A Movie In The Park

Or a concert! Or a play! Or a magician! In the summer, most cities offer different outdoor films or concerts for free-99, and you and your date can pack a cute picnic to bring along to the show. There's something magical about taking entertainment in outside. It feels very "ancient Greeks did this." It also just feels good to be able to sit outdoors on a blanket, because alas, you probably can't do that all year round. Bring bug spray!

Go To A Comedy Show (And Outdoor Drinks!)

For those of you who tire of the heat, why not check out a comedy show? I know that you can go on a comedy date anytime, but I feel like people always forget that live stand-up or improv shows make for excellent dates. You'll probably (hopefully) laugh, and if you don't, you can both complain about the comic over drinks afterwards. Because it is summer after all, I'd recommend snagging some tiki drinks somewhere outside before or after the show, but yes, go see some comedy!